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We hope that you are very familiar with platform pedals. It is also known as flat pedals and is used in bicycles. In some circumstances, a platform pedal is a better option for bicycle riding. The Best Shoes for Platform Pedals ensure easier and more comfortable rides. 

There are many unique shoes for different types of pedals. You need to choose your shoes wisely for casual or short rides. They are not extraordinary but the premium quality shoes have some special features.

The top-notch shoes are pretty simple but will give you enough confidence while you are cycling. They serve a cycler in every possible way. They will help you with safe driving and can save you from potential danger. 

These shoes ensure proper grip with the pedals. Furthermore, these shoes ensure proper traction with the ground. They should attach like glue to the pedals while riding on a rough area. But they should not be too sticky to prevent you from shifting the foot. The Best Shoes for Platform Pedals will support your foot. 

Before buying a pair of shoes you should also check the ventilation facilities of the shoes to prevent the risk of athletes’ foot. Protective toe pads and some other padding also help you to prevent pain in the toe and ankle. 

However, we have made a list of the Best Shoes for Platform Pedals. Let’s have a look at our unbiased review and buying guide of the best flat pedal shoes.

The Most Preferable Shoes for Platform Pedals : Quick Feature

Many peoples are there with the hobby of cycling. The bicycles are necessary for quick movements as well. The platform pedals are the best choice if you ride a bicycle for a short distance.  For your use, we have gathered the 8 Best Shoes for Platform Pedals. Before informing you fully about them, we would like to give a hint about the top features present in those shoes.

Five Ten Free Rider MTB Bike Shoes for Men
  • The Suede Leather upper body
  • Dotty Tread on the outsole
  • Fresh Foam midsole cushioning
  • Versatile design
Tommaso Milano Indoor Cycling Shoe for Men
  • A leather and suede mesh upper body
  • Lace-up closure system
  • Recessed Cleat Area
  • The hidden inner shank plate
Five Ten Kestrel Lace Mountain Bike Shoes for Men
  • The EVA footbed and Shock-Absorption capability
  • Presence of the Nylon Shank
  • The stitched C4 rubber outsole
  • Fresh Foam midsole
Giro Chamber Cycling Shoe for Men
  • Presence of a toe-safety cap
  • The molded Vibram outsole
  • The EVA midsole and EVA footbed
  • Top-class leather body
Giro Riddance Cycling Shoes for Men
  • A rubber reinforced toe cap
  • Lace-up closure system
  • Vibram Mega Grip rubber outsole
  • Presence of the EVA footbed
STQ Slip-on Breath-Mesh Shoes for Women
  • The durable and lightweight knit upper
  • The Elastic Cuff
  • Sock-like fitting
  • The PU outsole with the air cushioning
Tommaso Pista Cycling Shoe for Women
  • The toe safety cap
  • Air cushioning in the heel area
  • A total of three Velcro straps
  • Foamy midsole
Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe for Women
  • Synthetic body
  • The R5 nylon composite outsole
  • Sock-like fitting
  • The Microtel upper body
Best Shoes for Platform Pedals

The In-depth Review of the Best Shoes for Platform Pedals

When we give an in-depth review, we try to inform you about every possible detail about the product. Not different in this case, as we will provide you an in-depth review of the eight Best Shoes for Platform Pedals.

1. Five Ten Free Rider MTB Bike Shoes for Men

The first shoe on our list is an MTB bike shoe for Men. It is very much suitable for pedaling with platform-type pedals. This converse-type shoe comes with 12 ounces of weight and 11.1 x 7.9 x 4.5 inches of all-around dimension. The shoe comes with the Suede Leather upper body and a stealth rubber outsole. 

Your grip on the platform pedals will be firmer and stronger with this shoe. Your pedaling experience will enhance as you will wear this shoe for your short tour along with the city or your neighborhood. The Dotty Tread on the outsole will enhance the traction along with the rubber outsole.

The upper portion of the shoe has a suede and mesh combination. It allows your feet to have the needed air circulation and keep your feet cool and comfortable all through your riding time. The versatility in the design will offer you to wear this shoe even in your non-cycling time.

The shoe has Fresh Foam midsole cushioning for sheer comfort. You will find the lace-up closure system in the shoe for customized, secured, and snug-fitting. You can even wear the shoe even for mountain biking. The high-durability will help you to get long service from it.

  • The firmer and stronger grip on the pedal.
  • Comfortable pedaling.
  • Versatility in the design.
  • Proper weight distribution.
  • The highest amount of durability and breathability.
  • Less color options.

