7 Best Shoes for Women Crossfit (2023 Update Reviews)

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Crossfit exercise for women is a package that combines many tough exercises from different sports. Those who want to be in good and do not hesitate to do tough exercise Crossfit is the best and ideal exercise package for those. But as we mentioned before it is a package of tough exercise so due to its nature there is a high chance of getting injured if you don’t have the appropriate exercising gear. To give you support and balance during Crossfit, Best shoes for women crossfit are a must to have.

Crossfit shoes have quite different features than regular walking or running shoes. You cannot do Crossfit wearing running shoes as for making you comfortable during a run it has the sole cushioned and it becomes very unstable while you try to lift weight wearing those. It shifts all weight towards your toes and ankle, which makes lifting even harder to do. To help you doing lifts and jumping exercises the shoes must provide stability by absorbing the impact of movement and flat and hard sole shoes can help you to do that quite easily.

Crossfit is a very popular form of exercise for women so many shoe manufacturing companies produce shoes, especially for CrossFit. It’s very common to get confused seeing those vast collections of CrossFit shoes. To help you find the best CrossFit shoes for women we have tried and tested many shoes. Today we’ll discuss the seven best-performed pairs below.

Our Recommendation 7 Shoes for Women Crossfit

Let’s have a quick review of the features of Best shoes for women crossfit before knowing about each feature in detail. From this you’ll get an idea about its features and specification and you can know more about the shoe you like by reading the full review.

1. New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker

What’s Special:

  • Made of using synthetic materials
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Fit supportively
  • Stylish looking

2. Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-Training Shoe

What’s Special:

  • Made of using fabric
  • Outsole constructed using rubber
  • The pivot point for secure grip
  • Specially engineered for women foot shape

3. STQ Shoes for Women -Running shoes

What’s Special:

  • Cushioned insole
  • Highly breathable upper
  • Lace closure
  • Durable and flexible outsole

4. Reebok Nano CrossFit-9

What’s Special:

  • Sole made of rubber
  • Very supportive
  • Strong and flexible upper
  • High performance

5. Reebok Nano 8.0- CrossFit shoe

What’s Special:

  • Arch supports
  • Synthetic materials
  • Flexwave for stretch
  • High performing

6. NOBULL Shoes – training

What’s Special:

  • Super fabric one-piece upper
  • Durable construction
  • Multi-environmental usage
  • Highly secure

7. Adidas Women’s Powerlift 4 Cross Trainer

What’s Special:

  • Flexible outsole
  • Rubber made sole
  • Lace and strap
  • Highly stable

Reviews Of The Best Shoes For Women Crossfit

Now it’s time to know about the shoe you like most for crossfit in detail. We will talk about the good and bad sides of easy shoes to make it easy for you to select the perfect one for you.

1. New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker

New balance nergize v1 sneakers is well-constructed shoes for providing support, balance, and comfort even when you are doing the toughest of all exercises. It’s sleek and super lightweight design makes the shoes quite ideal for doing running exercise. Yet its rubber sole is there to provide added support while doing Olympic lifts. To make the shoes comfortable yet lightweight synthetic materials are used to build these.

REVlite midsoles are used in these pairs and these are here to make you comfortable during your run and other types of exercise. Due to soft cushioning, it offers great comfort but it remains lightweight. As this is lightweight so you can do your jumping, climbing, and running exercises effectively wearing these shoes.when you are walking or running its MB memory sole is there with you every step to give a plush feel.

In case of fit, it offers lace closure which gives an ideal and secure fit. So you don’t have to worry about getting slipped or slides during any exercise and getting hurt. The bootie style design makes it stylish yet supportive for heavy lifting. Mesh lining is used to ensure high breathability so your feet will not be getting sweat during your intense exercise and you can be doing CrossFit comfortably. It also offers various color options and it is quite ideal for Best shoes for women crossfit.

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Rubber constructed flat sole
  • Soft cushioning makes it comfortable yet lightweight
  • Mesh lining for breathability
  • A lot of color option
  • Supportive and provides well balanced
  • Runs a bit small

2. Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

With extreme heel and arch support, Ryka cross-training shoes offer the right amount of balance, support, and stability that is needed for CrossFit trainees to do their heavy lifting exercise. Its high-quality arch support design is very supportive during lifting CrossFit exercise. It stays close to the ground and helps to distribute the pressure. That makes the lifting easier and more comfortable to do.

The fabric construction makes these pairs lightweight and easy to wear for the whole day long. It is also highly breathable and helps to keep your feet dry and cool during CrossFit and makes the exercise effective. The outsole of the shoe is rubber made and that makes it flexible, making doing movement easy. Due to traction outsole, it provides a secure grip to the ground and makes your running exercises easy to do.

Ryka cross-training shoes are specially designed for women keeping in mind their foot shape, movement and build. And that gives it a plus point for women CrossFit trainees. The anatomical insole provides great comfort and heel support. Its EVA energy return feature makes sure the shoes stay in shape for a long time and also makes it durable. It has lace closure for a snug fit and high security.

