Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome(According to Doctor)

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Hypermobility of the foot is the main reason for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. There is a Tibial Nerve inside of the foot and ankle and it runs between them. This Syndrome puts pressure on the nerve and is also responsible for tendons in your feet. Because of it, you will feel sensation, weakness, and numbness as well. It also affects your feet, ankles, and sometimes in the lower leg as well. Then there comes a different type of shoes that will give you comfort in the time of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. They will also help you to recover. So, in this case, you need the best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

Fortunately, you don’t need to take total bed rest if you are suffering from this annoying syndrome. You can do almost all your simple daily works. You will just need some extra caution and extra comfort. The shoe must be new and properly fits your feet. The depth of the shoe must need to be a bit extra.

The insole of the shoe surely needs to be removable. The shoe has to be a motion control type. The cushioning of the shoe is given in there to give comfort to the heel area as well as in the tarsal area.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

The fabric and the built material of the shoe must be soft and high quality. The shock-absorption facility needs to be present to make the shoe more impenetrable. A strong sole will give the leg proper traction with the surface. And due to that, you can easily standstill on the surface. You can feel a bit nervous about finding the best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. No worries! We are presenting you with 8 best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Causes and Symptoms of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

The tarsal tunnel is the cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome and it is located inside your ankle, near the ankle bones. Tendons, nerves, arteries, and veins are found within the tunnel. Thick ligaments cover the tarsal and support their structures. The main focus of tarsal tunnel syndrome is the posterior tibial nerve.

The posterior tibial nerve passes within the tarsal tunnel and squeezing of this nerve can cause Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. You may feel numbness and pain due to the compression of this nerve. In this article, we are going to explain the manifestations and some causes of tarsal tunnel syndrome.

What are the foremost signs and symptoms of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?

A huge number of people throughout the world are undergoing tarsal tunnel syndrome. Most of the time people with tarsal tunnel syndrome feel pain inside the ankle or in the sole of the foot. You may experience pain, insensitivity, and itching along the tibial nerve. The usual feelings of Tarsal Tunnel syndrome are.

  • An electric shock
  • A hot sensation
  • Sharp, shooting pains
  • Pins and needles

The symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome vary for different types of people. You may experience sudden pain or sometimes experience pain that progresses gradually. Many people claim that they feel pain at night or while they are resting. Physical activity can induce the symptoms and pains of tarsal tunnel syndrome. 

What Prompts Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?

Your doctor may diagnose multiple causes of tarsal tunnel syndrome. Here some common causes will be discussed. 

Here we go, 

  • Flat feet can extend the tibial nerve as a result severely flat feet lead to tarsal tunnel syndrome. Collapsed arches and extended feet are two leading causes.
  • Bony extensions in the tarsal tunnel lead to this problem. Furthermore, swelling caused by an ankle sprain also can cause Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. 
  • Varicose veins can cause squeezing on the nerve and finally produce tarsal tunnel syndrome. A ganglion cyst, swollen tendon, varicose vein, or bone spur are some leading causes. 
  • Lipomas and tumors near the nerve can induce this problem. Inflammation that is caused by arthritis can also induce the Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. 
  • Conditions like diabetes and arthritis cause tarsal tunnel syndrome.  

The Best Treatment for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

There are several treatment choices for tarsal tunnel syndrome. The doctors use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for symptomatic management. In severe cases, corrective devices, or surgery are needed. But the common ways to treat tarsal tunnel syndrome are elevation, compression, rest, and ice. In the next passage, we are going to describe some common ways to manage this problem. 

  • OTC Drug: OTC drugs mean over-the-counter drugs that are sold without a physician’s prescription. There are so many non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines that can lessen the pain and swelling of your foot. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen can be good options.
  • Injection Therapy: The doctor injects corticosteroids and local anesthetics in severe cases of tarsal tunnel syndrome. Besides injection remedies, some physical therapy and exercise are also very effective to treat this problem.
  • Corrective Shoes and Devices: Sometimes wearing the loser shoes can reduce the pressure of the feet. A pair of best-quality shoes will support your arches and will provide you ultimate comfort and safety. You have to pick the best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Rest: You have to take precise rest to reduce the pain and inflammation. How long should you rest? It depends on the cruelty of your symptoms. For minor cases, individuals should avoid running and swimming. If someone feels severe symptoms, he or she should refrain from heavy exercise and other physical activities. 
  • Ice: To reduce the inflammation, you can use an ice pack on the inflammatory area for 2  minutes. It would be better if you elevate the foot during this session. Depending on the information you can do this several times a day. Instead of an ice bag, you can use clothes to cover the ice pack. 
  • Compression and Elevation: Reduce blood flow helps to reduce pain and inflammation. To lower the blood flow in your foot area, you can elevate your foot above the heart. Put it on the pillow while sitting or sleeping.

