The 8 Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop | Super Flexibility and Comfort

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Hip hop is a free form dance which needs free movement to dazzle the audience. Whether you are thinking about joining hip hop dance class or already being a dancer without the best shoes for dancing hip hop, you cannot dance comfortably. If you wear the wrong pair of shoes while performing a learned dance like hip hop, you’ll surely not be comfortable and may also get injured. To avoid such a situation having a pair of shoes that provide you comfort during your performance and lesson is necessary.

Due to the attractive look of hip-hop dance shoes, it gives a unique identity to those who are wearing it—feeling comfortable while dancing is where you should focus first. If you feel uncomfortable during a dance, then you may lose focus, and that can lead you towards a lousy dance performance. So the shoes must be comfortable and also should be capable of providing a snug and secure fit.

But while purchasing shoes for dancing hip-hop, it can be hard for you as there are hundreds of brands and a vast collection of shoes under those brand names. Dancing shoes for hip-hop has a wide range of color, shape, and design, so finding the right one is not going to be easy. To reduce the hassle of hours of exploring, we have researched and chosen the eight best shoes for hip hop dance. All of these shoes are of top-notch quality and provide excellent comfort and fit.

How to Be a Good Hip-hop Dancer

Do you want to express your feelings through dancing? Hip-hop dancing can be a good option for you. You can make yourself look good by learning hip-hop dance. It’s a little bit of a hard task to learn for a beginner, but everything is possible with enough patience and confidence. In the next passage, we’re going to share some tips with you to become a good hip-hop dancer. 

Love Hip Hop Dance:

Dancing can stress you out, that’s why you should love it. Your heart must be into hip-hop dance and always ignore other people’s views on you. Maybe you want to make yourself good in front of boys and girls. Never give up your practice and fix your daily goal. Certain movers need strength and endurance. Without proper love and affection for hip-hop dancing, you can not learn it properly. 

Research Famous Dancers:

There are so many well-known dancers who can help you out. You cannot move like a professional dancer, but you can learn from them. Follow the most famous dancers and make them your invisible teacher. You have to research more and more to become a famous dancer.

Wear Something Comfortable:

It would be better if you wear comfortable clothes during practice. Tight fit clothes are not so perfect for all smooth moves. By the way, you can wear tight-fit colors when you are performing a dance on a stage. Finally, you should wear something that gives you comfortable feelings during moves. Pick the Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop. Avoid shoes that give pressure on your joints. 

Learn the Moves:

In the beginning,  learning Hip hop dance felt challenging. You must focus on learning every move of the dance. Without learning the basic moves you can not be a famous dancer over the night. When you learn the basic moves you can mix your moves with the rhythm. In the beginning, you should memorize the dance pattern for better performance. 

As a beginner, you can learn from various well-known dance academies. Furthermore, have a look at the video to learn in detail.

Here is Our Selected 8 Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop – Special Features

First, let’s see the features of these shoes at a glance and to know about these in detail you can see the full review.

Image Main Features Gender Quality Our Score
BRONAX Personality Sneakers- Men
  • Rubber sole
  • True to size
  • Stylish and fashionable
  • Premium cushioning
17250 Customer Reviews
Adidas Sneaker- Men’s
  • Flexible rubber sole
  • Soft cushioning
  • Synthetic made upper
  • Plush midsole
17421 Customer Reviews
Reebok BB4500
  • Synthetic upper
  • Rubber made outsole
  • Superior foot support
  • Stylish
7950 Customer Reviews
Women’s jazz Dance Shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • High breathability
  • Arch and ankle support
  • Spin spot
3425 Customer Reviews
Capezio DS11sneaker- Women
  • Synthetic sole
  • Mesh lining upper
  • PU leather construction
  • Lace closure
1300 Customer Reviews
Bloch Dance Sneaker- Women
  • Shock absorption
  • EVA midsole
  • Rubber made outsole
  • Arch support
396 Customer Reviews
APTESOL Kids LED Light Up Sneakers
  • Outsole made of rubbe
  • Led lights integrated
  • PU leather upper
  • Two closure type
2285 Customer Reviews
Santiro Kids Sneakers
  • Mesh upper
  • Shock absorption
  • Hook and lace closure
  • Slip-resistant outsole 
2375 Customer Reviews

Finally, it is time to know about these shoes in detail. We have covered not just positives but the negative sides as well.

Top Choices For Men’s

1. BRONAX Personality Sneakers- Men

Hip hop is a fashionable dance, and the shoes you wear while dancing must be fashionable as well. These sneakers from bronax will make you fall in love with it after having a look due to their stylish and stunning look. These sneakers are one of the most stylish sneakers on the market right now, which will give you a unique look as well as comfort.