  • Extreme quality heel and arch support for CrossFit
  • The high-quality insole provides comfort and support
  • Provides Smooth running experience
  • Secure and snug fit
  • Secure and supportive
  • A bit narrow in size

3. STQ Shoes for Women -Running shoes

The features of these shoes from STQ suggest that it is all in all shoes for practicing run, jump, various outdoor activities, and even gym. When you are doing weight lifting you have to stand on the ground. During that time feeling supported and comfortable is very important. To make you feel comfortable and standing easy it has soft cushioning on the insole. That also supports your feet while you are running or walking.

For making your feet dry and reducing build-up moisture from the inside of the shoes it has a lining inside of the shoes. The company took the feature to another level and gave mesh lining on the outside of the shoe to ensure high breathability. This feature helps to dry your feet more quickly, makes you feel comfortable, and helps to breathe your feet. Due to lining it also becomes very light and makes your gym activity easier to do.

 Its elastic property gives it a snug fit for even wide feet. It also has a classy lace-up closure that secures your feet and makes sure it won’t slip or slide. The abrasion-resistant makes it durable and lasts for a long time. As the sole of the shoe is slip-resistant it also ensures a firm grip. You can use these shoe pairs for a lot of activities and it is one of the best shoes for women CrossFit.

  • Very lightweight and flexible
  • The cushioned insole is great for comfort
  • Mesh lining for providing breathability
  • Lace-up ensure a secure and strong fit
  • A Lot of color option
  • Poor arch support

4. Reebok Nano CrossFit-9

If you are more into Olympic lifting CrossFit and searching for the best shoes to give you support and balance during your exercise, then you should consider nano 9 by reebok. Its durable yet flexible sole is specially made to support you during heavy lifting exercise. The flat sole of nano 9 stays closer to the ground and divides the lifting weight evenly supporting your toe and ankle.

To ensure free moving wearing those shoes it features a wide tox box, a great fit for those who have wide feet. As you get more room to the toe areas so it becomes easy for you to do your movement during intense CrossFit. To ensure great balance and support during weight lift it has a wider toe box than other shoes, which also ensure free movement for the ankle for doing heavy exercises.

 The heavy construction of these shoes makes it ideal form short-run and workouts like HIIT. For rope climbers, its sole provides excellent grip and it will have it for a long. Due to being made of high-quality material it will not be worn out even if you do intense box jumps.

  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Allows to move freely
  • High breathability
  • Durable and flexible
  • Provides well balanced
  • Poor surface traction

5. Reebok  Nano 8.0- CrossFit shoe

Reebok is a well-known shoe manufacturing brand and they are also a partner for CrossFit, sponsor as well. The reebok nano 8.0 is one of the best shoes for women Crossfit to do intense weight lifting workout. Its features made it good enough for CrossFit. Strong Synthetic materials are used on the arch area to give support and stability, allowing high impact movement and exercises.

In case of fit, these pairs of shoes fit your feet just like shocks thanks to its low-cut bootie design. This design also allows more room to the ankle area producing extra support to the ankle and heel. That leads you to free movement while lifting weight.

While doing exercise feet are more likely to sweat. To deal with sweat it has high breathability features thus allowing you to have dry and cool feet during your whole CrossFit season. Its insoles are cushioned that make sure your comfort and stability.

  • Rubber made flexible sole
  • Added cushioning for great comfort
  • Provides support and balance
  • Great for weight lifting workout
  • High breathability, stability, and durability
  • A bit heavy

6. NOBULL Shoes – training

No matter what type of CrossFit you are into Nobull got you covered. To make your climbing and running CrossFit effective the shoes are designed lightweight and comfortable. Its flexible and flat sole gives you ultimate comfort during climbing and running. For making your movement freely its flexibility comes in handy.

One-piece super fabric is used to build its upper. Due to this it is durable and provides extreme breathability. The material is abrasion resistant so it also lasts for long and also holds its shape perfectly. Its insole also features a mesh lining for breathability that makes sure you have dry feet during climbing and your feet won’t slip. For this reason, you get a smooth climbing experience each time you do CrossFit.

From protecting your feet from both sides it has carbon lateral. The flat sole is designed for use in different types of environments. So in every condition, you’ll get a perfect grip, support, and secure hold. Lace-up style classic closure makes it easy to wear and take off the shoes, as well as giving a secure fit.

  • Flexible and lightweight
  • High breathability
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • High-quality material
  • Secure sidewalls
  • Flat sole
  • Heel runs wide

7. Adidas Women’s Powerlift 4 Cross Trainer

Powerlift 4 by Adidas especially made women CrossFit shoes for providing the right amount of support and balance for power CrossFit weightlifting. For making the best of it, it features a wide tox box that provides great room for doing movement and stretching feet while doing Olympic lifting.

