The Best Hiking Shoes for Toddlers in 2022

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Are you one of those parents who like to take their toddlers on adventurous activities, like hiking? Then you might be looking for the best hiking shoes for toddlerswith much scrutiny.

If this is the case, you have clicked on the right site to get a pair of hiking shoes for toddlers.

Choosing an activity shoe for toddlers is the most challenging task than you can ever imagine. Because, as a parent you will want to give comfort the superior priority over other things. On the other hand, toddlers are also choosy and fussy about what color and style they like as they are quite specific.

Therefore, to solve all your problems in one go, we have brought up this review article of seven best toddler hiking shoes, both for boys and girls, you can ever get. They are intricately selected for your toddler’s sensitive feet, plus there is something unique about their designs too that your kid will love to wear.

Our Recommendation 7 Hiking Shoes for Toddlers

Let us have a quicker eye on each hiking shoe’s noted features before going into the detailed review starting from the highest reviewed and rated one. Then you will know which shoe will be fit for toddlers by reading the details.

1. Merrell Kids’ Trail Chaser Sneaker

What’s Special:

  • Has meshy breathable upper
  • The sole is completely rubber
  • Effortless hook-loop closure
  • These are weather-proof

2. Toddler Little Kid Shoes Boys Girls by VIVAY

What’s Special:

  • Comes for both boys and girls
  • Made with comfiest synthetic and mesh
  • Synthetic and breathable upper
  • Has non-slip rubber sole

3. Boys and Girls Waterproof Kids Shoes

What’s Special:

  • Constructed with leather
  • Insole is is made of soft foam
  • The shoe is made to be water preventive
  • The rubber sole prevents slipping off

4. Hiking Shoe by Merrell Kids’

What’s Special:

  • Has excellent shaft measurement
  • Has rubber sole
  • Made from leather and synthetic mixture
  • Feels very lightweight on little feet

5. Kids Outdoor Hiking Shoe by Hawkwell

What’s Special:

  • The sole is synthetic
  • The upper is meshy and ventilated
  • Foot bed is EVA foam
  • Hook-loop closure system

6. Boys Girls Hiking Boots Water-resistant by Mishansha

What’s Special:

  • These are artificial leather made
  • Has toe shield for safety
  • The front is anti-collision.
  • Rubber sole, which is non-slip

7. Kid’s Outdoor Boots

What’s Special:

  • Has protective toe shield
  • The outsole is made of rubber
  • Winter-proof
  • Has cushioned midsole

Reviews Of The Best Hiking Shoes For Toddlers

Now it’s finally time to get to know your favorite pair of hiking shoes, which you have chosen for your toddler, in narration. We will cover from top to bottom, including each of their negative sides as well.

1. Merrell Kids’ Trail Chaser Sneaker

This pair of shoes by Merrell is the best-seller due to its availed comfort, durability and protectiveness. With this 100% durable leather material, the shoes are proven to overcome hard rocks just fine. The material being robust, it will not wear or tear even after wearing for months. If you have a baby after toddler, then that baby can also wear it after his sibling. The shoes are preventive of any dirt and debris from entering inside.

The outer sole is constructed with rubber which provides an excellent anti-slip property. It will hold on the grip and provide enough traction. The foot bed is of EVA to ensure ultimate comfort for your toddler. Moreover, the upper of the shoes are meshy, which enables sufficient airflow to stop the tiny feet from sweating.

For your impatient toddler, Merrell has chosen hook-loop closure to wear it instantly .Additionally, the shaft is nicely measured out to support your child’s arch while they are playing. Your toddler can wear this pair of shoes for the entire day, without feeling any sort of discomfort.

  • Durably made
  • Preventive of any dust and debris from entering
  • Has an anti-slip outer sole
  • Breathable
  • Easy to wear with hook-loop closure
  • Because of EVA foot bed, the feet won’t hurt for longer wear
  • The colors are quite gloomy and grumpy for toddlers

Little Kid Shoes by Vivay toddler

This one is a very sporty shoe with its bubbly and eye-catchy colors perfect for toddlers. Not only this, the shoe has notable features to consider too. The synthetic material supports your toddler’s feet to an extent as it grows. On the top part is mesh fabric to let air pass and keep the feet cool.

