8 Best Shoes for Cankles (Doctor suggested)-Top Picks 2023

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When the ankle area of our legs gets swollen or fat due to weight gain, the condition is known as cankles. Cankles aren’t a life-threatening condition but they can cause many problems like pain while wearing shoes. So, choosing the Best Shoes for Cankles is very important if you are suffering from cankles.

To reduce or overcome cankles many things can be done but while you have it you need to deal with it. For dealing with cankles a quality pair of shoes is very important to have for your comfort. The Best Shoes for Cankles can help you to reduce and recover from the pain-causing by cankles.

But choosing the Best Shoes for Cankles is a hassle. To reduce your worry, we have researched and reviewed many shoes and brought you the 8 shoes that are best for cankles for both men and women. We have selected these shoes, especially for those who have cankles and this will surely help you to be comfortable wearing any of those.

Causes of Cankles

Before getting knowledge about the causes of cankles, it would be better if you understand what cankles are. Do you have any idea about cankles? You are not a doctor, right? No worries. I will tell you.

Let’s separate the words to make them easier to understand. Actually, it’s not any medical term, it’s a slang word that means wide, thick, large, or swollen ankles that appear indistinguishable from the calf and is formed by the accumulation of fatty tissue around the calf and ankle. 

Causes of Cankles

In the case of cankles, the calf and ankles don’t have a clearly defined separation, and appear as puffy, swollen, unattractive, or disproportionate Now let’s jump to the causes of cankles

Some triggering factors are:

1. Obesity

Mostly it is due to obesity or weight gain. Whenever a person starts gaining weight it’s obvious that fat or adipose tissue starts to accumulate or store all over the body, including the person’s feet and the ankle. As a result, it causes cankles.

2. Genetics

Genetics may have an impact on the distribution of fats inside the body, predetermining the probability of growing cankles.

3. Pregnancy

During pregnancy several factors like weight gain, lack of movement, and the appearance of varicose veins cause cankles.

4. Fluid retention

Diets high in salt, high sodium, and low in protein can be responsible for ankle swelling. Fluid retention in the ankles is the result of excessive sodium intake.

5. Liver disease

Diseases such as liver cirrhosis can cause the level of protein (albumin) in the body to drop. If there is not enough albumin, fluid will leak out of the blood vessels, causing swelling of the legs, arms, and face.

6. Kidney disease

When the kidney fails to do its regular functions, as a result, the waste materials build up in the blood vessels occurs, water imbalance in the body, and toxic materials increase in the body. This results in swelling of the whole body including ankles.

7. Lipedema

Lipedema is caused by the accumulation of fat under the skin that causes the legs to enlarge. The skin is easily swollen, bruised, and painful.

8. Lymphedema

An improper or problematic lymphatic system results in improper drainage of the lymph from the body. This easily causes body swelling including leg extending or enlargement of feet and ankles.

9. Certain medications

Certain medications like NSAIDs, steroids, testosterone, antidepressants, oral contraceptives, anti-diabetics, medications for high blood pressure, etc can cause swelling of the legs.

10. Injuries and Lack of exercise

Injuries to the leg may cause local swelling which may cause cankles. Furthermore, prolonged time Lack of exercise or lack of walking or movements can also influence the cankles.

10 Tips to Prevent Cankles

Cankles Treatments

Cankles not only impair our outward appearance, but they can also lead to major medical conditions in the long run. So, here we will share with you 10 tips and tricks that will be helpful for you to maintain a beautiful pair of legs with perfect form. 

Let’s have a look at the expert’s tips and bear in mind that each case requires a unique strategy. After all, if you have any serious issues with your cankles, seek professional help.

Here we go,

1. Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Primarily cankles are caused by obesity or weight gain, so if we ensure our perfect body mass it can be prevented. However, you have to modify your lifestyle and you must maintain perfect body weight. 

2. Do Your Routine Workout

Many workouts can assist to enhance oxygenation, shape muscles, and diminish the appearance of cankles. The bottom line is that many activities don’t require you to be sweaty or go to the gym. You can perform so many easy exercises. 

