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There is a common phrase we all know. That is “A person is better known by his shoes.” It is true about almost everyone. The shoe that you wear gives the first impression of you. So, you need to remain very careful about that. Your shoe needs to be perfect for the occasion and the job as well. No matter where you work, your shoe needs to deliver you the best. To adapt with the place and situation, the best shoes for Restaurant Servers are must needed.

When we go to any restaurant, our contact happens only with the waiter/ waitress at the restaurant. They are also known as restaurant servers. They have to work all day long. They do the jobs of taking orders from the customers and serving the food as they want. So, their job is based on walking a lot in the whole day. So, the shoe they will use needs to serve in the best way. If you are a restaurant server, you need best shoes for Restaurant Servers that will give you all-day comfort. You need that to last long as well.

You will see a plenty of best shoes for Restaurant Servers in the market. You need to find the best one. It is a quite tough job to do though. So, we came up with eight pairs of best shoes for Restaurant Servers for you to solve this dilemma. Breathability, comfortability, and durability are available in all the shoes on our list. Your feet will get all the protection and safety from them.

Top 8 Comfortable and Best Shoes for Restaurant Servers: Quick Feature

All the shoes on our list are the best shoes for Restaurant Servers. They are full of different features. We will give you the touch about some of the key features they have. You will learn details in the later part of our article. So, stay with us for the full review.

1. Skechers Men’s Cessnock Food Service Shoe

What’s Special

  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Rubber sole
  • Low cut design
  • Bungee lacing system

2. Skechers for Work Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe for Men

What’s Special

  • Shock absorbing midsole
  • Slip-resistant oxford type shoe
  • Relaxed Fit Design
  • Leather body

3. Avia Avi-Union Food Service Shoe for Women

What’s Special

  • Water resistant
  • Supportive insole
  • EVA midsole
  • Synthetic body

4. Nunn Bush Sherman Slip-Resistant Work Shoe Oxford Sneaker- Men

What’s Special

  • Smooth faux leather
  • EVA midsole
  • Unique design
  • Lace-up closure system

5. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Slip Resistant

What’s Special

  • Fresh foam midsole
  • Seam free and smooth fit
  • The data-enhanced safety footwear technology
  • Synthetic upper body

6. Reebok Work ‘N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe – Women

What’s Special

  • DMX Ride Technology and DMX Foam
  • It has the Memory Tech Soc Liner
  • Low cut design
  • Pure leather body

7. MOZO Women’s Mavi Food Service Shoe

What’s Special

  • Both lace-up and slip-on system are present
  • Comfortable midsole and insole cushioning
  • Anti-slip feature
  • Shock absorbing body

8. Skechers Men’s Wishaw Food Service Shoe

What’s Special

  • Shock absorbing midsole
  • Lightweight Flex sole for comfortable fit
  • Electrical hazard safety feature
  • Water resistant body

Review of Best Shoes for Restaurant Servers

Now you will get the full review about all the best shoes for Restaurant Servers. We hope you will be benefited from our review.

1. Skechers Men’s Cessnock Food Service Shoe

Serving foods in restaurants and bars will become easier and more fun when you will use this shoe we have on our list. The exact dimensions of the shoe are 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches with a weight of 10.2 Ounces. The rubber sole is present in the shoe to provide the shoe with better traction and help you to stay stable. When you will wear the shoe, you will feel it like spring with a lot of energy.

The responsiveness of the shoe is pretty good. It has arch support from low to top. Breathable mesh lining is available in the shoe. It helps your shoe to maintain proper air circulation. Thus, your feet will remain sweat-free, dry, and clean. And you will have the energy saved for all day long work. The bungee lacing system ensures a customized and secure fit. 

Every step with this shoe is enjoyable. Your feel while walking will enhance from toe to heel. The low-cut design is present in the shoe. It ensures the free movement of your ankle area. So, this is one of the most suitable shoes for restaurant servers.

  • Proper responsiveness.
  • Breathable mesh lining.
  • Bungee lacing system.
  • Flexible body.
  • Light in weight.
  • The shoe is not water resistive.

