Best Shoes for Hacky Sack – Tips to Pick The Perfect One

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We use a pair of distinct shoes for a particular sport. Every event and sport needs special kinds of footwear. Here we will discuss the best footwear for the hacky sack. So, how would you grab the best shoes for hacky sack?

Many experts recommended a pair of shoes with a level hold sole. Always you need not bother about the cushioning of the shoes. More plain and basic shoes will be better for playing hacky sack. 

Balance and flexibility are also very important for the hacky sack. So you just need a shoe with super flexibility and comfort to hit the sack. Premium quality best shoes for hacky sack need to be stretchy. 

Furthermore, You can get pain on your feet while kicking the hack by wearing the wrong pair of shoes. So we have prepared a list of the best shoes for hacky sack after talking with professionals and experts. Go through our unbiased review and buying guide and pick the best one without any doubt.

8 Best Shoes For Hacky Sack : Quick Feature Review

You won’t find a lot of shoes in the market specially made for Hacky Sack. We have done quite a bit of research to find the best eight shoes available in the market with many useful features. Now, we will suggest you to take a quick look at the key features of them in the chart right below.

New Balance Fresh Foam ARISHI V1 for Men
  • The body has a combination of Synthetic and Textile
  • The durable AT Tread pattern
  • High-quality foam cushioning
  • Toe-Protective technology
ALTRA ALM1933G Escalante 2 for Men
  • Proper air circulation because of the textile body
  • Presence of the Foot Shape technology
  • The Inner Flex system
  • The FOOTPOD technology
HOKA ONE-ONE Bondi 6 for Men
  • The EVA molded midsole
  • Combination of leather and synthetic body
  • Presence of the Lycra Comfort Frame
  • The Internal Heel Counter and the Meta-Rocker
DLGJPA Breathable Running Shoe for Men
  • Combination of textile and synthetic in the body
  • The Fly Knitting technology
  • Presence of the High Energizing Cushioning
  • The thick upper heel portion
ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 for Women
  • Presence of the Speva Foam 45 Lasting technology
  • The Flyte Foam Lyte Technology
  • The synthetic and mesh mixture body
  • Duo Max Support System for proper stability
Adidas Ultra Boost 20 for Women
  • The lace-up closure system
  • Presence of the toe-safety cap.
  • High-quality foam cushioning
  • Proper air circulation.
ON Cloud flyer Running Shoes for Women
  • The EVA footbed technology
  • Eye-catching design
  • High-quality foam cushioning
  • Proper air circulation.
Saucony Triumph 18 for Women
  • PWRRUN+ midsole cushioning
  • TRI-FLEX technology
  • Combination of mesh and synthetic in the body
  • The FORM FIT system

8 Hacky Sack Shoes Review

All the shoes that we included in the list with their key features above also have some more qualities. We will provide you the detailed information with our in-depth review.

1. New Balance Fresh Foam ARISHI V1 for Men

For Hacky Sack, you will need a pair of shoes that will be soft and strong at the same time. This Fresh Foam ARISHI V1 from the New Balance is adequate in both the way for Men’s usage. The shoe comes with a lightweight body of 8 Ounces and a vast dimension of 15.65 x 14.8 x 4.55 inches.

It has a 50-50 combination of Synthetic and Textile in the upper body. You will find a rubber outsole under the body. It provides the needed traction above any ground. The durable AT Tread pattern is present in the outsole. It enhances the traction along with your performance in the Hacky Sack.

The shoe comes with the addition of EVA foam insert and Fresh Foam midsole cushioning which provides comfort to your feet. The upper area and both sides are foamy and textile and provide comfort. These areas are wide enough to make your juggling with the footbag easy.

When the footbag will hit your foot, it will bounce easily because of the soft body of the shoe, and will also not hurt. The Toe-Protective technology saves your toe from the outside and the footbag impact. You can juggle with the footbag by wearing this shoe for a long time.

  • Lightweight and soft body.
  • Solid traction on the ground.
  • The EVA foam insert and Fresh Foam midsole cushioning.
  • Wide dimension for comfortable foot movement.
  • Special Toe-Protective technology.
  • The heel areas have a lack of cushioning.

2. ALTRA ALM1933G Escalante 2 for Men

If you are looking for a flat-body shoe for your Hacky Sack moves, this shoe from the ALTRA can be the righteous choice. The lightweight body of this shoe is the reason for being only 2 Pounds in weight. The vast dimension of 13 x 8 x 5 inches allows you to move your feet easily.

The textile body of the shoe is the reason for its high breathability. Your feet will get enough air-circulation, which will keep your feet dry, clean, and sweat-free. You will have better step-in feel with the shoe, and the stack-height is approximately 24 mm.