  • Calf Raises
  • Plie Squats
  • Standing Toe Raises
  • Seated Calf Raises
  • Lunge Calf Raise
  • Jumping Rope

3. Minimize Your Sodium Intake 

4. Be Aware of Pregnancy-Related Problems

Controlling your salt consumption during pregnancy can also decrease the probability of cankles. Try to avoid processed food or cane food or junk foods.

Prevention-Pregnancy-related varicose veins can cause irritation, cramping, and inflammation, particularly around the ankles. 

During pregnancy, varicose veins in the pelvis can form, putting strain on veins in the thighs and lower legs and causing severe edema. You can talk to your doctor about these issues. 

5. Consider Vascular Diseases

Put progressive decompression leggings to encourage blood flow upward toward the heart rather than downward to the feet. Lifting your legs above your heart may also be therapeutic.

6. Understand Genetic Disposition

If your parents have huge ankles, heredity can be a curse for you. So you have to investigate this issue and should talk to your doctors. 

7. Avoid Some Medications

Whenever a recommended drug works for you, you should not have any adverse effects. So, if your ankles swell up soon after you begin taking your tablets, see your doctor right away because puffiness can sometimes suggest major health problems.

8. Avoid Shoes Having Ankle Straps

Ankle straps give rise to your cankles. Choose shoes that conceal your ankles, such as tall boots, or sneakers with pointy toes, which help to lengthen your legs.

9. Do Some Leg Yoga Positions

Swimming, walking and some yoga can also improve your cankles. To sculpt lean muscles, do a bunch of these exercises during cooking, talking on the phone, or just doing laundry.

10. Ensure Regular Body Checkups

Renal disease, liver damage, cardiovascular disease, clotting, and other health conditions can all cause increased water retention, particularly around the arms and legs. 

If you have any other troubling symptoms, such as exhaustion, changes in urine, nausea, or shortness of breath, see your doctor right once.

Bonus tips- 

Stand on a stairwell with your foot hanging over the edge. Assist yourself by holding on to the banister. Lift and lower the heels now. Rep the workout 7-10 times more.

How We Chose These Shoes

Our team thoroughly evaluated Best Shoes for Cankles on this list. Our editorial team tested every shoe that we have presented here. So how shoesplans picked the top-notch shoes for cankles? We inspected user reviews and did market research. In addition to this, we talked with the designer and product manager to ensure the best quality. 

It would be unfair not to mention the fact that we use our own experiences for choosing the Best Shoes for Cankles. We talked with doctors and almost 100 nurses to come up with these top 8 shoes. Not only we checked the performance and durability but also we evaluated the comfort and flexibility.

Here are Our Selected 8 Best Shoes For Cankles: Comparison Table

Let’s have a quick feature review of every cankle show before the full review starting from the highest review to the lower one. Then you can easily choose the best-suited shoes for you from the depth details.

ImageMain FeaturesGenderQualityOur Score
Top Pick
Women’s Skechers Performance Go Walk Joy
  • Soft fabric lining
  • The sole is synthetic
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Very flexible
34780 Customer Reviews
Top Pick
Men’s Skechers Equalizer Double Play
  • Durable built
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • High-quality materials are used
  • Stylish
20551 Customer Reviews
Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe
  • It is 100% of San crispino.
  • The sole is completely of rubber.
  • Has a decent amount of stability.
  • Has meshy and breathable lining.
  • Amazing forefoot flexibility.
12781 Customer Reviews
ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men
  • The sole is made of Thermoplastic Urethane.
  • Foot bed is Anti-fatigue Comfort.
  • Has stylish steel made toe-cap.
  • Fabric is breathable, thin and lightweight.
2835 Customer Reviews
Nike Fitness Shoes
  • Rubber sole 
  • Very lightweight
  • Have Midfoot cage
  • Have Deep grooves
412 Customer Reviews
Women’s Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0
  • Made of Jersey Knit and Imported.
  • Comfortable rubber sole.
  • Tongue and collars are completely padded.
  • This also has soft fabric linings.
6059 Customer Reviews
JOOMRA Women Lightweight Sneakers 3D Woven Stylish Athletic Shoes
  • Top Class 100% Synthetic sole.
  • Has the 3D Woven upper system.
  • Pretty much sleek and also low-cut silhouette.
  • Meshy upper portion keeps your feet cool.
8399 Customer Reviews
Ariat Women’s Cruiser Slip-on Shoe Casual
  • This shoe is made of pure Fabric.
  • It has the upper portion of full grain leather.
  • It has the elastic panels which can be side stretched.
  • Foot bed is EVA foam.
4966 Customer Reviews

The shoe you will wear must give comfort to your cankle area. Here, we will give you the idea and review from top to bottom of which shoes will be the best for your cankles both Men’s & Women’s.