2. Skechers for Work Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe for Men

The shoe we have now is a combination of safety, comfort, and professionalism. The shoe is for the Men section. It is a slip-resistant oxford-type shoe with electrical hazard protection. It has a relaxed fit system that will help you in your work time. It has a leather body with a lace-up closure system. This gives a smart and casual look to the shoe. 

The toe part of the shoe is rounded and plain and the heel area has a leather overlay. The presence of metal eyelets and soft fabric shoe lining gives a polished finishing to the shoe. The outsole of the shoe is high traction and slip-resistant synthetic sole. Shock absorbing midsole is also present in there with high-quality cushioning. You will get a comfortable and roomy fit for the Relaxed Fit Design.

It is very much durable and comfortable. The attractive design of the shoe will suit your workplace. The Memory Foam is present in the insole. It will help you while you are walking and having long working hours.

  • Shock absorbing midsole.
  • The Relaxed Fit Design.
  • The Memory Foam insole.
  • 100% leather body.
  • Breathable Mesh lining.
  • The shoe may fall apart in a short time.

3. Avia Avi-Union Food Service Shoe for Women

We hope you are looking for food service footwear that will give you comfort and a handsome look at the same time. Then, this shoe seems perfect. It is mainly made for the Women section. It has a rubber sole. This helps you to get enough traction to the ground. The body is made of pure synthetic. It provides a flexible and comfortable fit. 

You will get the feature of molded EVA which comes with a soft gel heel. It ensures the shock absorption of the shoe. Exceptional cushioning is also available here. You will get comfort all day long in your office. Walking and serving food will not feel boring again. The presence of a hook and loop closure system gives you the window of a secure and customized fit. The rubber tread pattern is present in the outsole to provide enhanced grip to your feet.

This Avia shoe has arch support from low to top. It has the availability of water and stain resistance. It became possible because of the Scotch guard Defender used in the upper part. The lightweight shoe is easy to wear and carry. You will barely feel anything in your feet.

  • You can wear it all day long.
  • The shoe is pretty wide.
  • Outsole has rubber tread pattern.
  • Light in weight.
  • Supportive insole.
  • Your shoe may face some breathing issues.

4. Nunn Bush Sherman Slip-Resistant Work Shoe Oxford Sneaker- Men

The next shoe on our list has a bit old look. But it is full of many features. The shoe looks like a professional one. You can easily wear that and go to your workplace. The measurement of the shoe is 13.1 x 7.5 x 4.9 inches in dimensions and 11.5 Ounces in weight. The shoe is for the Men section. With this shoe, you will get a unique design with a fine body. 

The shoe will make your work and walk comfortably in your workplace. You will remain tension-free from slipping and tripping on the floor because of the usage of the synthetic sole. The roundish toe area gives your toe extra protection and keeps your feet away from hazards. The smooth faux leather used in the upper part gives the shoe a classic oxford looking.

The lace-up closure system is present in the shoe with the padded collar. It ensures you a secure wearing. You will also get a dual comfort footbed in the shoe. The EVA midsole is also available. The cleaning procedure of this shoe is very easy. You can use the shoe without any doubt.

  • Addition of EVA midsole.
  • Unique design.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • Leather body material.
  • Easy cleaning system.
  • May cause a little sweating.

 5. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Slip Resistant

The shoe we have here is engineered to ensure safety and comfort to your feet. It uses foot pressure data to enhance your comfort. The shoe is pretty much lightweight with a weight of 10.1 ounces. It has a no-sew synthetic upper portion. This provides a seam-free and smooth fit. Though it has less breathability, it has more flexibility. The rubber sole gives your feet proper traction.

You will be able to get natural feet movement with the help of the hypo skin in it. The midsole of it has Fresh Foam. The shoe also has a removable insole. The advance cushioning system will provide comfort to your feet even on the busiest day of your work. The data-enhanced safety footwear technology is available there as well. You will get the feature of customizing your fitting. Because it has a lace-up closure system. 

The shoe provides you with all the facilities possible in every way. The presence of hypo skin on the upper part will also help you with that. If you are a restaurant server, then this shoe deserves to be in your closet.

