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For every dancing move, your shoe must serve you in the best way possible. Moonwalking is not also different in this case.

This dancing system was invented by the legendary singer and dance artist, Michael Jackson himself. For the basic moves of moonwalking, you will need the best shoes for moonwalking. No matter on which surface you are performing, the shoe must serve you the best.

The dancing floor will not be soft always. You will need a pair of best shoes for moonwalking which are soft and comfortable. The loafer-type converse shoes are the most preferable to do the moonwalk moves. They will provide you proper grip on the floor and wherever you will be performing.

Proper training and practice are the two basic things you will need to do regularly to perform better on the floor. Along with that, the best shoes for moonwalking will enhance your performance over the moonwalk moves.

The Most Suitable Shoes for Moonwalking : Quick Feature Review

We have gathered eight of the best shoes for doing the moonwalk. We have collected their key features as well. So, we would suggest you take a quick look at them before going into the full review as they are attached below.

Florsheim Montinaro Double Monk Oxford for Men
  • Vintage and classy design
  • Memory Foam Technology in the midsole
  • A genuine leather upper-body
  • Belt-fitting system
Florsheim Dancer Loafer for Men
  • A fully cushioned footbed
  • Hand-sewn from the black soft kid leather
  • Buffed leather insole
  • The full leather lining around the body
Allonsi Genuine Leather Tassel Loafers for Men
  • Full handcrafted body
  • The best-in-class leather in the shoe
  • Rubber outsole for proper traction and grip
  • Lightweight body to do dance moves freely
Florsheim Venucci Imperial Apron Toe Penny Loafer for Men
  • Leather crafted body
  • High-quality foam cushioning
  • Leather linings for high breathability
  • Lightweight body
Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Astaire Loafer for Women
  • Full synthetic body
  • Energized cushioning for more comfort
  • Pointed Toe
  • The Shock Absorption technology
Dr. Scholl’s Agnes Loafer for Women
  • Comfy Insole technology
  • Flexible and catchy design
  • Energized cushioning for more comfort
  • The Shock Absorption technology
Sperry Authentic Original Vida Shoe for Women
  • The shoe has the addition of the original razor-cut Wave-Siping
  • Presence of the Ortho-lite insole
  • The Shock Absorbing insole
  • Two-eye design with rust-proof eyelets features
Rocket Dog Colt Moonwalk Shoe for Women
  • A synthetic upper body
  • Two functional buckles on the top
  • The treaded texture on the outsole
  • A high amount of breathability

The Review of the Best Shoes for Moonwalking

You have probably got the touch about the key features of those eight shoes from the chart above. But, to know more about them, you have to go through our in-depth review, which is provided below.

1. Florsheim Montinaro Double Monk Oxford for Men

The classic-looking shoe we have here is from the brand Florsheim and is an oxford-type one. This pure leather body shoe with a rubber sole can be your great companion while you will do the moonwalk moves. This shoe from Men’s section comes with 10 x 15 x 6 inches of dimension, and the weight is 12 Ounces.

When you will wear this shoe at the time of dance, it will catch the eye of everyone with its Classic Style and a burnished finish. This Montinaro shoe comes with clean and classic lines with the upper body part from genuine leather. 

As the shoe is properly breathable, you will have enough air circulation to your feet while dancing. Along with a certain amount of flexibility, it will provide sheer comfort while you will be performing on the stage. You will also find Memory Foam Technology in the midsole. It will just enhance the comfort of your feet.

The durable and flexible high-quality rubber outsole will ensure you get the needed traction and grip. It will help you with more than sufficient stability. The durability will help you to get a long run with the shoe. The belt-fitting system is present to provide a snug and secure fit all through the dancing time.

  • Classic and vintage design.
  • Shiny black body with a burnished body.
  • Genuine leather body.
  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • Durable and flexible rubber outsole.
  • Not many color options to choose from.

2. Florsheim Dancer Loafer for Men

The next shoe on our is also from the Florsheim brand, and it is an oxford-type one as well. This pure leather-built shoe comes with an average weight of 3 pounds. The all-around dimension of the shoe is 13 x 6.7 x 4.6 inches, which provides enough area for foot movement.

