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Do you use shoes to injure your health? The answer is no. People wear shoes to guard their feet. We can walk comfortably by wearing shoes. 

An athlete’s foot is one of the notorious health concerns. Do you believe that  Athlete’s Foot happens only to athletes just because its name speaks? No, it is a common infection that anyone can be its victim. It causes vesicles, itching, and a raging feeling on your feet.

Here I will teach you How to Disinfect Shoes From Athlete’s Foot. Let’s browse the whole article.

What is an athlete’s foot?

How to Disinfect Shoes From Athlete’s Foot? The best answers from scratch are discussed here. To progress to the solutions, we first require to analyze our foe. You should have a decent idea about the disease of the Athlete’s foot. People define it as Tinea Pedis. It is a fungal disease that is induced by fungus. This notorious infection generally occurs between the toes.

Who is more prone to develop this disease? Some people wear tight-fitting shoes and their feet become moist frequently. They are at risk of Athlete’s foot. The extra sweat moisture leads to the Athlete’s foot. 

I think anyone can catch an athlete’s foot. But several activities can increase the risk of this infection. If you visit locker rooms, swimming pools, or any other public places without shoes then you can be affected by this fungus.

If you share shoes, socks, etc with infected people then you are at risk. Stop using tightfitting footwear and any other socks to sidestep the chance of contamination. Wet feet and skin or nail injuries on the foot are also potential causes of an athlete’s foot. 

A scaly rash is a sign of an Athlete’s foot. It usually prompts raging, stinging, and itching of the foot. Cracking or peeling skin is also a symptom of the athlete’s foot. 

You can compare this disease with other fungal diseases. Like jock itch and ringworm. In the case of the Athlete’s foot, the fungus attacks the foot skin. Another sign is dry skin, raw skin, and discolored toenails. 

Most of the time OTC antifungal drugs can treat this infection. Also, you can talk to a doctor because there are lots of prescription drugs too. This infection becomes a serious issue in people with diabetes or other serious immune disorders. 

One important fact that you must know is that it is a contagious disease and so the fungus can spread through shoes, clothes, and other substances. So we aim to know the disinfection process of shoes from athletes’ feet.

When to see a doctor?

A very important question is when to see a physician. There are two types of infection. One is a mild infection and another is a severe infection. The antifungal drug can quickly recover from mild infection but severe infection needs long-term treatment. Sometimes it can be challenging to handle. That’s why you need to see a doctor. 

A doctor can detect the athlete’s foot by some signs and symptoms. If they are not sure about the fungal infection they may perform a skin test to diagnose the infection. The most common test is a skin lesion potassium hydroxide exam. 

If you have some symptoms of athlete’s foot that do not improve within a few days with OTC drugs then you must see a doctor. In case of excessive redness and swelling, you should talk to a doctor quickly. Lastly, if you have any serious immune disorders or diabetes then see a doctor as soon as possible.

How can you prevent it?

  1. Everyday uses of antifungal powder for shoes can prevent it.
  2. Stop sharing towels, shoes, and socks.
  3. When your feet get sweaty, change the socks.
  4. Don’t visit public places on bare feet. 
  5. Don’t wear the same socks every day.
  6. Clean your feet with soap every day. You must dry your feet properly. 
  7. Disinfect your shoes properly to prevent the athlete’s foot. 

Way of disinfecting shoes from athlete’s foot.

1. Anti-fungal Products

Antifungal drugs can kill the fungus. There are a huge number of antifungal products on the market. You can use these to treat the fungal infection of your feet. You can get rid of itching and swelling by using these products. 

Someone should talk to a doctor if the fungal infection is severe. There are oral tablets for severe infection as well as you will find creams and gel formulations for the treatment of athlete’s foot. 

How to get foot fungus out of shoes? There are some ways to prevent it. There are sprays to remove the fungus. If you use the best antifungal spray for shoes then you will be able to prevent infection.

2. Air out or sunlight

Air and sunlight can disinfect your shoes. Moist shoes and socks are the prominent cause of fungal infection. Air and sunlight can soak the moisture and so you should put your shoes on in the open air regularly.

3. Use Baking soda and Vinegar

Sometimes spores can promote the development of fungus. Add vinegar and water to a spray bottle and make a solution. Spray some baking soda along with the vinegar solution inside the shoes. The smell will leave when it dries. This is an easy hack that you can try at home. 

4. Use of Bleach

Sometimes bleach kills the fungus. So you may try bleach to disinfect your shoes. 

5. Shoe sanitizer

Shoe sanitizer can destroy all microbes including bacteria and fungi. 

6. Anti-fungal detergent

Wash your shoes with antifungal detergent to prevent the development of fungus inside the shoes.

How to Get Rid of Athlete’s Foot Forever

Using garlic on the infected area may improve your condition. Settle some smashed garlic in the heated water and wet your feet. Sea salt with hot water also can help you. Tea tree oil, Rubbing alcohol, and Neem oil are very famous treatments for athlete’s foot.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How long can an athlete’s foot be fungus affected?

You can use any antifungal surface cleaners to remove athlete’s foot fungus from a bathroom. Bleach also can remove this fungus from any surface. 

2. How long can an athlete’s foot fungus live on the surface?

Spores can stay in all those areas where the inert cell can present. Shoes and socks give well in survival conditions and so the fungus may live for a long time. 

3. Do I need to throw away my shoes if I have an athlete’s foot?

Not actually. You can clean your shoes with antifungal detergent and other cleaning powder. But if you have an old shoe that can easily spread the fungal infection then it would be better if you replace the old shoe.

4. Will rubbing alcohol destroy foot fungus in shoes?

Yes, it can. As hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol also can destroy the fungus in shoes. You can use it on your shoes. 

5. Will bleach kill an athlete’s foot in shoes?

Yes. Bleach can kill the athlete’s foot fungus. 

6. Is the athlete’s foot contagious in bed?

Yes, it can spread in bed. The fungus can spread through the touch of infected people. An athlete’s foot is an infectious fungal disease. 

7. Can I put bleach on my athlete’s foot?

No, you can not apply bleach to your skin. It may cause burns, inflammation, and sores. Bleach can be used to disinfect any inert surfaces. 

Bottom Lines:

I tried to give you a solution to this question: “How To Disinfect Shoes From Athlete’s Foot”. I hope this article will help you to prevent athlete’s foot. Stay safe and stay healthy. 

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