  • Fresh Foam midsole.
  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • The data-enhanced safety footwear technology.
  • Light in weight.
  • A huge size collection to choose from.
  • You may find the shoe a bit narrow.

6. Reebok Work ‘N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe – Women

If you are looking for a shoe with a versatile design and well cushioning, then you need to buy this shoe. It is the shoe for the Women section. It weighs 15 ounces. You will find the shoe with a casual and adorable design. The shoe is proven for its long work comfortably. It features a rubber sole. The sole is slip and oil resistant. The body is 100% pure leather. 

The collar of the shoe has mesh all around it. This shoe consists of DMX Ride Technology. The midsole becomes more comfortable because of that. The DMX Ride Foam makes the cushioning last long. It also gives you a lively feeling. You will get the Memory Tech Soc Liner. It gives your shoe more responsiveness and cushioning. The low-cut design is available in the shoe to make this look better. The shoe is specially designed for work that is walking based. You will feel comfortable all day long. You will be going to love the shoe.

  • Long hours of comfortability.
  • Oil and slip resistive.
  • Presence of the DMX Ride Foam.
  • Pure leather body.
  • Rubber outsole.
  • You may face some problems in the footgear.

7. MOZO Women’s Mavi Food Service Shoe

Comfort and stylish looking don’t come together often. But in this shoe, you will get them both with a lot of features. The is made of 100% leather. It has the versatility of both lace-up and slip-on systems. The shoe has a rubber outsole. Support and stability are provided from the heel counter area. The leather upper area is water-resistant.

The shoe has a proper ventilation system. So, no issues come up about breathability. The anti-slip feature is present because of the rubber sole. It will be handy in the kitchen areas. The insole and midsole cushioning will give you all-day comfort. Apart from that, the shoe is also shock absorbing. It will save you in electrical emergencies. 

The memory foam made of polyurethane helps your feet to get in the shoe with ease. Your feet will always be saved from spills and rain because of the full-grain leather upper portion. You can have them without any second thoughts.

  • Has both lace-up and slip-on system.
  • Anti-slip feature.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Light in weight.
  • You can wear them anywhere.
  • Can break down in a short time.

8. Skechers Men’s Wishaw Food Service Shoe

Skechers Wishaw is a stylish shoe with a lot of qualities. The weight of the shoe is close to 14 Ounces and the dimensions are 11 x 4 x 7 inches. The shoe comes with the design of an electrical hazard safe. It has passed all the standard and quality test with dignity. The shoe comes with a rubber sole. It gives the shoe the benefit of being slip-resistant. Your feet will get proper traction on the ground. 

The upper portion of the shoe comes with soft, smooth, and sporty mesh fabric. This part of the shoe is also water and stain resistant. It has arch support from up to bottom. You will get the stitching vibe from the shoe. The smooth synthetic overlay is also present. You will get the benefit of heel and toe panels as well.

Your feet will be relaxed because of the presence of the padded collar and high apex front. Your feet will get enough room to move for the relaxed fit design. The insole of the shoe has full-length cushioning. The midsole area has shock-absorbing and lightweight Flex Sole. It ensures a comfortable fit. If you are looking for a shoe for all-day comfort for your restaurant serving job, then this is probably the best shoes for Restaurant Servers.

  • Amazing and stylish design.
  • Sock absorbing midsole.
  • Electrical hazard safety feature.
  • Water resistant.
  • Better grip on the surface.
  • May feel a bit heavy.

10 Most Important Responsibilities of a Restaurant Server

Most people think that working as a waiter at a restaurant is simple. But they are wrong; a waiter or restaurant server has to do a lot of things. Restaurant servers are the restaurant’s public face, and generally, they serve food and beverages to the restaurant’s customers. 

The duties of a restaurant worker vary based on the type of establishment. However, we know that they are primarily responsible for taking customer orders and serving food and beverages. Therefore, the customer experience is the top priority of a restaurant server. In addition to this, they should always be ready to build a good relationship with the customers. 