The touch of elegance in the design will give a catchy look while you dance. The shoe we are talking about is hand-sewn from the black soft kid leather. In this loafer-type shoe, you will also find a buffed leather insole along with full leather lining. Sheer comfort to your feet is ensured by them.

While you will dance, the impact when your feet hit the shoe and the shoe hits the ground will be soft and comfortable. The polished accent of this shoe will provide a professional vibe on the stage. The grip will also be firm because of the rubber sole present in the shoe.

A fully cushioned footbed is attached to the shoe for enhancing comfort. Doing the moonwalk moves will feel a lot easier and more comfortable by wearing this amazing shoe from the Florsheim.

  • Firm grip on the floor because of the rubber outsole.
  • Catchy design with a vintage look.
  • Less hazardous impact on the ground.
  • The polished accent of the shoe.
  • Enough foot movement area.
  • Some users may find it as an oldish design.

3. Allonsi Genuine Leather Tassel Loafers for Men

The leather tassel loafer that we have here is from the brand Allonsi. They are well known for manufacturing dancing loafer shoes, and this one is a specialized shoe for moonwalking. You don’t have to worry about the weight as it comes with a light body with less than average weight.

This handcrafted luxury leather shoe comes with the Goodyear Welt Leather system from Allonsi. The handcraft-built procedure ensures your feet get proper ventilation while dancing or doing the moonwalk moves. The adaptive nature of this shoe helps it to adapt to your foot size easily.

The shoe will offer you a snug custom fitting like never before with a sophisticated look and optimum comfort. The best-in-class leather in this shoe guarantees you to get a long-term service from it. This shoe comes with multiple layers underneath that lessen the impact while your feet hit the ground.

You will have a lot of color options from the shoe. There are a lot of size options for almost all the foot size. You can easily find the shoe with your desired color and proper size. They are meant to serve you long.

  • Bunch of color options.
  • Long term durability.
  • A sophisticated look with optimum comfort.
  • Multiple layers before the outsole for foot safety.
  • Available in almost every size.
  • The shoe will feel narrow for some users.

4. Florsheim Venucci Imperial Apron Toe Penny Loafer for Men

If you are looking for a compact shoe with a lightweight body for doing moonwalk moves, then this Penny Loafer from Florsheim can be the right one. This shoe comes with a pure leather body from up to bottom. With only 15.6 Ounces of weight, it will help you to dance freely.

This classical shoe is crafted in Italy. The upper body comes with pure and crafted leather. Because of that, proper ventilation is guaranteed. Your feet will remain dry, clean, and sweat-free as they will get enough air circulation. The leather outsole will prevent your feet from slipping on the stage or other surfaces.

The leather linings are present in the shoe as well. They increase breathability and enhances your comfort while doing the moonwalk moves. The midsole and insole consist of high-quality foam cushioning. Your feet get soft and easy landing while doing the steps on the stage.

Over the outsole, you will find multiple layers of leather. They increase the shoe height a bit, and it will help you with safe landing by decreasing the impact. You will love this shoe for the moonwalking moves. The best shoes for moonwalking is available in almost every size.

  • Safe and secure fit.
  • Easy and less impact on landing.
  • Slip resistive leather outsole.
  • Proper ventilation system.
  • Light in weight.
  • You will not find many color options.

5. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Astaire Loafer for Women

We have gathered information about moonwalking shoes for women too. The first shoe on our list is from Dr. Scholl’s. This amazingly-built shoe comes with a Faux Leather or patents upper portion. With only 1.3 Pounds of weight, women can wear for their dance steps without any hassle.

As the dimension of the shoe is 12.1 x 5.7 x 4.1 inches, you will get enough space for foot movement. The shoe comes with a synthetic sole. Because of that, your feet will get a proper grip on the surface, and it will help you to stay stable while dancing.

Proper air circulation is ensured with the presence of a bigger foot entering the place. The heel area is a bit high, which will assist you at the time of moonwalking. You will find the Energized cushioning in the midsole and insole area. 