1. Men’s Skechers Performance Go Walk Joy

Skechers Performance Go Walk Joy is a very popular Best Shoes for Cankles, due to its comfort and durable build. Due to the synthetic material, the shoe is very durable and comfortable. Also, it provides quite a strong grip on the ground and makes it easy to walk.

These shoes are so lightweight that you’ll feel like it is a slipper you are wearing. The shoes are also highly breathable which makes them odorless and sweat-free for a very long timeframe. A durable insole makes sure to comfort regardless of your foot type.

The high-quality material ensures durability and also lasts for a long. In the case of cleaning the synthetic material of the shoes makes it very easy. Cleaning those shoes is effortless. So if you are searching for a pair of Best Shoes for Cankles that is comfortable to wear for a thick ankle then you should give it a try.

What We Like Most
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Very flexible and lightweight
  • Durable insole
  • Highly breathable.
  • Added comfort due to soft lining
  • Collar is padded
What We Won’t Like
  • Not so stretchy

2. Women’s Skechers Equalizer Double Play

If you are searching for a pair of Best Shoes for Cankles wearing for a long time and you have cankles then these shoes from Skechers can be the ideal pair for you. To make the shoes comfortable its lightweight but high-quality material plays a vital role.

As the shoe is breathable so wearing the shoe for a long timeframe won’t cause sweat or odor. Its flexible and tight soles make sure that no dust gets inside the shoe. The sole also provides a strong grip on the ground and makes sure it won’t slip.

The lightweight material makes it even more comfortable to walk. You can do any sort of daily activity wearing these Best Shoes for Cankles. The design of the shoe gives it a sneaker-like look but makes it comfortable as a slipper.

What We Like Most
  • The sole is flexible
  • Very comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Made from non-toxic synthetic material
What We Won’t Like
  • The Toe area is narrow

3. Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

The exciting pair of shoes are from the brand Rockport. The Best Shoes for Cankles only comes for Men. This shoe is capable of giving comfort ness alongside an everyday casual look. With the flexibility this shoe has, your feet will completely remain hustle-free at the time of wearing this.

Because of the robust material that has been used, you can have the guarantee of using this for several months. No way the dirt and dust are getting inside of it. The heel stability is pretty good as the San Crispino construction is used in the shoe. Pure rubber is the built material for the outer and lower sole of the shoe.

 It provides a proper grip and can’t let you slip even in slippery areas. The rubber sole is also capable of giving long durability. EVA midsole is there to provide you the ultimate comfort in the cankle area. You can put on this pair of Best Shoes for Cankles and finish your whole day’s work and even you won’t feel a touch of discomfort.

What We Like Most
  • Made with flexibility.
  • It prevents dirt and dust from entering the shoe.
  • Has the slip-preventing outer rubber sole.
  • Breathable meshy type.
  • Has the heel stability.
  • Long wear durability.
  • Best for canckle.
What We Won’t Like
  • May look bulky to some user.

4. ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men

The shoe we have here is very heavy. It’s specially made for men of adult age as the weight is much heavy for the younger ones. The fashionable look makes this more attractive to the users. Mechanics, welders, and construction workers are the priority users of this shoe.

The Cankle area of the users remains safe and sound with it. The fabric is of top-notch quality. The technology used transports moisture away from the body and keeps your feet cool and dry. The shoe is full of comfort, breathable, and more lightweight than how it looks.

The addition of water resistance, slip resistance, and oil resistance makes the shoe more impeccable. The grip on the ground is stronger because of the sole. Anti-Fatigue Technology in the footbeds gives comfort with durability.

What We Like Most
  • They are made with durably.
  • The pair of shoes are slip resistant.
  • Has the waterproof feature.
  • Easily breathable.
  • Dirt and dust proof.
  • Easy to carry.
What We Won’t Like
  • May look bulky and a bit heavy to some users.

