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If you have never come across the best low top basketball shoes yet, then probably you were never searching for it in the right place. You will get the reviews of seven best low top basketball shoes here. If you are an avid basketball player, then you might know the importance of ‘low top’ shoes to carry on the sport.

However, if you are just starting your basketball career, then you have knocked the door at the right time. That niche of best performing basketball shoes are ones with low tops. They aid in flexible turns and runs without making your ankles feel trapped. You can play basketball without having to feel hurdled by those best low top basketball shoes.

So, if you want to have those low top basketball shoes, then you can read down below and pick your favorite among the seven. The ones we have chosen, are much more than being low top. They are comfortable for your feet, durable to use for long, perfectly ventilated for your sporty feet, etc.

Our Recommendation 7 Low Top Basketball ShoesComparison Table

If you do not have time to read all the seven of the reviews, then navigate through these notable features of the shoes. You will get an idea of which one will suit your needs the most, hence you can directly go and read out that one.

We have serially organized them from the most reviewed and liked basketball shoes by the customers and so on.

1. Women’s Running Shoes by STQ:

What’s Special:

  • It is responsive to flexibility
  • Well-ventilated
  • Made with premium fabric
  • Has heel cradle

2. Men’s Non Slip Gym Sneakers by Feetmat

What’s Special:

  • Has rubber outsole
  • The upper is meshy and ventilated
  • Has a light structure
  • Is anti-slip

3. Men’s Fashion Sneakers Walking Sports Shoes by WXQ

What’s Special:

  • Has wide ranges of colors
  • The outsole is anti-collision
  • Comfy and breathable
  • Slip-proof

4. Athletic-Inspired Shoes Men’s Stylish Sneakers by JOOMRA

What’s Special:

  • Has lace closure
  • Outsole is rubber
  • Comfortable for long wear
  • Wear-resistant

5. Kid’s Outdoor Trainers Sport Shoes Basketball Shoes by Wetike

What’s Special:

  • Has slip-proof rubber outsole
  • Well-ventilated upper
  • Body is made of leather
  • Lightweight and comfy

6. Men’s Ebernon Low Basketball Shoe by Nike

What’s Special:

  • Made from synthetic material
  • Has rubber sole
  • Has low-cut silhouette
  • Classic looking

7. Men’s Zoom Winflo 5 Running Shoe by Nike

What’s Special:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Has rubber sole
  • Has lightweight feel
  • Durably made

Reviews Of The Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

If you have already picked up your desired shoe from the above listing, then it is the time to read a detailed review about them. We will provide you with a justified review along with each of their cons too.

1. Women’s Running Shoes by STQ:

For all the women basketball players out there, STQ has brought your dream shoes. These shoes are a comfort to your sporty feet with its high amount of padding and cushioning. These shoes are quite lightweight too despite having so much foamy cushions. Having a low top collar, they offer super flexible responses to your ankles.

The material of these shoes are very stretchy and soft. There is a cushion stabilizer at the bottom which gives you a great bounce by releasing pressure while you jump. How interesting is this feature? The closure system is one and only with a pull tab, allowing you effortless and time-saving shoe wearing. Just pull, wear and go!

The fabric is quite durable apart from being stretchy, it won’t tear no matter how much you play. The upper of the shoe is meshed which lets your feet breath. You won’t develop athlete’s feet with these shoes. The arch support is semi-rigid providing you comfort in every step. Whereas, the outsole made of synthetic material makes the shoes easy to clean.

  • Very lightweight, yet durable
  • Made from high-quality and stretchy fabric
  • Padded and cushioned insole for comfort
  • Aids in flexible movement and smooth bounce
  • Well ventilated
  • Outsole is made of strong synthetic material
  • Easy pull tab closure
  • Synthetic sole might have possibility to slip
  • The fittings cannot be adjusted with pull tabs

2. Men’s Non Slip Gym Sneakers by Feetmat

These men’s sneakers by Feetmat are a true example of affordability and quality. If your budget is low, then do not hesitate to try on these one thinking they have something less to offer. These shoes are extremely floaty with their knit fabric and leather construction. The upper is knitted with mesh to provide the ultimate breathability your feet would want.