The Shock Absorption technology in the shoe is present in the shoe to reduce the pressure of your foot. The pointed toe will help you to do the moonwalk moves perfectly. The flexible and durable sole is there to serve you for a longer period.

  • Proper air circulation.
  • Durable and flexible outsole.
  • Synthetic outsole for a firm grip.
  • Enough foot movement space.
  • Pure leather body.
  • Women with wide feet will not be able to wear the shoe.

6. Dr. Scholl’s Agnes Loafer for Women

The next shoe on our list comes from Dr. Scholl as well. This loafer-type shoe with a pointy toe area is a preferred choice among many moonwalk dancers. This shoe is a pretty lightweight one with a weight of only 8 ounces and has a dimension around 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches.

You will find a synthetic outsole underneath the shoe body, which will provide a proper grip on the ground. The upper portion of the comes with a microfiber finishing. It will ensure that your feet are getting air circulation and your feet remain dry, clean, and sweat-free.

You will see strap detailing in the shoe, which is beneficial for moonwalking steps. The Energized cushioning system is present in the shoe to provide you sheer comfort throughout the dancing time. The presence of the Shock Absorption technology lessens the impact when your feet hit the ground.

The Comfy Insole technology with arch support makes the shoe more impeccable. The flexible design enables you to move freely and easily while dancing.

  • Proper air circulation to the feet.
  • Less impact when the feet hit the ground.
  • Enough traction and grip.
  • The flexible design.
  • Sheer comfort is guaranteed.
  • Women with wide feet will not be able to wear the shoe.

7. Sperry Authentic Original Vida Shoe for Women

This Vida Boat Shoe from Sperry comes with a fancy look and design which suits moonwalking pretty well. It is a pure leather-body shoe. This women’s section shoe has a rubber outsole, which provides an immense amount of grip on the surface. 

The dimension of the shoe is 11.4 x 6.4 x 3.7 inches and is pretty lightweight with 10 Ounces of weight. It has arch support from the low to the top of the body. Two-eye design with rust-proof eyelets features of this shoe assists you at the time of moonwalking. It is considered one of the best shoes for moonwalkers.

The shoe we have here comes with a lace-up closure system. It provides you the window of having customized fitting as you want. This shoe also features Shock absorbing heel cup, which keeps your feet safe and secure. The Ortho-lite insole is present as well for providing your feet more stability and comfort.

This high-quality shoe from Sperry also comes with the addition of the original razor-cut Wave-Siping. The quick responsiveness of this shoe makes your dancing step easier and reduces your pressure as well.

  • Reduces foot pressure while dancing.
  • Quick responsiveness.
  • Safe and secure fit with a lace-up closure system.
  • Enough grip and traction.
  • Available in almost every size and a lot of colors.
  • The shoe has some durability issues.

8. Rocket Dog Colt Moonwalk Shoe for Women

Last but not the least, we have our next shoe from the brand named the Rocket Dog. This shoe comes with a dimension around 11 x 4 x 7 inches and an average weight of 10 Ounces. You will find a synthetic upper body part in the shoe which will enable proper ventilation.

The shoe we are talking about comes with a highly tractive rubber outsole. The outsole also comes with traded texture underneath which will enhance the grip on the stage or other surfaces. This flat type of shoe also features two functional buckles on the top.

You can do moonwalking easily by wearing this shoe without any hassle. The foam cushioning in the insole and midsole will provide sheer comfort to your feet. Dancing will feel a lot easier and comfortable when you will wear this shoe.

You will find the shoe available in almost every size. With proper practice and this amazing pair of best shoes for moonwalking, we can expect that your moonwalking performance will reach its highest peak.

  • Available in almost every size.
  • All-day comfort.
  • Highly tractive rubber outsole.
  • Proper ventilation system.
  • Snug and secure fit.
  • Does not have other color options except black.

Brand Wise Moonwalking Shoes Cost Chart in 2022

SerialBrand NameOur ScoreAverage CostModel

Features to Consider for the Right Pair of Shoes for Moonwalking

The shoes for moonwalking need to have some extra qualities along with the basic features. Some qualities that make the moonwalking shoes different than the other shoes. You need to watch out for the must-have qualities in the shoes that you will buy for doing moonwalking moves.