8 Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome : Quick Feature

Now let’s have a quick view of the important parts of all the best shoe information that we gathered for you. A full review of them will be on the below part of it.

1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

What’s Special

  • Removable sock liner
  • Rubber sole
  • Has the GEL cushioning
  • Trail specific outsole

2. Vionic Women’s Miles

What’s Special

  • Synthetic body and Rubber sole
  • Perfect cushioning in the midsole
  • Light in weight
  • Easy breathable technology

3. Propet Women’s Travelactiv Mary Jane Flat

What’s Special

  • Shock-absorbing outsole
  • A huge color collection
  • Breathable fabric
  • Light in weight

4. ASICS Men’s Dynaflyte 2 Running Shoes

What’s Special

  • Pretty light in weight
  • Seamless built material
  • FLYTEFOAM midsole technology
  • Multifunctional ADAPT MESH technology

5. ALTRA Women’s ALW1837F Torin 3.5 Road Running Shoe

What’s Special

  • EVA midsole technology
  • Removable footbed
  • Comfortable cushioning part
  • Anti-shock heel part

6. Mizuno Running Shoe- Women’s

What’s Special

  • Breathable body
  • Proper arch support
  • Removable insole area
  • Light in weight

7. Altra Provision 3 for Men

What’s Special

  • Well cushioned underfoot
  • A lot of design collection
  • Zero drop shoe.
  • Extra room for toe box

8. Orthofeet Comfortable 1/2 Inch Low Heels For Women

What’s Special

  • Removable pad in forefoot area
  • Exceptional design
  • Anti-slipping technology
  • Light in weight

Detail Reviews Of The Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel

We have given some top features of the shoes above. But now we will provide you in-depth review of all of the best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome that we have listed. Here you will get to know all the good and bad things about them.

1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

When you are dealing with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, you need the shoe you can fully depend on. This shoe from our list can be your stress remover in this matter. It has a synthetic body. This type of body is ready to give your feet proper breathability. Your feet also remain sweat-free because of this feature.

It has a sole made of rubber. This rubber sole prevents your feet from slipping by giving proper grip. The shoe is a proper running companion for people who are having these tarsal tunnel problems. The shoe is there to soothe your feet at the problematic time. The rearfoot of the shoes is integrated with gel cushioning. A removable sock liner is also added with it.

The outsole is trail-specific. The lacing system gives the benefit of customization in the fitting area. It is one of the best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. This shoe deserves to be on your list if you are facing the problem of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Moreover, its many size options will allow you to pick the right size for your feet.

  • Many color options to choose from.
  • Proper flexibility and breathability.
  • Has a lot of size options.
  • Trail specific outsole.
  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • May feel bulky to some user.

2. Vionic Women’s Miles

It is a type of shoe that is stylish, good-looking, and useful at the same time. Vionic company is the manufacturer of this shoe. Synthetic materials are used to build these shoes. The rubber sole is present there in the shoe to give your feet enough traction on the ground. There is a fabric lining in the shoe.

The Podiatrist is a removable and cushioned footbed. Synthetic material in the shoe allows your feet to move freely. It also allows proper air supply in the shoe to keep your feet dry, clean, and sweat-free. 

The midsole of the shoe is lightweight and cushioned. The shoe also has a dual-layer system. The addition of the motion control system is there to keep your feet safe. They are the reason for giving your feet more comfort while you are suffering from Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Proper breathable function.
  • Pretty much light in weight.
  • The removable footbed.
  • Design is made by a podiatrist.
  • Perfect cushioning in the midsole.
  • Not great for wide feet.

3. Propet Women’s Travelactiv Mary Jane Flat

You may not always like the shoe which is always covering your feet. You need some variations. That’s why we have put a different type of shoe on our list. It is a textile-type shoe. It looks a bit small than the other ones on our list. The shoe we have here has a synthetic sole. So the weight of the sole remains less. It also makes the weight of the whole shoe a lot less than the others.

The casual style shoe has a high-quality built material. You will have the option of using Orthotic devices in your shoes. The synthetic sole of the shoe gives your feet proper traction on the ground. It prevents your feet from slipping. The extra bit of toe area gives you the luxury of moving your feet freely and enough stretch. Besides, breathable fabric guarantees your feet will be free from odor due to long time wearing.

Loop and hook in the upper part of the shoe allow you to have adjustable comfort. When you will have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, this shoe can help you to recover quickly. It will also give you proper comfort. The best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome also protects your feet from further damage.

  • A lot of color options.
  • Breathable fabric used.
  • Shock absorbing outsole.
  • The addition of removable footbed.
  • The presence of loop closure and strap hook
  • People with wide feet will face problems.

