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How to dry leather shoes is a frequently asked question online. Unfortunately, there aren’t sufficient articles describing what to do when your fleece shoes or boots become drizzly.

But don’t worry, we- ShoesPlans took the responsibility of writing on how to care for leather shoes. We covered here the ways to wear rawhide leather shoes, leather boots, and leather soles to make it look brand new.

Consequently, you also come with a touch of the exact room temperature, waterproofing spray, for instance, which is very important to know to protect your expensive leather shoes.

Therefore, whether it is your forefoot strikers shoes with leather overlay or operation room shoes for the surgeon, this fecund guide going to help your wet shoes get dry humbly.

How To Dry Leather Shoes – Step By Step Guidelines

It is of peak significance to take special care with a handy concentration of your devoted leather shoes or boots in the event they get wet. The same things are also true concerning fixing peeling fleece shoe trees.

Otherwise, it might be permanently damaged or spotted on the shoe’s rubber sole, leather sole, or even the entire shoe. And, unfortunately, at this stage, there are no chances for shoe repair but to buy a new pair.

So, what should you do? There are many options, for instance, buy a new pair, remove & replace the insole- if it is only a matter of sole, the choice is yours. But, all these cost you more whereas not any fecund solution.

That is why just go with the below process to dry, fresh, and revive your old rawhide shoes or boots. So that you can wear leather-soled dress shoes even in the rain.

But, keep in mind, these tips on how to dry a pair of leather shoes are only applicable to your leather shoes and boots, not on the suede-made pair. Yet, suede is also possible to get wet. However, it has different handling tricks.

How To Dry Leather Shoes
How To Dry Leather Shoes – Step By Step Guidelines

1. Get Rid Of Added Moistness & Rubbish

This is the first step to do remove all the excess dampness and specks of dirt that you see on the outer part of your shoes. Get rid of it fully. Be sure that is not any, even the smallest dust remains.

You might find there are rain dews spotted, rub them with a soft and dry cloth, gently. Don’t hurry and start rubbing from a small area. Then gradually spread to the hole as long as desirable.

2. Get Rid Of Insole

Irrespective of whether your leather shoes are fully saturated or not, it is good to remove the insole from the walking boot. Because you don’t identify moreover there is wetness stuck between the insole and the end of the shoes.

It also allows the air to get out from the boot which reduces the chance that the pair odors and wrapping well along. Now, softly scrub the insole with a clean soft cloth or paper towel till removing all the moisture.

3. Get Rid Of Lace

If, your work boot gets wet and you want to clean it, ended up with a lace closure, and get rid of the lace from the shoes. Wahs it separately with liquid detergent, dirty washing cleaner, or soap.

4. Fill The Shoes With Dry Newspaper

This is how you are starting the principle work- fill and cover the entire shoe with newspaper and let it be at least 24 hours. However, instead of the newspaper, you can also use tissue paper or spongy paper as well.

It will grab all the water, and moisture with a few specks of dust from the shoes inside and outside without hitting the shape of the boot. Therefore, in one way it helps to peel leather.

On the other hand, absorb all the water that gets inside and is stuck in the toe box, for instance, and other parts of the shoes.

5. Get Rid Of Paper And Restore The Insole & Lace

You are almost done with your expensive leather shoes, entirely cleaning and drying them. At this moment, remove papers, and check sensibly whether there is any more water, excess moisture, raindrop spot, or even a little moisture.

Use a blow dryer or hairdryer to make sure there is no more moisture. Then replace the laces as well as the insoles in the right place. Likewise, you can use a soft-bristled shoe brush or a typical bristle brush.

Try to do the entire work with good room temperature. Because the heat source that you used to dry it also makes sense, never let it under the burning sun.

And then again, take a closing moment to look at whether there are any salt pigments or watermarks that might require further treatment to fix. Surprisingly, these types of spots typically appear later on, not instantly after drying or cleaning.

Therefore, wait for a long and let it be visible- if any of there. If not, derive the next and final step on how to dry pair of leather dress shoes and fix peeling leather.

6. Breaking in & Sparkle Your Work Shoe

Now time to make it a full brand new look. Since, it dried fully, almost ready for the next job.

In the market, there are tons of leather conditioners and shoe polish available. You just need to pick the right one that matches your expensive leather shoes.

Subsequently, smooth leather boots or shoes always necessitate a gentle polish treatment for a shiny finish. Conditioning and polishing are all-inclusive externals of shoes.

However, before you go with a leather conditioner for your shoe, read carefully using the instructions that are written on the bottle. Besides, you can ask their shoe care unit also to get use lessons.

Let your leather boots sit for 15-25 minutes to get fully dry after applying the conditioner. Then again, wipe it with a clean, soft cloth, followed by the final polish for total shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Good To Dry Leather Shoes In The Dryer?

Usually not exactly, however, sometimes you need to follow this depending on the leather feature and how much it wet along with some other small issues.

Yet, it can minimize the duration of getting dry, but if you are thinking of doing an entirely different process only with the dryer- just break here now!

How can I make my leather shoes glimmer?

Polish your shoe with your soft cloth for a short time. This is a very simple way to clean leather shoes. To keep your shoes shining and avoid scuffs and scratches, we suggest brushing them with a premium quality brush. It’s simple, just read this guide carefully and start the job to get done.

Does water ruin leather shoes?

To be very honest water leaches the leather’s oils and chemicals. Water will be contained by the bottom of the footwear. Besides this, the insole and the footbed between the midsole and the outsole can also contain water. In fact, water can destroy leather boots. If you don’t take better care of them if they get wet, they will decay.

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