2. Tommaso Milano Indoor Cycling Shoe for Men

For platform pedals, you can go for this shoe from the Tommaso. With 12.8 x 9.8 x 4.7 inches of dimension, you will have foot movement space while pedaling. The shoe comes with an average weight of around 2.2 Pounds. The casual sneaker style will allow you to wear the shoe for other occasions. 

There is a hidden inner shank plate in the shoe it will help to add more power at the time of pedaling. The shoe we are talking about comes with a leather and suede mesh combination in the upper body. The highest amount of breathability is ensured by their usage.

Your feet will not become sweaty anymore while cycling. It will help to have proper control of that platform paddle. The rubber outsole will ensure proper grip on both paddles and other surfaces. The treaded texture underneath the outsole will enhance the compact grip.

You will also find a Recessed Cleat Area in that place, which will make your walking easier. The classic lace-up closure system is present in the shoe as well. With the highest durability, the manufacturer company of this Best Shoes for Platform Pedals will provide a Two-Years Warranty.

  • Easy sneaker type feel.
  • Highly breathable upper body.
  • Enough foot movement space.
  • Proper traction and grip.
  • Comfortable walking experience.
  • Only one-color option.

3. Five Ten Kestrel Lace Mountain Bike Shoes for Men

If you are looking for waterproof MTB shoes for flat pedals, then you have probably come just to the right place. This shoe we have here can serve you in this regard as it comes with the PU-Coated Polyester Mesh body.

The 9.8 x 7 x 4 inches dimension and 12 Ounces weight shoe comes with availability in almost every size. You will find a Nylon Shank in the shoe, which is less stiff than the others. The shoe has the addition of the EVA midsole. It keeps your feet safe, as it has the Shock Absorption capability.

The Fresh Foam cushioning will cushion your feet with a foamy feel. It is capable of taking the heavy pressure. You will fall in love with the catchy design and color combination of this shoe.

The highly tractive stitched C4 rubber outsole is present in there to bring stability to your feet. The Best Shoes for Platform Pedals is this much sturdy that it can take the pressure and weight of rock-climbing as well. We hope that you will get along and memorable service from this shoe.

  • Versatility in design.
  • Catchy design and color combination.
  • Heavy pressure taking capability.
  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • Presence of the less stiff Nylon Shank.
  • Not enough room for air circulation.

4. Giro Chamber Cycling Shoe for Men

The next shoe on our list can be your perfect footwear companion for roaming around the city with your bicycle of platform pedals. The shoe we are talking about comes with a pure synthetic sole and a top-class leather body. The upper body has many small windows for ventilation.

This flat pedal mountain bike shoe will allow you to drive your bicycle even in off-road areas. You will be safe in there because of the water-resistance feature. The highly breathable upper body will keep your feet clean, dry, and sweat-free even on the hottest summer days.

You will find the reinforced toe cap and heel cap for more safety and security from outside hazards. The high-tractive molded Vibram outsole will prevent you from slipping and keep your feet stuck in with the pedal all through your running time. The lace-up closure system is present for customized fitting.

The molded EVA midsole and EVA footbed will enhance your cushioning experience with the shoe. They will keep your feet at comfort as long as you will ride your bicycle. You can go mountain bike riding by wearing this amazing pair of Best Shoes for Platform Pedals. They are easily usable for casual occasions as well.

  • All-day comfort.
  • Customized fitting.
  • Proper breathability.
  • Usability in every terrain.
  • Highly tractive outsole.
  • The shoe has some durability issues.

5. Giro Riddance Cycling Shoes for Men

With the Vibram outsole under the body, this next shoe on our list will ensure you a safe and secure ride with your flat pedal bicycle. It will help you to get a powerful grip on that platform-type pedal of the bicycle. 

When you will be cycling around, the watery area will not stop you anymore as this shoe has a water-resistance feature in it. The shoe we have here also featured a microfiber mid-top design. It ensures you a high amount of breathability with the top-class ventilation system. 

The presence of the lace-up closure system is there to offer you a customized, secure, and snug fit. There is enough room for your foot safety as you will see a rubber-reinforced toe cap and a heel cap attached to the Best Shoes for Platform Pedals. It will keep you safe from the outside hazards when you will be cycling.

The presence of the abrasion resistance makes the more impeccable. The molded Vibram Mega Grip rubber outsole will keep your feet safe. Fresh Foam cushioning in the midsole and insole area will produce an immense amount of comfort to your feet.