5. Nike Fitness Shoes

They’re an excellent shoe to do pretty much anything in the gym and unlike conventional training footwear, you can comfortably move in them. We hope you will love this adjustable sneaker, particularly if your foot requires a little more place. 

They are made with pure rubber soles and so they will ensure a good grip on every surface. As these shoes provide good traction on the slippery surface you can run comfortably. 

A most interesting feature of this pair of Best Shoes for Cankles is that the deep groove allows it to expand and bend in all directions. We found these ideals for short runs and boot camps. You may get these shoes at a low price without any doubt.

What We Like Most
  • Foam midsole ensures comfortable cushioning.
  • Flexible and expand in every direction.
  • Resist abrasion during rope climbs.
  • Have durability and stability.
  • Bend and expand in all directions.
What We Won’t Like
  • They aren’t the best for people with wide feet.

6. Women’s Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0

The pair of Best Shoes for Cankles we got here is from the brand Skechers. It’s a sneaker type of shoe that is one of the best for walking purposes. People of every age and gender can wear this beautiful and nice-looking shoe. It’s an imported shoe.

The sole in the outer and lower part is made of pure rubber. It is capable of giving enough grip on any surface. The upper part of this shoe has been made using jersey knit. The closure of the shoe is of lace-up type. It is also bound to give better looks to the shoe. It also ensures a snug fit to the shoe.

As the shoe is pretty much sleek and lightweight, you can put them on and work effortlessly all day long. The weight of footwear is not based on the pair but on a single item of the shoe. The insole part of it is memory foam cushioned.

What We Like Most
  • Provides innumerable color options.
  • Usable for people of all ages and genders.
  • The closure system is effortless.
  • Upper part is comfortable jersey knit.
  • Non slippery and shock absorbing.
  • Give supports and comfort to your feet.
  • Cankle area remains unharmed.
What We Won’t Like
  • Waterproof feature is not available to this.

7. JOOMRA Women Lightweight Sneakers 3D Woven Stylish Athletic Shoes

This mesmerizing shoe has been built for women from the brand named JOOMRA. This shoe pair is the sporty type and gives an athletic vibe. Women athletes also often use them. This shoe also has some cool features attached to it. The synthetic sole is much more flexible to use.

The shoe gives the benefit of foot comfort. It has an intricate grid pattern that provides the user with the ultimate comfort ness of use. The integrated collar in the shoe’s tongue helps to fit correctly. The ultimate sleekness and low-cut silhouette add more comfort to your feet.

 It also offers the feature of natural motion flex grooves. Which helps to react in every moment. The synthetic sole used in it gives a proper grip to the surface and is also capable of shock-absorbing This gives proper comfort to cankles. This Best Shoes for Cankles can be your regular partner in running and jogging. Various color of this shoe is also available so you can choose your favorite from there.

What We Like Most
  • The pair of shoes offers a newly developed 3D Woven upper feature.
  • Made from the eco-friendly synthetic sole.
  • User comfort features.
  • Proper fitting to the women of every age.
  • Gives support to the feet.
  • The shoes are easily washable.
What We Won’t Like
  • The pair of shoes are not waterproof.

8. Ariat Women’s Cruiser Slip-on Shoe Casual

The Best Shoes for Cankles is an amazing one offered by the brand Ariat. The users of these shoes are women. It’s a fancy type of shoe made for relaxing trips and tours. We can also call it the Cruiser Slip Casual Shoe. It’s a gem of a shoe for luxury tour lovers. This shoe pair is of imported types.

Buying Guide: Considerations Before Buying the Best Shoes for Cankles

The fabric used in it is of very much high quality. The upper portion of this shoe is constructed with Full-grain leather. This part has a bit of printing on it Which gives a bit fancier took to it. The upper area has fewer toppings. It allows air to ventilate in the shoe. The EVA midsole is also present here.

The addition of this makes the shoe even more comfortable. The shoe also allows shock absorption and cushioning. It gives comfort to the cankles. It is pretty flexible to wear. The durability of the shoe is compared to none.

What We Like Most
  • The shoe is highly breathable.
  • The sole used in it makes this anti-slipping.
  • Adjustable in any weather and situation.
  • Cankles remain pressure free and good.
  • Great closure system.
What We Won’t Like
  • The shoes are not properly waterproof.