While dancing or practicing hip-hop, you need to make some turns on the stage, and without shoes with good traction, doing that is hard. The rubber sole of these sneakers provides you with the traction you need so you can easily make any moves. In case of security, it has a lace closure, and you can also use it as a slip-on as well. 

The lace closure allows you to adjust the shoes as you fit, so you get a secure fit and no need to worry about slipping during the dance sessions. These sneakers are not just stylish but comfortable as well. Its cushioned padded midsole ensures you are comfortable for a long time. So no matter how long your dance session is, you will not feel any discomfort and stress on your feet thanks to its added comfortability.

  • Have a very stylish look
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable and flexible sole
  • Secure fit
  • Provides great grip
  • A bit narrow

2. Adidas Sneaker- Men’s

A list of stylish sneakers cannot be complete without a pair of shoes from Adidas. Adidas is a very popular shoe brand in case of stylish shoes. These shoes from sneakers have a very stunning look that will surely attract you. While performing on the stage, these shoes will surely make your look unique. Due to its design, it can easily blend in any type of outfit. So you can wear these shoes with any clothes, and it will give you a fashionable look.

Not just look but also in comfort, these shoes are of top-notch quality. It has added soft padded cushioning on the midsole for comfort. Due to the midsole, your feet will feel less stress, and you’ll have no pain dance session experience. The breathable synthetic material helps to flow air into the shoes that ensure your feet aren’t sweating during making those hopping and sliding moves.

Hip-hop dancing involves rapid movements, and due to that, losing balance while dancing is quite regular. To prevent that, it has a rubber sole that provides elite traction and gives you support and balance. For a secure fit, the shoes have a lace-up closure system. So these stylish, safe, and comfortable pairs of shoes are ideal for hip-hop dance from every angle.

  • Rubber sole provides elite traction
  • Soft cushioning makes it comfortable to wear
  • Highly breathable due to synthetic materials
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Durable and flexible
  • Lace closure for a perfect fit
  • Fabric is not so durable.

3. Reebok BB4500

Style and gorgeous-looking shoes give the hip-hop dancer a unique look and identity. Reebok BB4500 is a stunning-looking shoe with durable quality made. It has eight different colors and styles to match your choice. Due to the attractive design of these shoes, these will surely catch the attention of the audience, and you can easily please them using your moves.

To make sure these shoes won’t get slipped or slide while dancing, it has a lace-up closure for a secure fit. You need to dance on a hardwood floor, and to get slipped on that stage while making those slides or hops is quite normal. For preventing that, its rubber-made sole provides elite traction, which will help you to keep your balance. 

For making the shoes, durable leather is used in making. With durability, these are also breathable thanks to synthetic rubber. So you can dance wearing these shoes how long you want without feeling any discomfort to make sure you feel comfortable through your whole practice session; the EVA midsole is always there, which is padded and comforting. So, with less leg stress, you’ll feel comfortable during the whole dance session.

  • Rubber outsole ensures elite traction
  • Mesh upper for breathability
  • Leather construction make these very durable
  • Lightweight and flexible sole
  • EVA midsole for superior comfort
  • Provides balance and stability
  • Narrow toe area

Top Choices For Women’s

4. Women’s jazz Dance Shoes 

These pairs of shoes are specially designed for women’s dance shoes for performing learned dance like hip hop. Its dedicated features make these shoes quite ideal for performing hip-hop. Making those difficult turns during hip-hop dance is quite hard to do wearing regular shoes makes that easy. These shoes have a spit spot that makes them more comfortable to do and smooth to look at.

As hip-hop involves a lot of jumping and hopping, you have to make some choreographed jumps on the stage and while performing, but when landing, your feet will have a lot of pressure. To feel comfortable at that time and prevent any injuries having arch support is essential. Its active heel support always keeps you balanced and provides you comfort. 

The footbed of the shoes is highly cushioned and padded for added comfort, so even after long hours of wearing; you will not feel discomfort. While dancing, sweat is most likely to happen, and that can cause odor. To prevent that its mesh lining upper helps a lot. Due to its ventilation, your feet won’t sweat and you get sweat-free feet after the dance performance.

  • The mesh lining ensures sweat-free feet
  • Rubber sole for elite traction
  • A spin spot for making the turnings easy and smooth
  • Heel and ankle support
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Non-slip outsole
  • Arch support is not so good.

5. Capezio DS11 sneaker- Women 

Capezio is a famous name worldwide as a dance shoe manufacturer for its high-quality, durable, and high-performing shoes. The DS11 sneakers are no exception; the lightweight design of the shoes makes it easy for the dancer to hop, stomp, and slide on the floor effectively without any difficulty. The dedicated toe box of the shoes pushes the toe standing positions easier to do and protects your toe quite effectively.