The shoe lace on top is for design purposes, the original closure system this pair has is Velcro. The Velcro closure ensures a snug fitting of the shoes to maintain the tightness of it. Also, they are effortless to work with too as long as toddlers are concerned. 

The outsole is put together with rubber which as usual provides grip and stability to the toddler from slipping. The interesting part of the outsole is that it is shock absorbing, this your toddler can play freely in any motion. Let us tell you, the material is absolutely harmless for your toddler, as they are non-toxic tested and are, of course, soft.

  • Comes in innumerable colors, for both the genders
  • Made from non-toxic synthetic material
  • Has effortless closure system
  • Gives a snug fit
  • Breathable and keep the feet odor-free and dry
  • Outsole if non-slip and shock absorbing
  • Supports the child’s feet well
  • Easy to wash in a washing machine
  • These are not waterproof

3. Biacolum Kids Shoes Outdoor Hiking

These shoes from Biacolum are perfect combos of comfort and safety. Their shoes are for unisex toddlers and comes in multiple color choice. Even though these are named as hiking shoes, they can be worn regularly with ease. Their solid structure with lightweight material is what makes them wearable for long. The body is made of leather with a slight bit of leather-touch in the outsole too.

The upper part is made to be waterproof, and it won’t even absorb water a bit. Thus do not stop your toddler next time to jump on the muddy puddles with these shoes on. Cleaning them is also effortless, just giving one scrub will wipe off any stain. However, the comfort here lies in the midsole of the shoe, which is made from foam. 

The outsole which is made from rubber is already water-resistant, plus it is slip-resistant too. Moreover, these are pretty flexible, even on the front part too, to let your kids enjoy their time without any hesitation. The traditional Velcro closure system on child’s shoes is always a top choice for parents, so here you have that too.

  • Looks very chic to be worn on regular days too
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable to wear for long
  • These are highly flexible
  • Has Velcro closure system
  • These are slip-resistant
  • Inexpensive
  • These are not breathable
  • They are a bit heavy

4. Merrell Kids’ Hiking Shoe

Here you go for another piece of gem from Merrell Kids’. This shoe is well-constructed with pure leather and synthetic. No amount of force by the toddler can damage the shoe. You won’t have to worry for your baby if they are playing on wet terrain, because this shoe is there for rescue. Its rubber outsole is full of traction and provides ample amount of slip-resistance.

The upper part is meshed for the purpose of ventilation and keeps your child’s feet dry and smell-free. Moreover, the entire construction is waterproof too. Your kid can wear it and play for the entire day, and won’t feel their feet arches are aching. Because the shaft is scientifically measured to fit the small feet and ensure comfortable movement. 

If you want to gift a toddler a pair of hiking shoes and don’t know his/ her feet sizes, then choose this one. Because these shoes have a double closure system. One is the back tab with which the shoes can be easily worn. If the shoes fit loose, then the hook-loop closure can be tightened to adjust the sizing, and vice-versa.

  • These are water-resistant and breathable
  • They are durably made
  • Has arch support
  • They are slip-resistant
  • They have 2-way closure for greatest adjustability
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Expensive

5. Kids Outdoor Hiking Shoe by Hawkwell

Does your toddler have the tendency to get his feet hurt while he plays? These have toe caps for protecting the toes, which is the most vulnerable to get hurt. Not only this, but also the frontal area of the shoes has anti-collision technology that protects their entire feet when collided with something hard. 

The sole is a combination of rubber and synthetic lug pattern that has ample amount of traction in it, which helps to prevent slipping. The tongue and collar of the shoes are foam padded which prevents itchiness and provides ultimate comfort to wear them.

The entire body of the shoes is made of mesh, which means it is extremely well ventilated to keep your little one’s feet dry. These are two-way closure with hook and loop, and pull tab. You can adjust the fittings with the hook and loop and give it a snug fit according to your kid’s comfort.

