How To Clean Dog Poop Off Shoes : 4 Easiest Ways

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“Dear Friend, unfortunately, I’ve stepped on a quantity of dog poop. If you please let me know the easiest way on how to clean dog poop off shoes it will be a great gift from your end to me.”…

That was an example of what many people feel and want to get out of them such a disgusting, however, unavoidable circumstances. Because you might not want to leave your shoe just for dog poop, isn’t it?

That is why knowing what is the Grade A way to take out dog poop from the shoe and how to get off dog poop smell from shoes massively help you. Here, we have shorted out the best techniques to remove dog poop from shoes.

How To Clean Dog Poop Off Shoes

Dogs give us plenty of enjoyment. They are one of the most important members of our family. They also play a very good role to secure our kid’s life. Eventually, like us, they also need to respond to nature’s calling.

But, unfortunately, if your loving dog is not well trained, it might cause a bit to suffer. Yet, there is also a very good chance to stepping on a pile of dog poop while you are running or walking on the road.

There are tons of ways that can help you enormously clean and eliminate bad smell created by dog poop. And, surprisingly most of the items that you need to do the job done are probably within your reach at home.

Let’s have a look at a few of them which are as good as workable;

 1. Use A Washing Brush

Throw water to your shoes by hosepipe just immediately after you experience dog poop on the shoes. Besides, scrub with the washing brush gently while continuing water treatment by the hose.

Yet, this is not guaranteed you to clean entirely, however, help to get rid of visible poop. Instead of washing the brush, it is not a bad idea to use a old toothbrush.

2. Use WD 40

WD 40 can be a great weapon to getting rid of unwanted dog poop from your running or walking shoes. Many dog owners who frequently experienced this type of matter keep a good quality of WD 40, for instance, WD-40 490057 Multi-use Product, at home.

Just put off your shoes first and use a paper towel to remove the loose dirt from the shoes as much as you can. After that apply the WD 40 with a soft toothbrush for a while and see the result.

3. Dry It Under The Sun

If you noticed the dog poop immediately after left it on your shoes, easy to clean. However, if it is so late and become dry on shoes, a bit difficult to remove, yet possible.

Just go to the rooftop of your home where you can put your shoes direct under the sunlight. Don’t forget to place the affected side up, so that it can keep dry fully as needed. After a while using a brush to get rid of them.

4. Freeze It

This is a bit odd and just directly reverse to the dry cleaning method, however fecund. Cover up or raping your shoes entirely one or more as needed plastic bags. Be sure no chances to come out smell or poop.

Now place the bag in your freezer till it becomes frozen. Remember, there should not be any other things in the freezer when placing it. After formed ice, get rid of the poop using a sharp thing.

How To Eliminate Dog Poop Smell From Shoe

This is very important to know how to eliminate dog poop odor from shoes, yet there is no poop. It is a bit difficult to do due to there is not any visible dirt. But, you can do this very easily by following bellows methods;

1. Apply Natural Smell Remover

Natural smell remover, for instance, the Rocco & Roxie comes in mind first as it is the best dog poop odor remover in the industry which you can use to do the job perfectly.

Just pick it from Amazon or any other trusted retail shop, then apply it to the affected area of your shoes. Let it work for a while. It will kick out all the bad smells of shoes just after a few minutes.

2. Use Baking Soda

Another most trusted and used method to kick out disgusting smells from shoes that caused by the dog poop. It is very technic to do, just place your affected shoes in a bag that fills up by baking soda.

Let your shoes experience living with baking soda for one or a couple or a bit more hours. Make it airtight. And, finally, get bad-smell-free shoes.

3. Use Activated Charcoal

This is also another popular way that is often used by the dog owner and others who experienced this type of horrible matter. For a couple of days forget to use your shoes by placing it in a bag next to the activated charcoal.

It might be necessary to keep your shoes there more one day long. However, after having the activated charcoal journey, your shoes should get rid of the bad smell forever.

For your convenience, yet there are tons of activated charcoal you can have available in the market, however, Organic Activated Charcoal is the ever best as it works tremendously without harm your shoes.


Why Does My Dog Poop On My Shoes?
In the event, your dog pees on your mat or starts mastication shoes the time you let them unaided. However, it’s not their technique to express to you that they are annoyed with you due to left them alone.

Consequently, it’s not an ingenious dog payback technic, for sure. Rather, these kinds of activities are communal indications of leave-taking nervousness in dogs.

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