Arch support in hip-hop dancing is a very critical feature for the dancer. That is because of a lot of jumping involved in hip-hop dancing. To make those jumping and landing perfectly, arch support helps a lot. It provides balance and support while landing making it comfortable and saving the feet from any type of harm. 

The PU leather that is used in making these shoes makes the shoes durable, and it serves you for a long time. So you do not have to buy shoes every other day anymore. The highly breathable mesh lining on the upper of the shoes makes your dance session sweat and odor-free as the mesh ensures air ventilation. The lace closure makes the shoe secure to wear and gives adjustability. Also, these are available in caramel and white colors.

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Toe box makes the toe stand moves easy to do
  • Great arch and heel support
  • Secure and a snug fit
  • The sizing is a bit .confusing

6. Bloch Dance Sneaker- Women 

When you search for hip-hop dance shoes, you must look for a pair of shoes from Bloch. Bloch is a well-known dancing shoe manufacturer for a very long timeframe. The shoes they made all are very quality made and ensure longevity. Its high-quality rubber sole and fabric-made upper give the shoes a stylish look and durable quality.

When it comes to comfort, the shoes have an EVA midsole, widely known for flexibility and comfort. Extra cushioning on the footbed makes it even more comfortable and appropriate for long-time wear. For making difficult turning moves, the shoes have a dedicated spin spot that can spin 360degress. So you can quickly and smoothly make those turns wearing these shoes from Bloch. 

Its 1.26inch heels are perfect for balance and support. The size of the heel is medium, and that makes sure to balance while dancing, and there is no fear of getting fall. Also, its rubber sole provides excellent traction to prevent slippage on the dance floor. The lightweight design gives you freedom of movement and allows you to dance comfortably. You can choose between pink and black for these stylish pairs of Bloch shoes.

  • For 360degree turning, it has a spin spot.
  • Arch support for comfort
  • Lace closure for a secure fit
  • Mesh lining for odor and sweat-free feet
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • The outsole is quite bulky.

Top Choices For Kids

7. APTESOL Kids LED Light Up Sneakers

While buying shoes for kids, all of us are mostly concerned about comfort. That is because if the shoes are not comfortable enough, then it can hurt the kids’ feet. So being comfortable in shoes is very important, especially when the kids are attending any dances class. Without comfort, kids can also lose focus from the class, causing bad performance. For providing the utmost comfort to your kids, these shoes have padded footbeds.

The shoes you are wearing while dancing hip-hop reflects your style, and for that, these shoes have LED lights. These lights have 11 modes that make these shoes one of a kind. If you are thinking about charging the shoes, then it is relatively easy to charge. You can quickly charge by plugging a USB. 

The PU leather makes these shoes very durable and comfortable for kids. The rubber sole of the shoe provides elite traction that makes it easy for kids to focus on their dance as there is no fear of slipping. The lace closure and velcro make the shoes very secure to wear and adjustable to fit as you want.

  • Stylish and cool looking
  • Two closure makes it very secure
  • Eleven color modes
  • Provide great traction
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sizing is confusing

8. Santiro Kids Sneakers

If you are searching for a stylish pair of shoes for attending a hip-hop dance class for your kids, then you should have a look at this stunning pair of shoes. The elastic outsole provides quite a good grip and the right amount of traction essential for your kids. Due to this elastic sole, there is no chance of falling or slipping during the lesson.

While performing a learned dance like hip hop, a secure fit is essential. If your shoes get slipped from the feet, then it can injure the kit, and can the kid lose his confidence. To avoid such a situation and provide a secure fit, the shoes have hook and lace closure to ensure fit and security.

For being a modern dance, hip hop requires stylish and colorful sneakers, and to fulfill your style need; the shoes come in 22 colors. So you can select whatever you like from there. The shock absorption features of the shoes help you to be comfortable while making those jumps and hopping. The breathable materials also ensure sweat-free feet, so no odor or fungal infection.

  • Shock absorption feature neutralize high pressure
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Anti-slip outsole
  • The knitted mesh ensures sweat-free feet.
  • Secure and snug fit
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • The quality of the velcro strap is not good.

Considerations to Make While Buying Right Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop

Hip-hop dance consists of the loss of turning around and hopping. So an appropriate pair of shoes is very needed to make you comfortable and prevent injuries. For being a modern dance, it attracts a lot of attention, so having a stylish pair of shoes is also needy.


Not just for hip-hop dancing, but for every form of dancing, having a pair of shoes that fits perfectly is one of the top priorities. Hip-hop dance involves lots of movement; for this reason, perfect-fitting shoes are essential. Or the shoe may get slipped. While dancing, and that indeed will have a harmful impact on your dance. Right-fitting shoes also allow you to move freely and bend when needed with the beats. You can also feel more confident while dancing as you have to no longer worry about slipping or sliding shoes.