It has both straps and laces up closure to make your leg secure in these. You do not have to take stress anymore about sliding shoes in between your exercise and getting hurt. Due to its weight balance, it stays connected to the ground and its rubber sole provides a good grip. That altogether makes it stable and balanced for your intense workout.

It comes in three attractive colors and under the brand name Adidas. Its cushioned midsole provides comfort to your feet. Highly breathable upper won’t let your feet sweat and get wet. For a secure and comfortable CrossFit power lift, 4 has a lot to offer.

  • Narrow fit
  • Very comfortable and supportive
  • Secure and stable
  • Flexible flat sole
  • Heavyweight construction for weight lifting
  • Low-quality laces

What Considerations To Do while buying CrossFit Shoe

CrossFit shoes are more like an investment and these are sold not cheap. And mostly you are going to buy CrossFit shoes every other day. So while buying new CrossFit shoes make sure these fit your needs. Check these features while shopping for the best shoes for women CrossFit.

Heel & Arch Support

You have to deal with some lifting and running activities in CrossFit. While doing so you need to make sure your heel and arches are getting proper support or else you could end up with pain. While lifting weight it puts quite a lot of pressure on your toes and ankle to make sure you are comfortable and getting proper support having arch and arch support feature on your Best shoes for women crossfit is very necessary.


The insole is the inside bottom part of the shoes where your feet are going to stay. Cushioned insoles provide comfort and support during those exercises that need high impact like lifting. High-quality Insole also plays a role in preventing your foot from getting fatigued and injured.

Shock Absorption

This a feature that you should consider depending on what type of CrossFit exercise you are more into. If you do more running exercise, then having shock absorption will help you to perform better making your feet comfortable while running. But if you are more into lifting exercise the shock absorption can hurt your feet so choose according to what exercise you are going to do more.


Having a perfect fit pair of shoes is crucial for any type of exercise. If it slips or slides during your practice, then you can badly injure yourself due to bad balance. To maintain proper balance, get proper support, and comfort having shoes that provide snug fit is a must.


Again this is another feature to consider depending on what type of exercise you are going to do. If you do weight lifting more that means you will be more on your feet and for that, your feet are more likely going to need more support. For providing that extra support it needs to be well-cushioned and that extra cushion will add more weight to the shoes so it will be heavier.

But if you are going to do more jumping and climbing or even running then you should be lightweight. These exercises are easy to do wearing lightweight shoes. So choose based on what type of exercise you are into.


Nowadays synthetic materials are mostly used in making CrossFit shoes. Being lightweight and friction-resistant is the main reason for the vast use of these. And these are quite needy features for exercise so synthetic materials are perfect for Best shoes for women crossfit.


As you are exercising so you are going to sweat. Even in sweating conditions to feel comfortable having breathability on your shoes does help. The active breathability feature helps to keep the build-up moisture away and keep the foot fry for a long time. To ensure high breathability most of the manufacturer provides mesh lining upper.


Highly durable shoes are preferable for CrossFit as these have weight lifting to do. To be able to take all the pressure of jumping and climbing and still surviving, it must be a durable pair that lasts long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I CrossFit wearing my running shoes?

Some exercises can be done wearing running shoes but most of the other CrossFit exercises require features that running shoes don’t have. We suggest to do CrossFit wearing specially designed CrossFit shoes or you can injure yourself badly.

What makes CrossFit shoes different from others?

A pair of CrossFit shoes have different features that make it quite different than walking or running shoes.

  • Crossfit shoes have specially designed flat sole to provide grip and balance.
  • For making climbing and jumping easy it builds with less padding or Cushioning than others.
  • Crossfit does not bounce or neither return energy.
  • Special designed upper to withstand abusing movement.
  • Also has hill clips to support arch and heel during heavy lifting.

How can CrossFit shoes benefit me?

Crossfit shoes are specially designed for during tough exercises. While doing such exercise it provides you great support and balance. It is also safer to use these. The flat sole and soft base of CrossFit shoes are designed to keep your feet closer to the surface and make it safe and balanced. It also helps to improve limited mobility and enhance your performance. If you wear other shoes on your CrossFit exercise rather than CrossFit shoes then the shoes will not hold them for long.

Can CrossFit help me to get into a perfect shape?

 The answer is a big fat yes. If you continue to do it regularly in the proper way then it will improve your mental and physical health and that will result in a perfect body for you. Cardio and musical exercise has great benefits for your body.

Final verdict

CrossFit is a great form of exercise for women that helps to improve cardiovascular health as well as strengthens your muscle. But it is a package exercise full of intense workout. To get the Best shoes for women crossfit, having a shoe that supports, balances and comfort you is very needy.

But for different types of workout you are gonna need different types of shoes. In this post of best shoes for women crossfit we have reviewed seven best pairs of shoes. Choose the best one for your workout type from our list to get support, stability and comfort during crossfit.

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