Brand Wise Best Shoes For Cankles Cost Chart in 2023

SerialBrand NameOur ScoreAverage CostModel
Daily Shoes

As you have a swollen ankle so you have to consider a few things while you are buying the right pair of shoes for you. No matter where you buy but before buying the best shoes for cankles consider these things and this is well worth your investment.


For the perfect fitting, the right size of shoes is very important. While buying shoes online is the most challenging step for anyone is to find the right size shoes as a different company has different sizing. So, measure your feet properly, match them with the size chart, and find the perfect fit. Wrong size shoes will not fit you and can also make your cankles worse.


When we wear the shoe all day no matter what the condition is outside feet will surely sweat. Sweaty feet become very uncomfortable and also cause odor. Sometimes sweat can cause fungal infection as well. So make sure that the shoe you are buying is highly breathable Best Shoes for Cankles.


The most important thing you should look for in any shoe when you have cankles is comfort. As your legs are fat than usual due to cankles so the shoes need to be comfortable to wear. So avoid wearing tight shoes as that can make your ankle condition even worse. Whatever shoe you wear feeling comfortable wearing it really matters.


This is the shoe you are buying and shoes get dirty very easily. So choose a pair of Best Shoes for Cankles that is made of easy-to-clean material. That will make it easy to clean and also saves your time from scrubbing and rubbing.


Lightweight shoes are best for those who have cankles. As these are not heavy so they will not put high pressure on your feet and you can also walk around freely. And lightweight does not mean quality compromising. Nowadays many high-quality shoes come lightweight.


 There are two types of closures available in shoes. Velcro and laces. Velcro is easy to close and also adjustable. Shoelaces are not as easy to Velcro to tie but it is also adjustable as Velcro. Both are good so you can choose what you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cankles?

Cankles simply mean having fat/ swollen or thick ankles. Many people in the whole world face this problem.  Weight gain triggers cankles. The word cankles is a word created from two different words ankles and claves.

How to control cankles?

A lot of things are responsible for having cankles like fluid retention, gaining too much weight, etc. but after having cankles there are not left many things to do. For controlling cankles many people try losing weight exercises and even plastic surgery.

What to wear when I have cankles?

By wearing proper clothes one can easily camouflage cankles. Always avoid heels as they can hurt your toe and also make the situation even worse. Try wearing pants and knee-high boots. Better not to wear ankle straps. 

What to do for improving the cankle’s condition?

To get rid of swollen ankles several things can be done. Weight gain triggers cankles. So you must keep your weight in control. If you are gaining weight, try to control it for improving your condition. Also, Maintain a healthy diet. Try to eat more vegetables and reduce saturated food from your diet. Walking will also help to improve the cankle’s condition.

What shoes to wear if you have cankles?

Cankles are very annoying. If you have cankles you may be worried about your footwear. It would be better if you avoid ankle and mid-calf shoes. The knee, shoes are the best selection for cankles.

You can choose a flat boot and any other Best Shoes for Cankles for a casual look. After all, you must consider your comfort before buying a new pair of shoes. Our unbiased review will help you to pick the Best Shoes for Cankles.

Can you fix Cankles?

Diet, exercise, and weight loss are some good ways to fix cankles. A lot of people who are suffering from cankles do exercise to adjust it.

Many people are unsuccessful in defeating this condition through weight loss. For those people, there are many cankles reduction surgery to improve this annoying condition of the foot.

Final Verdict

Hey! We believe your body part is excellent just the way it is. But the clothes, shoes, and accessories you wear

Hey! We believe your body part is excellent just the way it is. But the clothes, shoes, and accessories you wear play a big role in your style. That’s why we have reviewed the best shoes for cankles. 

Don’t make the cankles more serious by wearing the wrong pair of shoes. You can easily hide the condition by wearing an excellent pair of shoes. Good shoes can ensure much comfort in the case of cankles.

Shoesplans have presented a list of the 8 Best Shoes for Cankles that will be ideal for the cankles. We have picked some high-quality shoes for you at a low price. You can buy one of them without any doubt considering the design, size, and other features of the shoes.

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