4. ASICS Men’s Dynaflyte 2 Running Shoes

The Dynaflyte 2 shoe from the ASICS is specially made for the men’s section. It has the Ultralight and Comfortable Ride. The shoe has the FLYTEFOAM midsole technology. Proper responsiveness and exceptional bounce back are available in the shoe. The breathability of the shoe is at the maximum level. It helps to maintain the dryness of the feet. 

Both the usefulness of being breathable and lightweight is present in the shoe. The organic super fibers in the shoe make it softer. The shoe has the feature of  Multifunctional ADAPT MESH. It helps to acquire a Seamless and Flexible Fit for your feet. The function also helps to get more support and comfort for you. Low-density foams are present in the shoe.

The seamless material gives the benefit of reducing irritation. The shoe has a high arch area. The insole is a removable type. The sock liner used in the shoe can be removed as well. A proper synthetic body is fully breathable. While your feet are facing Tarsal Tunnel problems, this best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome can be the one to give you the comfort you need.

  • Proper midsole guidance line.
  • Seamless construction.
  • High breathable feature.
  • A lot of colors options.
  • Light in weight.
  • It is not suitable for the people with wide feet.

5. ALTRA Running Shoe-Women’s

Now we have the most stylish shoe on the list. This one is specialized for women. It has a body of both mesh and synthetic mixture. This shoe from the ALTRA brand weighs only 8 ounces. It will give you the freedom of moving easily because of the lightweight. The dimensions of the shoe are 12.1 x 7.7 x 4.5 inches. 

It has an integrated tongue with a super breathable mesh. The synthetic body keeps your feet safe from the outside de dangers in the time when your feet suffer from the Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. The shoe has the addition of EVA midsole technology. 

Both the sole of the shoe have proper cushioning. The zero-drop technology is present in the shoe as well. The shoe also has the Synthetic Nubuck Heel. You can stretch your feet as much as you want by using the extra toe cap area. The ultralight EVA technology is present in the midsole. All the things are present to give your injured feet much more comfortable.

  • A lot of colors to select from.
  • Shock absorbing heel area.
  • Comfortable cushioning area.
  • High breathability and lightweight.
  • Removable footbed area.
  • Maybe you can face sizing issues.

6. Mizuno Women’s Wave Paradox 2 Running Shoe

The manufacturer of the shoe is Mizuno. The weight of the shoe is 10.08 ounces with a dimension of 12 x 7 x 4 inches. The Wave Paradox 2 gives your feet secure fit and dynamic support. It ensures A responsive ride for your feet. There is a 2.6-inch shaft to provide arch support to your feet.

The insole of the shoe is removable. The lacing system is present. It ensures you with a customized fitting to your feet. The thick sole is purely shock absorbed. This prevents all the harms to come from the ground. The toe cap present in the best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome protects your toes at the time of your suffering.

The 100% synthetic body is breathable. All these things help your feet to get a quick recovery. Cushioned insole and midsole area give enough comfort while your feet are recovering from the injury. These pair of best shoes for tarsal coalition can be a great companion at the time of your suffering.

  • Great protection for the underfoot.
  • Pretty much comfortable.
  • Good amount of arch support.
  • Enough room in the toe box.
  • Breathable body.
  • Less option in the color area.

7. Altra Provision 3 for Men

When the problem of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is there, the first shoe name comes to mind is this one. It is specially made for men as this tarsal problem can happen to both men and women. It is manufactured by the brand ALTRA.

The Air Mesh that in the shoe is 100% quick dry. The sole is made of rubber. You will have enough grip on the ground from it. The platform is zero drop and has full cushioning with a Foot shape toe box. The midsole will give you comfort while you suffer from Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. It also has a natural ride system. The outsole is the Foot Pod type with Stable Pod Technology. 

 The perfect underfoot cushioning helps to get rid of this problem. You will have the luxury to stretch your toe with the help of the toe box. The comfort of the tarsal area is guaranteed for you. If you are having the Tarsal Tunnel problem, this best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome can be a game-changer for you. It also prevents your feet from getting further injuries while you are recovering.

  • Well cushioned underfoot.
  • A lot of designs to choose from.
  • Zero drop shoe.
  • Comfortable mid sole.
  • Extra toe box room.
  • There may have some durability problems.

8. Orthofeet Comfortable 1/2 Inch Low Heels For Women

The shoe we have here is one of the two different types of shoes on our list. We have put it on because we wanted to give you a variety of options. The shoe is for women. If you are having Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, but you need to go to any formal meeting. This shoe will come in handy in this type of time. It looks gorgeous from the outside. 

As we know the term, “ Beauty with Brains”. This shoe is the perfect example of it. All the designs are there to give you extra benefits in every way. It has the Bio Heel system. This thing looks professional. At the same time, it keeps the Tarsal Tunnel area hassle-free. The shoe has a leather body and it will surely last long.