  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • Affordable price.
  • Abrasion resistive.
  • Toe and heel safety.
  • Presence of the EVA footbed.
  • A bit oldish design.

6. STQ Slip-on Breath-Mesh Shoes for Women

The first shoe on our women’s section list is this sock-like fitting shoe from the STQ. Ladies will feel much comfort wearing this full mesh body shoe. This a bit out-of-the-way shoe comes with a high-class synthetic sole. It will help you to get a good grip on the platform pedal of your bicycle.

The Elastic Cuff eases the pressure of putting on and taking off the shoe and makes it way comfortable and easy. The durable knit makes the upper body lighter and more breathable. Because of that, your feet will get proper air circulation at your cycling time, and your feet will remain cool.

The smooth fabric will ensure you a comfortable feel all through the time. You will find the addition of the PU outsole with the air cushion in this remarkable shoe. This stylish sneaker will match every dress and will provide you a nice and classy look.

With the top-class synthetic outsole, you will get great traction and grip. The treaded pattern is present in the outsole for enhancing the grip. It is one of those cheap flat pedal shoes that are still available in the market.

  • Durable knit upper body.
  • Enough air circulation.
  • Stylish sneaker design.
  • Slip resistive synthetic sole.
  • Bunch of color and size options.
  • Not have the waterproof feature.

7. Tommaso Pista Cycling Shoe for Women

The next shoe on our list comes with an 11.2 x 8.4 x 4.2 inches of dimension with 1.75 Pounds of weight. The black-colored outside and pink inside will catch your eyes at the first look for sure. This shoe is a bit unconventional compare to the others on our list.

The shoe we introduced to you is mainly built for indoor cycling. But you can wear these shoes for riding your cycle outside. This shoe can adapt with the platform-type pedals easily and gain a strong grip on them because of its strong and durable synthetic outsole.

The shoe will produce a stiff power transfer, which will help to gain immense power for having a great riding time. The closure system is a Velcro-type one with a total of 3 straps. You can customize your fitting with a safe and secure wearing time.

You will find the toe cap in the front for toe safety. The heel areas are also safe as there is air cushioning for further safety. The foam cushioning in the midsole and insole will keep your feet in comfort in every situation. This shoe is meant to provide you an efficient performance.

  • A stiff power transfer capability.
  • Customized fitting option.
  • Comfortable foam cushioning.
  • Proper heel and toe safety.
  • Huge size collection.
  • Many daily users may not like the unconventional design.

8. Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe for Women

As the last shoe on our list, we have the Fizik R5 shoe, especially for the Women section. This pure synthetic body shoe will come with a high amount of breathability.

The soft and smooth body will take the shape of your foot as you will enter the foot. The R5 nylon composite outsole has been used in this specially cycling-purpose shoe. It will help you gain a nice and strong grip on the platform pedals. 

The shoe comes with the Microtel upper-body part. It ensures enough durability and comfortability with a consistent fit. From this comfortable shoe with classic foam cushioning midsole, you will have an enjoyable riding experience.  T

his shoe from the Fizik comes with a lot of color options and a bit of design variety. You will have all the size options available as well. The sock-like fitting will enhance the comfort a lot.

  • A sock-like and consistent fit.
  • Buch of color and size options.
  • High-quality synthetic body.
  • Proper air circulation.
  • Nice and strong grip on the platform pedals.
  • To some users, the shoe will seem narrow.

Buying Guide : Features to Consider for the Ideal Shoes for Platform Pedals

For riding the cycles with platform pedals, a pair of Best Shoes for Platform Pedals that offers way more than a normal shoe is a must. Some special qualities make these types of shoes different and enhanced from normal shoes. You have to remain careful and cautious about those points while buying these kinds of Best Shoes for Platform Pedals. 

Stiffness and Flexibility

The shoes for the platform pedals need to be properly stiff and flexible. The shank and the midsole area are the places from where the shoe gets the highest amount of stiffness. A flexible outsole reduces the transmission while you are riding the platform pedals type bicycle.

The proper stiffness and flexibility can serve you with great comfort all the way. The good news is that all the eight shoes on our list come with great stiffness and flexibility in the outsole and the body.

Water Resistive Feature

When you will buy a shoe for the platform pedals type bicycle, the water-resistance feature is a must one have. You can go cycling in the dirty, muddy and watery areas. This water-resistive shoe will save your feet from getting wet in those muddy and watery areas.

You will be able to drive the cycle well when your feet are safe from getting wet. You will have this amazing feature in all of the eight shoes that we introduced to you before.