Additionally, the rubbered outsole provides the optimum grip and non-slip properties. The outsole is durable and accentuates the anti-skid property of shoes too. The midsole has the right amount of arch support to give you painless walks and runs for hours. The insole is well padded too to provide comfort to your feet.

The frontal area is constructed with durable elastic EVA to prevent any abrasion to your toes. As long as the closure is concerned, Feetmat worries about your time, that’s why they have provided pull tabs on/ off closure. These pairs are perfect for not only playing basketball, but also for gym, jogging, travelling and much more.

  • Very floaty and comfortable
  • Has anti-slip, anti-abrasive and anti-skid rubber outsole
  • Has sufficient arch support
  • Has pull-tab closure for people who are always in a hurry
  • Can be worn for multi-purpose
  • Affordable
  • These are not waterproof

3. Men’s Fashion Sneakers Walking Shoes by WXQ

This one is the most inexpensive shoe amongst the seven, yet providing outstanding features. These shoes are available in innumerable colors to suit your mood and seasons. These shoes are made with plush and stretchy flying material with mesh upper. This provides your feet with the airflow it needs while you are playing. Not only the upper, but the insole also has holes into it to let air flow inside from the bottom too.

The high-quality EVA sole provides an anti-collision feature by absorbing shock and abrasion. The outsole also provides grip and stability on any kind of terrain. The shoe mouth is soft elastic to provide a snug fit.

The closure system is simply the pull and wear one to save your time and effort on tying a lace. This shoe is highly flexible and aids in a twist-free movement all the time. 

  • Very soft and light wear shoes
  • Made from stretchy fabric
  • Highly breathable
  • Made with lightweight eva outsole
  • Has anti-collision feature
  • Easy to put on/ off due to easy pull tab
  • Has elastic shoe mouth for a snug fit
  • Has lots of color choices
  • Extremely affordable shoes
  • Unsuitable for wider feet

4. Men’s Stylish Sneakers High Top Athletic-Inspired Shoes by JOOMRA

Though the name suggests high top, there are choices for low top shoes by Joomra too. The basic qualities and features of all the shoes are the same though. Joomra has built its shoes from high-quality synthetic bodies, which makes the shoes ‘vegan-friendly’ and cruelty-free at the same time. This sustainable step taken by Joomra is highly appreciable though.

The synthetic leather is very much preventive of water. They do not let the shoes absorb water and feel heavy if it rains. The outsole is constructed by rubber blade which provides extra traction and stability. The design also looks sharp and young due to the rubber blade outsole.

The closure of these shoes, is however, lacing system which takes you back to the old school memories. The lace adds much secure and required fastening. It ensures your feet are well accommodated inside the shoes. These shoes from JOOMRA defines more of a youthful and energized vibe, but is for any aged grown up men.

  • These are constructed from artificial leathering
  • Durably made and lightweight on the feet
  • These are water-repellent and wear-resistant
  • Has lace closure for more adjustability
  • Has blade rubber outsole
  • Comfortable on the feet for longer wear
  • These are not well ventilated

5. Kid’s Outdoor Trainers Sport Shoes Basketball Shoes by Wetike

Now we have got something for your basketball freak child. Wetike has the coziest and flexible shoes for them. The shoes are made from long lasting leather material and are wear-resistant. Whereas, the upper is made from molded panels to ensure sufficient airflow inside.

The outsole is made from durable rubber to give maximum grip and slip-resistance while they play. This also enables high stability of the feet. The shoes are made ergonomically from inside with an arch support of 15 degrees, which provides a resting place for the arch while they play. Additionally, this helps them to move independently.

 Moreover, the foot bed is cushiony and soft to ensure comfortable wear the entire day. Wetike shoes have varieties of vibrant and bubbly color mixtures of shoes that your child will love.

  • Wear-resistant and durable
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Has slip-resistance and traction
  • Flexible to run with
  • Has arch support
  • Lace closure for adjusting fittings
  • Breathable
  • They have lace closure, which is tough for kids

6. Men’s Ebernon Low Basketball Shoe by Nike

Nike has always been the high-end first choice for all the shoe lovers. This shoe from Nike has excellently foamed collar for added comfort. These are made from synthetic material to ensure the strength of the shoes making them wear and tear-resistant. No matter how rigorously you play, these shoes will stay as new as they are, except for the dirt which needs to get cleaned.