As the upper part is quite big, air can easily come in and go out from there. So, the breathability area is alright. The shoe is an exceptional one for your use. It is useful as well. It helps for your quick recovery. This uncommon shoe will provide you comfort and benefit at the same time.

  • Cushioned midsole area.
  • Removable forefoot pad.
  • Prevention of heel slippage.
  • Adjustable fitting system.
  • Bio Heel design.
  • People with wide feet will face problems.

Features to Consider of the Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

The shoes we will be looking for our problems are for the comforts. So we will want to get the proper benefit. Because this will be our companion throughout the problematic phase of Tarsal Tunnel syndrome.

Comfort & Durability

The problem we have here is the Tarsal Tunnel syndrome. We will use the best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome to get rid of that problem. So, the comfort of your feet is the priority. The shoe will be your companion while you recover. The role of the shoe must be significant behind your recovery. So, the comfort of your feet must be there. As your money is at stake, the product you will use need to be top-notch in the area of comfort and service.

As you will buy the shoe for a problem, you will want it to last long. Moreover, they cost a handsome amount of money. If the shoe is durable, the recovery rate of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome will be faster. All the parts of the shoe need to be durable as the shoe can face any tough surface. So, comfort and durability are the two most important things you need to look out for in your best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

Features & Adjustments

Without any doubt, you will want a shoe that will give you every possible support while you are facing Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. A shoe that will be used for medical purposes must have the feature of Breathing capability. The adjustable fitting process another must needed thing. It will increase the area of diversity. You can fit in the shoes as you want these for your comfort.


Cushioning for a shoe is a must present thing. The better the cushioning will be, the user will get more comfort to their feet. The main priority is to keep your feet in the best possible situation. Proper cushioning of the shoe can do that easily. So, the presence of proper and comfortable cushioning in the shoe is a must.


You always need to wear shoes that will give you more comfort while you are suffering from Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Because the more comfortable your feet will get, your recovery rate will increase. The things that are included here should be in your mind when you will buy a shoe for your Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. And we are here to provide you the information about the best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.


What about all the soles used in the shoes?

We have given full information about the eight best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome in the market. We can assure from our side that; all the shoes have the highest quality soles. Either they are built from rubber, or they are made of synthetic. Both the materials are the best in the business.

What if the shoe size is wrong?

There is not any possibility that your shoe will be small in size for you. There are plenty of sizes for each shoe. But you will always need to keep your feet size in mind while buying shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome purposes or any other purposes.

What are the most important things for a shoe for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?

There is a lot of areas where the best shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome must be needed. First of all, the shoe must need to be comfortable. The cushioning area must be soft and healthy. The insole and midsole area also needs to be smooth. It is better to have the midsole area from EVA Technology. The outer sole needs to be strong and durable simultaneously. It gives you a proper grip and prevents your feet from slipping.

Can tarsal tunnel syndrome be cured?

Tarsal tunnel syndrome can be cured with proper treatment and management. Actually, it depends on the severity of your symptoms. There are so many OTC inflammatory drugs that can heal your inflammation and pain. You need to see your doctor early when you see the symptoms of this disease. Physical therapy and surgeries are also very useful to treat tarsal tunnel syndrome. 

How do you get tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Really like arthritis and diabetes, can lead to tarsal tunnel syndrome. Anything that compresses the tibial nerve can cause tarsal tunnel syndrome. A person with flat feet is at higher risk of this problem. If you have tumors and lipomas near the nerve, you can easily get tarsal tunnel syndrome. There are also some other causes like fallen arches and bony growth in the tarsal tunnel area. 

Can tarsal tunnel cause neuropathy?

Does it actually cause neuropathy? Hopefully, you’re familiar with the term peripheral neuropathy. You can call tarsal tunnel syndrome an unusual form of peripheral neuropathy. In this condition, the tibial nerve can be damaged. The tarsal tunnel is the area in the foot where the nerve enters. 

When is surgery needed for tarsal tunnel syndrome?

When the traditional treatment fails to treat tarsal tunnel syndrome the surgery is needed to cure it. If there is a well-defined mass that compresses the nerve then many physicians suggest surgery. In other cases, surgery is not needed for the treatment of tarsal tunnel syndrome. There are so many anti-inflammatory medications that can heal your pain. Injection therapy is also a widely used method.

Final Verdict

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is very alarming in this modern world. Things that cause compression on the tibial nerve can lead to this problem. Tight shoes and socks have a big role in tarsal tunnel syndrome. So you have to wisely choose your shoes if you have this problem. 

In the above article, we have presented the Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. After talking with many doctors and experts we have made this unbiased review of the top-notch quality shoes. If you are suffering from this tarsal tunnel syndrome you can have one of these shoes without any doubt.

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