Cushioning in Midsole and Insole

All the dancing shoes need to have high-quality cushioning. You have to move your feet frequently while dancing and doing the moonwalk moves. When your shoe will have proper cushioning, your feet will surely get much more comfortable, and it will keep your feet pressure-free.

The shoes above come with high-quality cushioning in their insole and midsole area. All of them have either the Energized Cushioning or Foam Cushioning. As a result, getting sheer comfort while making the moonwalking moves are guaranteed.

The midsole and insole area keep your feet in comfort to make your performance better. So, you should keep that in mind while you will be buying one for your use.


Like any other shoes, long-term durability is a must-have quality for the shoes for moonwalking. The users will want their product to last for a long period. The best possible built materials can make shoes survive for a long time. 

As a moonwalking dance artist, you will not want your shoe to break down in the middle of your practice or performance. That will have a bad impact on your performance. Nobody wants that to happen.

But the good news is all the eight best shoes for moonwalking that we introduced above comes with the best quality, either leather or synthetic body. When you buy, you should look out for this quality too.


Your feet will need proper air circulation when you will be dancing. When your feet will get enough air, it will keep your feet clean, dry, and sweat-free. The rust and dust will not get into the shoe as well. 

Your moonwalking will not feel tiring anymore. As your feet will get enough air supply, it will help your feet stay fresh even after a long moonwalking performance.

The shoes above have a leather lining to ensure enough breathability. Almost all of them have the quality. So, you don’t have to worry about breathability at all if you buy any of these eight best shoes for moonwalking.

Traction and Grip

Stay stable is one of the most necessary things for dance. If there is enough traction, you will have a proper grip on the surface. And proper grip will bring stability to your feet and body.

Nobody wants to slip during a moonwalking performance. An appropriate outsole can prevent your shoe and feet from slipping. Rubber is the best possible material for the outsole. The highly tractive nature of the rubber sole will help you to stay stable on the moonwalking stage.

The leather outsole and synthetic outsole are also good to have. Both of them are highly capable of providing you the best possible stability.

Size and Fitting

Buying a shoe of the appropriate size is a must remember a thing. You will find a lot of size options for all the shoes above. Just check it correctly while you will be buying one for yourself.

A snug and secure fit can enhance your moonwalking performance. Some of the shoes will offer you customized fitting, which is beneficial. Most of the shoes above will offer you a perfect and secure fit according to your foot size. All you need to do is stay cautious while buying the best walking shoes for the moonwalk.


  • Which outsole is preferable for the moonwalking shoes?
    The rubber outsole is always the best choice for your moonwalking shoe. But the leather and synthetic outsole are not far behind, and they will serve you better as well.
  • Why moonwalking requires a different pair of shoes?
    Doing a moonwalk is not the same as walking, running, or other daily works. The pressure on the foot will be immense. To deal with those situations, you will need a specific pair of shoes.
  • What about the weight distribution in the shoes?
    All the shoes that we introduced to you come with either average weight or lightweight body. And you won’t feel any particular area has overweight. The full weight is evenly distributed among the full body.
  • How my heel area will remain safe?
    The heel area of all the shoes above comes with high-quality heel cushioning with soft foam. Some of the shoes have a heel cap for more safety and security.
  • How can I keep my moonwalking shoes clean?
    The leather loafer shoes need extra care. You will find soft shampoo in the market, which is especially for shoe cleaning. You can easily clean your moonwalking shoe by using them and then use a piece of cloth to wipe out water.

Final Verdict

Moonwalking shoes are not the same as the usual shoes. As a result, you will go through some hassle while finding the best shoes for moonwalking. And then have to remain careful for choosing the right one for your use according to your feet size.

Without the proper knowledge, you will have to face a lot of difficulties to find a suitable one, and it is close to impossible. So, our suggestion will be, first go through our review above and gain proper information. Then, go to the market and buy one of the best shoes for moonwalking.

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