How Long Should Shoes Last If You Wear Them Everyday

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If I’m not wrong, you are asking me how long should shoes last if you wear them everyday, right? You can also have a look at our recently published article on how often should you replace everyday shoes for more clarification, however.

To be frank, it’s not a charming task to throw out shoe pair which was your good company for a long time. But, a dated worn shoe overstate organic complications for the human body.

However, it is true that from athletics pro player shoes to postman shoes, or other sexy shoes that you are wearing for a long time- all have a life-ending point.

Eventually, once they all get out themselves of their usefulness, you must say goodbye. Time might appear passing. So far, we hang down on our beloved past even knowing its threat which might cost us badly.

That is why it is very important to know how long should a worthy pair of ordinary shoes last or are tiring shoes past their running outage. Here is the answer;

How Long Should Shoes Last If You Wear Them Everyday

Unluckily, there is not any specific expiration date written on the pair of shoes from its manufacturer but only caring instructions in a few cases. The life span of shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes, or walking shoes, for instance, mostly depends on the material’s quality they made up with.

Moreover, besides its quality building feature, the nature of use, and how often the user takes care of it as desired are also important for a shoe’s lifespan.

Below is the guideline on determining the time to replace your everyday shoes, whether leather boots, leather shoes, or running shoes regardless of the shoe brand, while it is passed on.

Pointers Of When It Is Phase To Change Your Shoes

Casual Sandals 

This comes first as it is mostly related to home-based used shoes. To keep our feet in place the top part of casual sandals tolerates more burden. It could enhance the lifespan point to come too early for the sandals.

Therefore, while the straps have broken or stretched meaning this is the time to replace them. Accordingly, if it is so costly, you can find a good cobbler to repair it like before.

Casual Working Shoes

Generally, as a thumb rule, wearing the pair of shoe three to four times within a week make them thrown into the garbage or appropriately repair just after one year or the highest one and a half year.

For instance, grazed heels, or while the rear verge of the heel grows as damaged as it slants abruptly might be detailing about the timing to replace or repair your loving company: shoes.

Consequently, level plugs happening on the external sole are another sign of changing the shoes. Also, the inner sections of your shoes push from side to side, as spikes display in the heel. Therefore, you might take action on it.

Finally, placed the shoes on a flat floor, and carefully investigate them from the front as well as back. If you find an angle on the side, even a very little, no mercy, rather replace or repair them for the sake of your foot health.

Leather-Made Shoes

A good quality leather-made shoe should last at least 5-10 years, even it might be able to be your good mate for 15 years if you care about it duly.  Also, a good quality shoe repair cost might be as healthy as you paid for it when buying.

That is why try to take care of it from the day one you start wearing it. The good news is typically expensive quality shoes very rarely cost you for their repair. Most manufacturer provides a free repair warranty for a lifetime.

Although there might be needed to replace the insole- it commonly occurs. There are many good quality insoles, for example, Dr. Scholl’s Work Insole  available in the market.

Just look at whether it is a good fit in size for your shoes or not. You might have to cut a bit the sole for a better fit.

Besides, the upper part of the shoe which is ended up with leather materials might get inflexible. This is mostly due to the irregular cleaning of the shoe pair. Also, not using good polish and conditioner could lead to inflexibility.

It is worth buying a good quality shoe polish, for instance, a KIWI Instant Shine, and using it regularly. Additionally, don’t forget to use a shoe conditioner after polishing your shoe.

There are numerous shoe conditioners available in the markets, however, Leather Honey makes great logic to buy for your shoes as it is worth the best with additional benefits for your shoe.

These two ingredients- polish and conditioner, are very important as if your shoe gets tougher, it can crack in place when it bends, then nothing can be done but throw them into the garbage.

Sporty Shoes

Maybe you are a frequent runner or professional athlete and need to wear shoes for a daily game or practice purposes. The cushioning downing is the topmost significance as they bear lots of pressure.

For an athlete, a rapid change of direction, jump, and quick start with an abrupt stopping is a very natural activity that needs good cushioning. But after a huge usage, it could be less comfortable as a fresh one can offer.

The same thing is also true for basketball, futsal, or volleyball players. While you jump your shoe cushion bears 7-8% more weight than your normal body weight when you landed.

Moreover, the toe box also could get damaged after long use. That is why as a thumb rule every 500-700 km of running, it is good to replace the entire shoe as there are very lower chances to get good results by repairing.

And, for basketball, futsal, or volleyball players or even regular walkers with dedicated walking shoes, it could be worth money to buy a quality midsole to replace the older one.


Why Footwear Alternation Is Important?

Simply put, footwear alternation is important for your foot health. Wearing the same footwear day after day, hour after hour could induce discomfort for our feet.

Alternation the shoes enable our foot muscles to come with a new dimension, unlike items. They get the chance to engage with dissimilar muscles. Yet, it should be an exact fit for your foot.

And, surprisingly, for those who are with sore feet, rotating makes great sense for them. You just have to remember, the new one not pressing any toe instead of permitting sufficient toe movement.

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