Weight and Durability

Maximum shoes for flat pedals have less bodyweight. As a result, your feet will have to deal with less weight and pressure. No pain will come to your feet because of the less weight of the shoe. Driving the cycle will be easier with the shoes above.

All the shoes come with the highest possible durability. The built material of these shoes makes them highly durable. The higher durability rate of these shoes will make them serve for a longer period.

The Outsole, Tread Patterns and Bumper

The outsole of the shoes must have proper grip and traction. Some of the shoes come with a rubber sole, some have a synthetic sole, and some of them have a leather sole. All of them are highly tractive and will offer you a great grip over the platform pedals of your cycle.

The shoes also come with the treaded patterns on their outsole. They are in that place to enhance the traction and gripping, which will provide you much more stability as well.

The bumper is also available in those shoes. The bumper is under the heel area for providing a bit more height along with comfortable cushioning. You should seek these features when you are buying Best Shoes for Platform Pedals.


You will surely want your shoe to have a proper ventilation system. As the shoe have enough air circulation, your feet will not catch sweat. As a result, you will have a certain amount of grip on the shoe, and the shoe will help you for staying stable throughout the day.

Breathability is one of those must-have features that you should seek in the shoes you will buy for your cycling purpose.

Size, Fitting, and Closure

The shoes above are all available with every size option, from large to small. You can choose your respective size, and that is very much important for fitting purposes.

The shoes come with both the lace-up closure system and Velcro straps system. Both are good to have for your platform pedals shoes. They will offer you a customized fitting, and you can have the shoes fit as you want. It will enhance your pedaling experience.


Why it is necessary to have special shoes for Platform type pedals?

Platform type pedal is quite different from ordinary pedals. These pedals ensure a large surface to keep your foot. As well as platform pedals need shoes with some extra features to make your riding safe and comfortable. Extra padding and toe protective features of the top-notch shoes give your extreme comfort while riding a cycle with a platform pedal. To get the extra features you surely need special shoes. 

Is the waterproof feature necessary?

Sometimes you need to ride cycle on a watery area. Then the waterproof shoes are needed to keep the foot dry and well-conditioned. Not only that, but a cyclist also wants to prevent their feet from getting wet. In that case, a waterproof shoe is a must. More importantly, waterproof shoes will save your feet from special types of grimes and dust. We recommend buying Best Shoes for Platform Pedals with waterproof features. 

How can I clean my shoe?

The cleaning process of flat pedal shoes is super easy. You don’t need to waste too much time cleaning. As a part of regular cleaning, you can just wash the dust and mud. After using them every time you should clean them properly. In this regard, you may use soap water, and detergent powder to wipe the shoes properly. Furthermore, disinfecting the shoes can prevent the risk of infection of the foot.

Can you ride flat pedals with normal shoes?

Wearing normal shoes for riding flat pedals is ok. But these shoes will not give you enough comfort for a long ride. Most of the normal shoes have flexible and thin soles. They increase the risk of slipping off while your foot gets wet. Yeah, You should buy the Best Shoes for Platform Pedals for better experiences. Normal shoes don’t have extra padding to protect your toe and ankle.

Why are flat pedals better?

Foot position and the rotation of the foot are easy in the flat pedal. When descending you have to transfer power efficiently through the foot and the flat pedal is specially made for efficient power transfer. However, a cycler can transfer the foot easily and quickly on flat pedals.  Flat pedals ensure good body position and a good range of motion.

What should I look for in a flat pedal shoe?

First of all, your shoe will be well fit. Flat pedal shoes must not be too loose or too tight. Very tight shoes can create discomfort in riding a bicycle. Also, they do not provide proper ventilation in your foot. Flat Best Shoes for Platform Pedals need to be lightweight and they may take less energy. Look for the padding of shoes and how much protection they provide to the foot. We also recommend waterproof flat pedal shoes.

How about heel cushioning?

The heel area of your shoe must be comfortable for a safe and secure ride on your flat pedals bicycle. And all the shoes above have either air cushioning or heel safety caps for comfort and safety.

What about the toe safety?

All the shoes above have a toe safety cap in the toe area. It keeps your heel safe and secure from the outside impacts and hazards.

Final Verdict

In the above article, we have presented the 8 Best Shoes for Platform Pedals. Your cycling will be more fun and interesting with one pair of these shoes. They are very durable at such a low price. You can purchase one of them for your long-time companion. 

After talking with experts we have made this list of the top-notch flat pedal shoes that come with awesome features and design. Why are you waiting? Check all of them and choose one as per your requirements.

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