It has an amazing Foot Shape technology. It allows the tows to spread out and relax as the body side extends along with the foot size. The Inner-Flex system makes your reflex quick while juggling the footbag and increases your movement. The synthetic outsole will provide much grip and traction on every surface.

You will also find the FOOTPOD technology in this shoe. It helps to bend your foot as you want.

  • Secure fit all along the playing time.
  • The highest amount of breathability.
  • The proper grip on the ground.
  • Presence of the Foot Shape technology.
  • FOOTPOD technology.
  • Some issues with the cushioning.

3. HOKA ONE-ONE Bondi 6 for Men

The shoe we have now can provide you an extra advantage in the field of the Hacky Sack as it has one of the tallest outsoles. This authentic shoe has a combination of Synthetic and Leather in the body. The shoe comes with a dimension of 12 x 9 x 5 inches with 1.65 Pounds of weight.

The engineered mesh construction of this shoe ensures proper breathability all through the day. You will find the Lycra Comfort Frame in the heel area, which will provide more support and comfort. The Internal Heel Counter ensures a snug and secure fit, which will help you juggle easily with the footbag.

The Meta-Rocker is also available in the shoe to ensure a smooth ride all the way. The shoe contains EVA molded midsole, which will provide you much comfort. It has a rubber outsole for reducing the weight and enhancing the durability of the shoe. The outsole of this shoe contains a treaded pattern as well.

This pure vegan shoe has a beveled heel design, which ensures you have a smooth transition while playing. You can do both the moves of the inside cutter and the outside cutter pretty easily by wearing this shoe.

  • Combination of leather and synthetic body.
  • Presence of the Internal Heel Counter.
  • Free from using animal body parts.
  • The rubber outsole has tread patterns.
  • The beveled heel designs.
  • This shoe does not have a waterproof feature.

4. DLGJPA Breathable Running Shoe for Men

The fashionable sneaker that we have now is also a fine choice for the Hacky Sack moves. The shoe comes with a pure rubber outsole. It has a breathable upper body as it comes with a textile and synthetic body. It has a weight of 10.58 Ounces and a dimension of 10.24 x 3.94 x 3.15 inches.

The Fly Knitting tech used in the shoe ensures your feet proper breathability and keeps your feet clean and dry. The shoe comes with a High Energizing Cushioning, and the heel area has the addition of Air cushioning.

The thick upper portion of the heel ensures your feet get much comfort and helps you to stay more focused on the game. The strong grip provided by the rubber outsole helps you stay stable on the ground while juggling with the footbag. 

When you will wear this shoe, your juggling time will increase along with the comfort. This flexible shoe will bend which way you want. Thus, your movement on the pitch will be more accurate and quicker. This best shoes for hacky sack will enhance your overall performance.

  • Proper breathability with dustproof.
  • Air cushioning under the heel.
  • Strong grip on the surface because of the rubber sole.
  • Surety of accurate and quick movement on the pitch.
  • Lightweight body.
  • Not much color options.

5. ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 for Women

The shoe we will be talking about now is a shoe for the Women’s section. This ASICS Gel comes with a dimension of 10.9 x 7.6 x 4.6 inches and a weight of1.5 Pounds. It has a synthetic and mesh mixture body. The outsole of this shoe is made from high-quality rubber, and it consists treaded pattern which prevents slipping.

You will get a soft platform like feel because of the presence of the Speva Foam 45 Lasting technology. The lightweight midsole formulation consists a comfortable cushioning as it has the Flyte Foam Lyte Technology. The soft textile around the body will help the footbag to bounce more with a simple kick.

The softness of the body will keep your feet safe from the impact of the footbag. You will also find the Duo Max Support System in the shoe. It will provide enough support and stability to your feet which beneficial for any kind of sports and especially for Hacky Sack.

The Trusstic System technology is also present in the shoe. It reduces the weight of the outsole and helps you move faster at the time of kicking or juggling the footbag.

  • Proper stability on every kind of surface.
  • Less impact on feet.
  • The lightweight midsole formation.
  • A large collection of size and color.
  • The treaded pattern on the rubber outsole.
  • The shoe has some issues with durability.

6. Adidas Ultra Boost 20 for Women

If you are a woman and looking for a shoe for your Hacky Sack moves, then this Ultra Boost 20 from Adidas is the right one for your use. This running shoe is very much capable of taking the pressure of the Hacky Sack. It has a synthetic sole along with a pure leather body.

With a dimension of 11.3 x 7.7 x 4.4 inches, it will provide your feet enough space for movement along with a weight of 12.8 Ounces. This shoe is available in almost all sizes and colors.