Therefore, a restaurant server has many responsibilities. We will elaborate ten most essential responsibilities in the below paragraph. Here we go, 

1. Knowing The List

If you are a restaurant server, you must have proper knowledge about the daily menu because you are the link between the guest and the kitchen. Many restaurants alter their meals monthly, weekly, or even on a regular basis due to supply problems or seasonality. A server informs the customers about the menu. So a server needs to be up to date about the list of the available food items.

2. Cleaning the Dining Area

A neat and clean dining area is significant for a restaurant. So as a waiter it is your responsibility to clean the dining area for the customers. Cleaning the dining table of a restaurant includes brushing, rinsing, and washing surfaces. Shortly after the service, a restaurant server needs to clean the floors and tables. You’ll also be in charge of arranging the table. In addition to this, you have to set cutlery, glass jars, bouquets, tablecloths, candles, and other items. 

3. Giving Better Customer Service

You must provide the best possible service to your customers. What does it mean? Firstly, when a family with a child comes to a restaurant, a server should offer them a good seat. Not only that, as a server you will inform the customers about the special menu and spicy dish. It would also be interesting to welcome the customers with small talk. Finally, to give better customers service, you can suggest some foods that suit their taste. 

4. Accepting Orders from Customers

Taking orders seems to be a straightforward task, right? You provide a couple of suggestions, the customer tells you whatever they want, and you take the orders. But, no, it is not as easy a task as you think. Most of the time, you need to serve several tables at a time. A restaurant server will ensure that the customers get the right food that they order. After taking the order, the restaurant servers inform the kitchen to prepare the exact item. 

5. Taking Payments from Customers

Taking payment from the customers is a crucial task for a server. The first aspect to point out is that you must ensure that the sales system is working correctly as a restaurant server. Taking the order is not the only duty. Besides this, you should take payment from your customer for a specific order. You can handle all tricky situations when there is a problem with the customer’s payment system. 

6. Engages Guests in Conversation

How do you welcome guests? Offer them the chance to share anything with you. Firstly, you can say hello and make some basic conversation and ask whether your customers want drinks or not. If you engage in conversation, then the customers will mention their tastes and feelings. So making a good relationship with the customer is very important. 

7. Flawless Execution

The best servers are aware of flawless execution. If the kitchen requires a long time to prepare the food, you need to inform the customer about the exact time. In addition to this, a server needs to provide vital information to the kitchen. As soon as the specific food is prepared, you will serve it to the table. 

8. Being Aware of Customer Actions 

Although your customers are important to you, there are always some violent customers. So you need to be aware of the damage and disruption of the properties. You may inform the management authority of the restaurant about the conflict or harassment. In certain situations, you can call the police or other security forces. 

9. Coordinating with Kitchen Staff

A restaurant requires collaboration between the customers and the kitchen. Servers need to gain a thorough understanding of the kitchen’s capabilities and operations. If they have a proper understanding of the kitchen, they may offer appropriate recommendations to clients. For a restaurant to work correctly, servers must have a good association with kitchen employees.

10. Distinguishing the Food

As a restaurant server, you must have a better understanding of the taste and ingredients of the food. A server informs the customers if the food is sweet, savory, or spicy. Provide a dish that matches the taste of your customers. Servers are salespeople whose primary product is food. They have to understand precisely what’s in each dish and how customers will take to it.

Features to Consider for the Best Shoes for Restaurant Servers

Shoes that are used for restaurant serving jobs are close to the normal shoes. But there are some common differences. The basic things need to be kept in mind when you buy one for yourself.

Grip and Traction

When you will buy shoes for you want them to be the best. Your workplace is either a restaurant or a bar. Your job is to deliver food as early as possible. The shoe will help you with this. The traction of the shoe with the ground must be on top. The kitchen areas may remain slippery. Your shoe will need enough stability in that case. Proper traction to the ground will give a good grip. And that will help you stay stable and do your work in the best possible mind.

Durability and Breathability

Everyone wants to last their shoe for a long time. They need to serve you sometimes. The shoes are not cheap. They cost a handsome amount of money. So, the highest possible durability needs to be there. You will be walking all day. So, proper air circulation is necessary for your feet. Otherwise, your feet will be sweaty. That’s why your feet should get the flow of air. As your feet will remain clean, dry, and sweat-free, you will be able to do your work in more comfort.