The rubber sole provides immense grip and anti-slip properties by maintaining your balance. The shaft is also measured to support the arch for painless movement. The closure is of laces, which ensure a tight and secure fit to your fit. You can adjust the laces according to the snug fit you want.

 The silhouette has a low-cut to make your feet feel it has touched the terrain. The shoes are very lightweight in nature too. These Nike shoe ranges are inspired and a remake of the ones in the 80’s. Overall, they have a contemporary touch with modern design.

  • Made from synthetic material
  • Has lace closure for adjustability
  • Slip-resistant
  • Durable and wear resistant
  • Collar and tongue are foamed
  • Lightweight in nature
  • Has a low cut silhouette
  • These are not ventilated

7. Men’s Zoom Winflo 5 Running Shoe by Nike

Another one by Nike is the Winflo 5 shoes. The term ‘winflo’ refers to its high breathability due to its upper meshy structure. Your feet will never stay sweaty and odor after a long day with these shoes by Nike. The mesh structure is formed robustly that will never tear in any form.

The rubber outsole of the shoes are beneficial for providing a high amount of grip and traction while you play. You won’t slip off on a slippery terrain as your feet will be kept stable. These are comfortable to wear for long due to the ample amount of cushioning done inside. Your feet won’t be feeling like a rock after the whole day.

 The arch in the midsole is well supported and snugged according to your foot shape. Overall this pair of best low top basketball shoes is a win-win. Moreover, their closure is slide on pull tab, which is the easiest closure than all. Just pull the tab and wear the shoe. With all these marvelous features, the price it has is worthy.

  • Very cushiony and comfy
  • Highly breathable
  • Has excellent grip outsole
  • Non-slip
  • Pull tab closure for easy put on/ off
  • Sturdily made
  • Expensive

Things we need to consider before buying the perfect low top basketball shoes

Before you consider buying the best low top basketball shoes, you should know some features which you must look for. No matter who you buy the shoes for, if you buy following the guide, you will not lose.


For basketball shoes, this is crucial to have airflow within it. Their feet get sweaty a lot due to playing, and if the sweat does not dry out they cause fungal infections, commonly called athlete’s foot. So make sure you watch out if your basketball shoes are well-ventilated.

Anti-slip outsole

This is an obvious thing to say that your sports shoe should have anti-slip outsole which will provide you stability and prevent you from slipping off while you play. Therefore, it is also a must-have feature.


Size does matter a lot while you buy sports shoes. Because with too tight shoes you won’t feel comfortable to play, and too loose shoes will keep coming off from your feet. So, choose the right size.


Choose your basketball shoes to be more lightweight, with light outsole and body. This will give you flexibility while you jump and bounce.

Wear-resistant Material

It is evident that sports shoes need to be made of more upgraded material to prevent wear. Sport shoes have to face many ups and downs during play, so choose a wear-resistant material that will long last the shoe.  


If the midsole does not have proper arch support, then you will feel pain and take off the shoes after a while of wearing. Arch support ensures comfortable fit and contours the entire feet with the foot bed.

Foamed Foot bed

There is nothing much to say about this feature. Your shoes having a foamed foot bed will give you comfort to wear it for long.


Having an anti-collision sole will keep your toes protected from getting hurt by absorbing the shock within itself. So, it can be said this is also a must-have feature in your basketball shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to choose the size if I have wide feet?

For wide footed players, it is good to choose one size larger shoe than their original feet size for the shoes. This will make sure your feet are well accommodated inside the best low top basketball shoes.

How can the shoes be hand washed without getting their color faded?

It is advisable, instead of rubbing and scrubbing it from the beginning, first let it soak for a while in warm water. This will ensure the dirt is softened, then you can easily take them off. Remember, never soak them in hot water but warm, or else the color will fade away soon.

Can the basketball shoes be used in any other sport?

Yes, these basketball shoes have myriads of uses. These best low top basketball shoes will accentuate any of your sporty looks effortlessly, hence providing you with the same features.

Final Verdict

Now that you have known what you have been searching for, then why don’t you order one now! With these premium, well-built and comfy low top basketball shoes, we ensure your sport will become enjoyable. A shoe can make or break the game. Therefore, choose it wisely, and of course, from the best low top basketball shoes. You have an entire seven choices to make, so pick any to get started with!

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