  • Has protection for the toes with a toe-box
  • Has anti-collision feature
  • Highly breathable
  • These are anti-slip
  • Tongue and collar are padded, and foot bed is padded for comfort
  • Highly adjustable with two way closures
  • Supports the ankle well
  • These are not waterproof
  • The available shoe colors are very limited

6. Mishansha Boys Girls Water Resistant Hiking Boots

This one is a cowboy style hiking boot made from artificial leather. The artificial leather is used to protect the environment from animal cruelty. Moreover, the artificial leather is highly water-repellent unlike original leather. Also, they are effortless to clean.

These boots have a TPR toe protector which saves the toes from colliding. The rubber outsole is highly slip-proof and has powerful gripping properties. You child can enjoy playing outside tension-free with these shoes, as their feet will be kept protected.

These boots might look tough, but they are highly flexible. They can be bended at the front to offer motion flexibility to the toddlers. Also, their hook and loop closure makes it adjustable and easier to put on all the time.

  • Durably made
  • Highly flexible
  • Has waterproof, anti-slip and anti-skid properties
  • Has a toe protector
  • Easy open and close with hook and loop closure
  • These are not breathable at all

7. Kid’s Boots Outdoor Snow Boots Hiking

If you go for ice hiking, or live in a cold place, then these are the perfect boots for your toddlers. They have an excellent property for this with this velvet warm insole, which helps to prevent the chill. Apart from this, these are robustly made with artificial leather and fabric.

They have toe protectors too, to prevent pain due to collision. The outsole also has anti-shock property to prevent any accidental knee damage. 

These are some excellent pairs of trekking shoes you must buy for your kids considering it snows in your area. These are comfortable too, with their insole being made out of foam.

  • Provides great warmth
  • Prevents toe collision
  • Has comfortable insole
  • Inexpensive
  • Has easy closure system
  • Slip-resistant
  • These are not waterproof

Buying Guide to pick the hiking shoes for toddlers

To pick the best hiking shoes for your toddler, you need to search for these few things in them. No matter from where you buy, keeping these in mind will make your purchase worthwhile.


This is the most challenging step while you purchase shoes online. Sometimes it happens the shoes are not the true recommended size. Therefore, research about the size, also the width of your toddler’s feet with that of shoes’ to find the perfect fit.


The outsole of the shoe plays an important part for keeping your toddler balanced and stable. A shoe having a rubber outsole can do that only. Rubber has excellent traction property for which it does not let your toddler slip and have a grip on themselves.


No matter how much of a cold weather you live in, your feet will sweat if shoes are worn for the entire day. Same goes for little kids too. When their feet will sweat, and remain wet all time the feet might develop fungal infections and odor.


The shoes that absorb water, become heavy and that weight of shoe might not be bearable by your toddler. So, choose a waterproof one if you think in your place it rains a lot.

Easy to clean

It is undeniable that a toddler will make his shoes dirty. Kids’ shoes are already easy to wash because of their petite size, but it is wise to choose such a material which is easy to clean. This will save your time from rubbing and scrubbing the shoes every time.


What is the point of buying flimsy material shoes when you know your toddler is going to play with them on? So, make your money worthwhile by choosing a durable material for your kid’s shoes.


Having lightweight shoes does not mean its quality is being compromised. High-quality shoes can be lightweight too.

Easy closure

Having an easy closure system of your toddler’s shoes saves both your time, while your baby is always in a hurry and fussy to go out.


How to wash stained hiking shoes?

You can either machine-wash the shoes or hand wash them.  However, it depends on the material on which cleaning way you will choose.

Is it safe to machine wash a leather shoe?

Try gently hand washing original leather shoes, because the leather has a tendency to strip off due to the vigorous wash inside the machine.

How will I consider the size while buying online?

You always have to buy half a size bigger shoe than your kids feet. If that fits loose, you can wait a month or two to use them. You should not buy the exact size of the shoe while purchasing online.

Do shoes having a lightweight material mean they are fragile?

Absolutely not. Having lightweight materials means the premium material used in the lighter form to compensate the weight in order to flexible moving and comfortable wear.

Final Verdict

Finally, you have come across what you have been desiring, a perfect pair of hiking shoes for your toddler. And we have presented seven of them to you! All of the best hiking shoes for toddlers have comfort and stability in common. So, choose the one according to design or other features you have wanted.

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