How To Dry Shoes Incredibly Fast – 5 Easy Ways

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Wearing a pair of wet shoes might cause tons of complications and ultimately cost badly. This is why knowing how to dry shoes seamlessly is important to avoid foot-related discomforts.

Fortunately, there are so many ways that can you employ to dry your running shoe or leather shoe. Hairdryer, clothes dryer numerous items that helps you to do the job within very little time instead of replacing the shoe you wear.

Likewise, the fan could a great solution to make your shoes dry to reuse instantly. However, direct heat also causes damp shoes. This is the reason behind our article about this. Let’s see the simple steps to dry your shoes or boots amazingly fast.

In What Manner To Waterless Shoes And Boots – 5 Sensible Options

Truly, not all shoes are made up of similar materials to dry them in the same way. Rather, sensitive footwear which finished up with sensitive materials claims sensible options to get dry for reuse. Here are the ways How To Dry Shoes Incredibly Fast:

1. Use a Towel

Take a towel that is dry and used, then soak your shoes properly to get rid of the moisture out of your shoe. Then do as follows;

  • Remove the lace from your shoes or boots.
  • Form a roll of the towel you have.
  • Pack the roll inside the shoes. After that again tighten the lace-up.

Note: It is very good to use a soft and cottony towel that is clean. However, not necessarily to be new, but rather good to be the old one. A soft cottony towel is more capable to soak excess water and moisture than others.

2. Use a Shoe Dryer

This is seamlessly specialized to keep your shoe quick-dry and let them ready to use. Since drying the shoes as well as boots is the only job, the shoe dryer is the safest and best option in this regard.

There are several sizes of shoe dryers existing in the market. However, typically consists of one or dual shoe tube that makes the job done. Now, this is your turn to use preciously as following;

  • Get rid of lace as well as the insole from your shoe.
  • Place the dryer’s tube inside the shoe or boots. Instead, it might require putting the shoe on the dryer’s tube- as per the model of the shoe dryer.
  • Better to keep a sufficient, 5-6 inches, for instance, open space in between the shoes and the base of the dryer.
  • You are almost done, just play the switch of the dryer and wait as recommended.

Note: Never forget to place the toe of your shoe or boots on the upper position than the heel. Resulting, dry quicker and evenly. Additionally, wet helmets, cleats, and gloves can dry with them.

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3. Use Air-Fan

This is the easiest way to do the job done within a few minutes. On the off chance that a cool power fan could aid in dual ways. When hot, it provides cool air.

Eventually, it also makes the shoe dry, when gets wet by rain or however. It means it got a spontaneous option to use as a shoe dryer. Let’s see how;

  • Take out the insole from your shoes and boots.
  • Get such a heavy-duty fan that is lengthier than your shoes.
  • Cut two 6-inch pieces from a used cord hook and form an “S” shape by it.
  • Hang the little side of the “S” shape on the fan and ensure a 9” gap between them.
  • Now, untie the boots of the shoe and then hang them up.
  • Let them be alone and dry in full for up to 1-2 hours.

Note: It is smart going if you set the fan on a dry towel. The towel will collect the excess water that might be released from the shoes or boots.

4. Use Days Gone By NewsPapers

Simply, it is the most commonly used method that are being used for many years ago. Since it’s a bit easy and almost no-cost method, therefore widely used. Let’s see how can it make your shoe dry instantly;

  • Get some old newspapers that do not with too dark ink, as it might discolor your shoe.
  • Smash newspapers into pellets and mess the shoe up to block.
  • Now, wrap the shoe or boots with the rest of the newspapers.
  • Cord a rubber band over the shoe, therefore, leave it for a while in a decent aired place.
  • You are almost done, just check it once after an hour. If it is still wet, let it be more time tour alone

Note: Be careful about the quality of the newspaper and its ink. And, don’t let it be more than an hour due to it might stick to your shoe, however depending on the materials that are used to make the shoes also.

5. Use Rice

This is a bit surprising, however, works tremendously. Rice has a great water-absorbing capability naturally. Consequently, it has been used to save soak smartphones for a long time. Now, this is time to dry your shoe likewise;

  • Fill a large plastic ball or bin with rice.
  • Leave your wet shoes or boots on top of the rice and close the ball or bin as tight as you can.
  • Let them be for twosome hours to make your sneakers waterless by receiving the water.

Note: it is good thinking to place a newspaper under the shoe. Yet, it is a secure way to get them dry, however, could take too much time to finish the job.


Can You Waterless Shoes In The Oven?

Simply, yes you can dry your rainy pair of boots or shoes in the oven. But to do so, you should leave the oven’s door open and ensure the heat among 100-120 degrees Celsius.

The entire idea is fairly terrifying. But then again, there is a good chance to damage your beloved running shoe or tennis shoe. This is why here you are essential to work out an extraordinary level of attention while it working.

Finale Words

What do you think, is this going to help you to get your shoe or boots dry fast? Probably, yes, however, whatever we described here is not limited to. Instead, there are also plenty of ways to do the job, yet the above was the best way for it. Share it if you find anything good and essential in it.

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