Cushioning is the most important thing that needs to be present. Both the insole and the midsole must have this. Foam and pads are best for this. You may even face resilient surfaces. So, the comfort of your feet is a must. EVA technology is perfect for cushioning. The midsole area also needs to have the quality of shock absorption. All the shoes on our list have the best cushioning possible. You will get more comfort than you ask.

Size and Fitting

You will be doing your jobs wearing these shoes. So, a shoe that is the perfect size for you is necessary. All the shoes we have discussed have a lot of size options. You need to buy wisely. You have to choose very cautiously while you buy it. Otherwise, you have to suffer all the time until you buy a new one. 

Proper fitting is also necessary. Some shoes may not be perfect for your feet size. You need the right pair of shoes. The design of the shoes also needs to keep in mind. The shoe cannot be fancy. So, you need to choose the shoe that has the perfect design as you want, has the perfect size for your feet, and also fits in your feet properly. Only then you should go to the buying process.

Adjust and Closure

You have to walk around all day long. So, you need the facility to adjust your fitting. The closure system also needs to be effective. The lace-up closure system is the best. All of the shoes above have this. One of them even has both the lace-up and slip-on closure system. You will also get the loop and hook closure system. We hope, you get the best shoes for standing all day long for yourself. We hope you will get help from our review of the best obstacle race shoes.


Why do I need special shoes for the restaurant server’s job?

As a restaurant server, you need flat and slip-resistant shoes. Unfortunately, all shoes can not give you enough foot protection while working in the restaurant. If you don’t want to sacrifice comfort, you need special shoes with extra features. In addition, your shoes should be stylish enough. So a standard pair of shoes is not suitable for the safety aspect, and thus you need to buy a pair of shoes with extra benefits.

What type of outsole is ideal for restaurant servers?

As a restaurant server, you need the best traction of the outsole. A pair of shoes with a suitable outsole can ensure proper grip on the ground. In our opinion, a rubber sole can be a good option for restaurant servers. A server runs on a slippery surface to provide better customer support. In this regard, a rubber outsole provides excellent ground traction on the slippery floor of the restaurants. In addition to this, rubber soles increase the durability and performance of a shoe. 

How can I maintain my restaurant servers? 

The shoes for restaurant servers are easy to maintain. You have to clean them daily. Oil, food, and dust can cover the shoes. You have to wipe them with a simple cloth and wash them carefully.

How can I stop my feet from hurting during working in the restaurant?

If you are a restaurant server, you should take special care of your feet. Many experts recommend a footbath. Do stretches and strengthening exercises to relieve the pain. In addition to this, proper foot massage can help you a lot. Ice your feet to reduce the pain and take a pain reliever. To get proper arch support, a restaurant server should buy the Best Shoes for Restaurant Servers. 

What makes a good waiter or waitress?

A good waiter has many responsibilities. First, they are the link between the customers and the kitchen. Good waiters can engage customers in conversation and reasonably welcome them. Sometimes the customers ask questions about the food menu then the waiters need to answer all the questions smartly. Therefore, a good waiter needs to be a thoughtful and attentive listener. 

What skills do you gain as a waitress?

What skills will make you a good waitress? The first aspect to point out is that you should have better customer service skills. You will need an aspiration to help your customers in all situations. The ability to work under pressure and to accept criticism will make you a good waitress. Finally, as a waitress, you should have a good memory and active listening skill. 

Why do restaurants require black shoes?

Because you won’t have time to change your clothes and shoes during a lengthy and busy shift, you will be at a higher risk of being a victim of food and beverages overflows. That’s why many restaurant owners prefer their workers to dress in black. This is the leading cause of wearing black shoes while working in a restaurant. However, many servers wear shoes of another color.

Final Verdict

Waiters and waitresses work long hours. Therefore, they must buy a pair of the best shoes for restaurant servers. The top-notch shoes are designed to provide excellent support and comfort on the hard floors of restaurants. The qualities of practical support and comfort are essential. 

In the above article, we have presented some premium quality shoes that will assist restaurant servers in dealing with the struggle of moving around all day. So you can make your decision after reading our unbiased review and buying guide.

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