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Shoes, particularly sneakers make great sense for the NBA. All the sportswear manufacturing companies keep their eye-ball to the NBA. Therefore, how do NBA players get their shoes might be a general curiosity.

On the off chance that the sportswear manufacturer remains their positive impressions all over the NBA league, its players, supporters, and lovers. Relatively, most of the players have a sort of loyalty with any of those manufacturers.

Shoes play a great role here and it is one of the dreams for every player to sign up with a great brand. They are dreaming of remembering their ideal sports stars who previously made their symbol. Shoe deal in NBA season, for instance, NBA summer season, league, for NBA players is most appealing factor.  

For instance, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, James Harden- all the great players have their signature shoes brands, pair of sneakers, and the logo that represents their astonishing capacity. Shoes companies keeps eye on performance of the NBA players whom they can make their brand ambassador. 

However, the road to join with their idol sports stars not only enabled them to find a fresh address besides the playing ground but also chances to get the signature sneakers brand as the previous stars.

How Do NBA Players Get Their Shoes – Proper Guideline

Truly speaking, all the sports apparels brand globally took a hidden battle among each other to get the NBA players for their brand. It is not like that only for a season, rather it is a continuous phenomenon.

And there is plenty of basketball shoe brands like; AdidasNikeUnder Armour always eager to make deal with the extraordinary talented basketball players to boost up their brand value.

Typically, no NBA players have to for their shoes that they wear in the event of playing. Whatever the sports gear that players need during the NBA league running provided by their team or directly from the sponsor company.

However, above the feature might be applicable mostly for the drafted players who stay at the top according to their recent performance. And, also it is to remember that the above statement is a general thumb rule for the NBA.

Subsequently, for the undrafted or other players who are also a part of the NBA, and used to play for the extra bullshit time also able to get the unpaid sneakers for them.

However, that bench sitter players that are also called reserve benchers do not get any payment to use the specific apparel or sneakers like the most exposed players get. Besides, the top-rated player will all get the part of earned revenue.  

Therefore, no players who recently playing in the NBA league need not purchasing shoes, rather their team, manager, or sponsor company provides it for them free of cost.

At a glance, the superstars get the chance to wear the signature brand that is a customized version for them and has huge pricing in the markets. The rest of the players get a chance to free merchandising their shoes and apparel.

The Most Popular Three Brands NBA


No other company beat Nike as they got the topmost position in the NBA. For instance, in 2014 they get signed over 70% of the players in the NBA. Yet, it also includes the Jordan Brand which is also a sister concern of Nike.

Eventually, Nike makes their journey continue to figure roaster with the top-rated players every year. This perpetual quest for extraordinary talent hunting makes Nike more popular and successful in the NBA. This is why deal with Nike in summer league greatly sense making for NBA players. 


Not much ignorable however a bit lower than the Nike, Adidas also creates a strong potion in the NBA. They also gain a firm roaster with nearly top-rated 70 performers of the including James Harden.

Adidas growing unceasingly and it is higher from the last year which indicates their great present and glorious performance to manufacturing sports apparel and shoes.

Under Armour

This is the third most brand sensibly present in the NBA for a long time. However, for an unexpected incidence, like inappropriate shoe design, Under Armour lost its position at the NBA, yet it staying in the third most position in the NBA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do NBA Players Get New Shoes Every Game?

Simply put, the performers on the chunks roster generally wear a usual of around 50 pairs of shoes during one team in the NBA. However, it doesn’t mean that there is not any dissimilarity.

In addition to that, some athletes will wear a fresh pair of sneakers for each game and each run-through. Resulting, it might put the amount for them around 100 pairs for a year.

Why Do NBA Players Touch Their Shoes?

This is a very common asking and simple reply, they usually do this to inhibit their shoes from being greasy. Moreover, as a similar motive, they wash the grounds near the circles.

In the event of playing, players are sweltering seriously, they try to catch certain of the sand from their sneakers with their arm.  As a result, they can grip the ball easily and it never slips from their digits.

Do A NBA Player Wear Another Player’s Signature Shoe?

Why not! On the off chance that this is a very natural practice in the NBA and here is the NBA’s beauty! Yet, it could be a customized fit, and also occasionally it is intended dedicatedly for the trouper who using it.

Can I Find The Same Shoe In The Store What Wearing The NBA Player?

This is a very crucial question and yes you can purchase the same sneakers from the retailer, however, it might cost you a bit more. But if you go to a trustworthy retailer, like Amazon, good chances to find a sensible value for your paying off.

How Do NBA Shoe Deals Work?

Usually, the maximum of the NBA is on a merch contract meaning that the athletes who wear the sneakers aren’t funded to wear the shoes, however, they do get a merchandise pocket money.

On the other hand, fewer players demand sport shirts and sneakers for their childhood high graduate school or AAU team whereas others demand equipment to give away at their seasonal basketball base camp.

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