The midsole and the insole area come with high-quality foam cushioning. It ensures your feet much comfort while you will be juggling or making your moves. You will find a toe cap in the front for toe safety. The shoe has a proper breathing system which will keep the air circulation ongoing.

A snug and secure fit are guaranteed as the lace-up closure system are present in the shoe. You will love to wear them while playing the Hacky Sack.

  • A lot of size and color options.
  • Snug and secure fitting.
  • Proper toe and heel safety.
  • Enough foot movement space.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Does not contain a waterproof facility.

7. ON Cloud flyer Running Shoes for Women

The next shoe on our list is one of the most amazingly designed shoes full of qualities. You can perform the basic moves like an inside cutter or outside cutter by wearing this shoe. It is capable of helping you with doing advanced moves like the Whip.

With a weight of 1.9 Pounds, the shoe has a great color combination with a mix of white, grey, and orange. The dimension of this shoe is 12.2 x 8.3 x 4.4 inches, which will allow your feet to move easily. The body of this shoe is soft, which eases your pressure while kicking the footbag.

The textile body of the shoe ensures you have the proper breathability. The synthetic outsole has large treaded patterns to prevent slipping. Both the insole and midsole have proper foam cushioning. The EVA footbed technology is available in the shoe along with the toe cap safety.

  • Catchy design with a great color combination.
  • Proper weight distribution.
  • Treaded patterns on the synthetic outsole.
  • Enough room for foot movement.
  • A lot of color options.
  • May feel overweight to some users.

8. Saucony Triumph 18 for Women

The Saucony Triumph 18 is another specialized shoe of Hacky Sack for women. This shoe from Saucony comes with a lightweight body of 9.7 Ounces along with a dimension of 11.26 x 7.64 x 4.49 inches. 

As the shoe has a mixture of synthetic and mesh bodies, the breathability is on its highest peak. Your feet will remain dry, clean, and sweat-free because of this. There is a PWRRUN+ midsole cushioning available in the shoe. It will provide proper flexibility to your feet and it is 25% lighter than the average foam.

The rubber sole ensures a firm grip on the surface and makes your juggling time with the footbag smoother. The TRI-FLEX technology will make your movement and reflexes quicker and easier. The FORM FIT system will ensure you to have a snug fit.

You will find the lace-up closure system in the shoe. As a result, there will be a window of having customized fitting as you want.

  • Lightweight body.
  • Enough place for foot movement.
  • Smooth riding.
  • Quick reflex system.
  • 25% lighter cushioning foam.
  • A bit overpriced.

How to Practice Hacky Sack

In simple words, a hacky sack is sand or bead-filled bag. The size of this footbag is like a small orange. Players bounce this footbag in the air by the knees and different parts of the feet. It is played individually as well as a group of people can play this sport by kicking the footbag. 

This competitive sport is very popular in many schools, colleges, and universities. Playing Hacky Sack is an easy concept. But if you are a beginner you should take your time to learn the basic skills. If you know the basic skill of hacky sacks, it will be very easy and fun. So here we will share some tips for a beginner who wants to be the pro hacky sack performer. 

  • Kick the sack with the inside of your foot

You need to drop the bag gently in front of you. Kick the sack using the inside of the foot. To kick the sack straight up in the air, your foot should be parallel to the ceiling.  Don’t forget to angle your ankle. You can catch the sack after your first kick. Continuously practice kicking, catching, and dropping. After getting the skill of kicking with one foot, practice with the other foot. 

  • Use the outside of your foot

To perform an outside kick you need to use the outside of your foot. Kick the bag by the middle of the outside of the foot. It is like an inside kick but you may face a little bit of trouble while bending your leg outward. It will be easier after practicing more and more kicks. 

  • Kick the sack with your toes

You can easily perform a toe kick by hitting the sack with your toes. It is very similar to an inside kick. Hit the bag straight up in the air using the toes. Don’t tilt toward your head while kicking the bag, otherwise, the bag can hit on the head. This kick is also known as ‘the whip’. So you need not spend a huge time learning this skill.

  • Keep your feet low 

You should always keep your foot low while kicking the sack. This will help a player to have better control over the hacky sacks. Keeping the foot low will ensure perfect control over the direction and speed of the sack. 

  • Kick with the center of your foot

Finally, the most important thing is that you should not hit the sack by the side of your foot. To maintain better control and balance, always kick the hacky sack with the center. In the case of the toe kick, you can use the toe but in general, you must kick the bag with the center of the foot. 

  • Play with a Group

Playing hacky sack with the group is a little bit fun and interesting. Always try to practice this skill with at least two people. It would be boring if you practiced all of the critical kicks. So try to gather as many people as possible to form a group. 