Arch and heel support

In hip hop dancing, you have to do some jumping, stomping, and squatting; these can put quite a lot of pressure on your joints and ankle. Having arch and heel support will ensure smooth movements of those moves without any discomfort. While jumping and landing, the arch support provides support for your leg and makes sure your feet don’t get hurt.


Hip-hop dancing is all about style, glamour, and culture. Your style moves you, that’s all you got to show on a hip hop dance performance. So the shoes you wear must be classy, fit, and stylish. It must blend with your outfit giving you an attractive look. Hip-hop dancing shows uniqueness and creativity at its every step, so you must be prepared for it entirely.  Different brands offer shoes in different styles, colors, and shapes. Explore those and choose the pair that reflects your style.


As hip-hop dancing has many intense moves, so without being comfortable making those moves is very hard. So being comfortable having padded cushioning on the sole is very important. Choose a pair of shoes with EVA midsole or gel soles to comfort you through the whole dance session. Being comfortable means, you will have less stress on your feet, resulting in a painless and smooth dancing experience.


Dancing involves intense movements and activities that cause sweat very quickly. In hip-hop dancing, sweating is normal. But sweating feet can cause a blister, odor, and fungal infections. So for a sweat-free dancing experience, you must choose shoes that have high breathability. Mesh or canvas upper has ventilation, and this helps to keep your feet sweat-free for a long time.


You have to be stable and balanced while you are killing those eye-catchy dancing moves on the stage, but without the right amount of traction, that is not easy. For getting that traction to choose a shoe that has a rubber sole as they are flexible and provide quite a good grip. Make sure the sole is not too sticky as these can limit your moves. So for making those turning and move free rubber sole made shoes are appropriate.


What makes hip-hop shoes different from others?

Hip-hop dancing reflects one’s style and glamour. The shoes that are used in hip-hop dancing are quite stylish than any other regular shoes. For doing those jumping, hopping, stomping on stages, these shoes must have ankle and arch support to ensure you won’t get hurt while performing. For making those stunning turns the right amount of traction is needed, or else the performers could get hurt, or they can’t make the right moves. For fantastic hip-hop dancing, a fabulous pair of shoes that are needed that is specially built for hip hop dancing is essential.

Why is traction necessary in Hip hop dancing?

The performers perform hip-hop dance on a hardwood floor. Without the right traction, it is accessible to getting skid or slipped on that floor while making those free-style moves. For avoiding such situations shoes that have the right traction is essential. The rubber sole is quite good in this sector.

What do hip-hop dancers typically wear?

Yoga pants, spandex, or shorts are not a good dress to wear for hip-hop dance class. Most famous hip-hop dancers like to wear baggier hip-hop pants. Yes, you can also wear regular pants or sweatpants for regular dance class. Wear clean clothes in a dance class. A loose dress would be more comfortable for you to perform smooth moves. 

What are the 3 major movements of hip-hop?

Hip-hop dance has some basic patterns. It seems quite tough to learn these dance steps as a beginner. Locking, popping, and breaking are 3 major movements of hip hop dance. It is one of the most popular dances around the world that combines with many freestyle movements. To perform the basic movement of the hip hop dance a lot of patience and endurance are needed. 

Should I dance with shoes on?

We never recommend dancing barefoot. You must ensure your safety during dancing on a hard floor. Without the best pair of shoes, you may get hurt on the joints of the foot or toe. Having a protective shoe on the dance floor can save you from many injuries. Your shoes need to support your ankle and should ensure extreme comfort and flexibility. Slip-resistant rubber soles will help you a lot to perform smooth moves.

How can I make my dance shoes more comfortable?

Sometimes your dancing shoes can be a bit uncomfortable. Harder soles don’t give you enough flexibility. Alcohol can soften your shoes and it does not damage the soles. If you think your shoes are uncomfortable, rubbing alcohol inside them. Heating inside the shoes can be a good way to make them more flexible for dancing. You can wear thick wool socks for a few minutes to be more comfortable. 

How tight should dance shoes be?

A pair of tight-fit shoes are preferred for dancing. But be careful that the shoes should not be painful for your foot. They should have good arch support. On the dance floor, a dancer performs many basic moves and freestyle.  Very loose shoes can not help you to execute smooth moves as well as very tight shoes can hinder free movements.

Final Verdict

Hip hop is a very famous dance around the world to express you in front of the crowd. A stylish and trendy shoe will give you an awesome look on the dance floor. But never forget about your comfort and flexibility while dancing hip hop. The best pair of shoes ensure smooth moves. 

Wearing the wrong shoe you may get injured while dancing. You may hurt yourself badly without the Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop. In this regard, we have made a list of top-notch quality shoes. Follow our buying guide to pick premium quality hip-hop dancing shoes.

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