How To Fix Light Up Shoes – Best Guide

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It is annoying if lighting unexpectedly stopped functioning while you are preparing to hit the DJ party or city tour with your LED lighting shoes. Therefore, knowing how to fix light up shoes can rescue you from any awkward situation.

Truly, the light-up shoes do not only make sense to buy for the kids, rather it is treated as very good festival shoes nowadays. Therefore, just for the lighting issue you probably do not want to sell out your favorite pair.

Instead, you should try to fix it and start rescuing as before as one of your best party-mate. Here is the step by step guide that going to show you how quickly you can able to fix light up shoes.

A Little Bit On LED Light-Up Shoes

LED or Light Emitting Diodes are such types of the bulb which is harmless than the traditional radiant bulbs. It is made up of safer chemicals that are also recyclable. It provides more lighting than traditional lighting with the same power.

In addition to that, it is also never been hot while on. As a result, there are no chances to burn or other accidental possibilities. All the features make it more handy multipurpose uses and wearing with, for instance, shoes.

However, before the 1917’s LED lighting probably wouldn’t become a fashion gear if there weren’t sneakers. Especially to the rubber-soled sneakers, it makes a great buzz within a very short time.

Unlike many other traditional shoes, sneakers were designed especially for the athletes to provide them extra comfortability while on track to field. And that special soft space for the foot makes them called sneakers.

The toddler even never thinks to go further without LED light-up shoes, yet it is a bit later in the 1990s. Eventually, it becomes more fashionable sneakers for all the stages of people due to it ended up with the same comfy feature.

How To Fix Light Up Shoes

How To Fix Light Up Shoes 1

What Get Damaged And How To Prevent It

Keep in mind like any other running shoesfor instance, LED light-up shoes also not unbeatable. Instead, it could get damaged or stopped lighting entirely or partly at any time. 

Because it is mainly placed inside the sole of sneakers. Therefore, it claims a bit more care, unlike any other shoes that do not come with LED features.

Below are the details about some of the principal facts and figures about the LED light-up of your shoes. It will help you to fix light-up shoes if it stopped lighting.

Tough External Effect

This is treated the topmost reason that leads your LED shoes light-up stopped. Due to any though the effect can disconnect the internal wire which may lead the circuits broken. Therefore, not energy passing and no lighting.

Unfortunately, it could happen very often when you are running with your LED shoes for a long. Or, playing heavily jumping, moving abruptly, changing direction within seconds, for instance.

Mostly excessive shaking is known as the notorious for this case. However, it doesn’t mean that from today you stop shaking or rapid movements that required greatly for better performance.

Instead, you can diminish the chances of getting damaged in your shoe light-up. Just follow the below few steps and see the result, however, don’t forget to report us;

  • Try to avoid the rough area to walk or run.
  • Consider the wet weather that might be harmful to your LED light-up shoes.
  • Try not to let it bear overpressure.
  • Always find the smooth and even ground towering them.

Dampness Impact

This is another great and strong enemy that caused harm to the LED shoes. All the LED depends on the batteries to lighting themselves accurately. And the batteries are likely vulnerable to water injury.

That is why when the water gets inside and comes contract with batteries, it gets damaged. Therefore, no LED function occurs. Moreover, dampness can ruin everything from battery to the entire lighting functionality of your LED shoes.

As a result, it is most important to keep your LED shoes and its internal electronics settings dry always. So that it can provide the best output as it is dedicated. To get the best result and fix light up shoes just follow the bellows rules;

  • Never let your LED light-up shoes get wet.
  • When washing or cleaning see the instructions carefully.
  • A dry cleaner could be the best option to clean them properly.

Yet, there are many LED light-up shoes which over up with the water-resistant feature. In this case, the electronics setting are staying widely protected inside the rubber sole. It can a bit stronger than others which aren’t water-resistant.

Additionally, fewer made up with more sheltered firm plastic covering inside the sole to offer the super dampness protection. Always try to go for it, yet if it costs a bit more, but pay you back, even more than the initial cost paid for it.

Too Much Use

Like many other items, LED also a lifespan and that is around up to 50,000 hours, yet, it may vary from model to model. Also, there are a few brands they offering a bit more lifespan as they claim.

Moreover, while it is a regular use or wearing, the tentative running out the date of the LED’s might get lessened. And, if it is being overused, what could happen this is no need to tell, just imagine.

Keep in mind, prevention is better than cure. That is why you need to know all the functionality and how it works, what things can harm it as well as what activity helps to get better performance from it.


How To Fix Light Up Shoes 2

Can You Wash Shoes That Light Up?

It depends on the shoe feature and quality you are wearing. Typically, there are the best three LED light-up shoes available in the markets;

  • LED light-up shoes decent looking.
  • LED light-up shoes with a comfortable feature.
  • LED light-up shoes over up with a safety feature.

All the above three featured LED light-up shoes are ready for whatever your toddler wants to do with them, even throw them into the washing machine.

For your more convenience here are some most popular comfortable and durable LED light-up shoes that make sense to buy for your toddler:

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