However, it is not so easy to describe all the practicing skills in words. You can seek professional help to learn hacky sack more efficiently. Don’t forget to choose the Best Shoes for Hacky Sack. Furthermore, follow this YouTube video to learn something fantastic.

Features to Consider for the Right Shoes for Hacky Sack

All the shoes in the market are not for doing the Hacky Sack. So, you will have to buy with care while you are in the market. There are some basic things and some extra qualities that you need to seek for the shoes for doing Hacky Sack.

Flat-Surface in the body

The Hacky sack is all about kicking or juggling the footbag by your feet. You will have to use the toe areas and both sides for kicking the footbag. So, those three areas need to be flat when you will be doing the juggle.

When the surface of those parts will be flat, you will be able to kick the footbag easily. There will be comparatively less chance of missing the kick on the footbag. The shoes that we introduced to you above come with flatness in those three areas.

Cushioning and Softness

Being soft and well-cushioned are two of the most important things for any shoe to do Hacky sack. When you will do the Hacky Sack moves, you have to kick the ball up. The kicks need to be strong, and you may have to juggle for a long time.

If the body of the shoe is soft, the footbag will bounce back with a simple kick. It will also save your feet from the impact of the footbag. So, either way, your feet will remain safe and secure.

The eight best hacky sack playing shoes above contain high-quality cushioning with the best technology from their manufacturers. A well-cushioned shoe will keep you comfortable and pressure-free while doing the Hacky Sack moves.

Durability and Breathability

You will surely want your hacky sack shoe to serve you for a long period. A well-built shoe with a warranty can save you from doing unnecessary expenses over and over again. When you will buy the best shoes for footbags from the list above, they will surely serve you for a long time.

When your feet will get proper air circulation, it will keep your feet clean, dry, and sweat-free. Your grip on the shoe will remain strong. As a result, you will be able to play flawlessly, and your performance will increase as well. 

Traction and Grip

All the shoes above either have the rubber sole or the synthetic sole. Both of the outsoles are great in their own way when it comes to the matter of traction. Moreover, if the shoe has a treaded pattern on the outsole, the traction enhances. The Hacky Sack can be played over any surface.

It can be tough as well. No matter where you will be playing, if the shoe provides enough grip and traction, you will be able to play better. And the good news is, all the eight shoes on our list comes with the highest possible grip and traction.

Size, Fitting, and Closure

There will be all the size options available with the shoes above. The perfect size of the shoe will bring proper fitting. All the shoes have their respective fitting technology provided by the manufacturer.

Proper fitting will enhance your performance and is capable of taking you to the best performance. All the shoes have a lace-up closure system, which will provide you the opportunity of having a customized fit as you want.


Why will I need special shoes for Hacky Sack?

Hacky Sack is a different and uncommon type of game. Average shoes will not be able to take the pressure off them. That is the reason why you will need a special pair of best shoes for hacky sack.

Which outsole is more preferable?

If the outsole of the shoe is either rubber or synthetic, it will provide much grip and traction. So, we will suggest you for having one of these in your shoe.

What about foot safety?

You must ensure your foot safety while practicing hacky sack. You can get pain in the toe and ankle during hitting the sack. To lower the risk of serious foot injuries and the impact of the bag you have to choose a pair of shoes with a soft upper body. All the shoes that we have listed here, can keep your feet safe from hazards.

How will I get my toe safe?

To keep your toe safe is an important task while kicking the sack. A shoe that is made with premium quality material can keep your feet safe from the pressure of the sack. What do you think about the toe safety cap? No worries. The shoes we have listed here are made with toe safety techniques that will ensure safety in every kick and circumstance.

What is the maintenance procedure?

The maintenance procedure of all these shoes is not so tough. Clean the dust and mud with a piece of clean cloth. You can disinfect the shoes with disinfecting spray. Most people wash them with soap water or soft detergent powder. Dry your shoes properly after each wash.

Is hacky sack good for you?

Of course, it is a good exercise. You can keep your body fit by playing this regularly. Practicing a hacky sack will help you to strengthen body muscles and to burn extra body fat. Continuous jumping and kicking will strengthen your heart by keeping the heart rate high. Therefore, hacky sack is good for heart health. Playing hacky sack will prevent the risk of hypertension, liver disease, and diabetes.

Final Verdict

Lasting their favorite shoe for a long time is the desire of every user. Hacky Sack is not a common game. As a result, a perfect pair of best shoes for hacky sack for that game is pretty much hard to find.

But we have gathered the full information about the eight shoes, which are the most suitable for the Hacky Sack game. We hope those best shoes for Hacky Sack will enhance your performance in the pitch and will provide you a nice journey.

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