How To Get Spray Paint Off Shoes – Best 7 Tips

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Accidentally or for working purposes it is possible your shoes get on spray paint. Therefore, knowing how to get spray paint off shoes could help you to make your shoes reusable.

But, typically shoes are a bit difficult to clean. Not all shoes are not possible to wash in the same manner. It might cause harm or even damage to your loving shoe pair.

Eventually, it also not meaning that in this case, you need to just leave the shoes and buy another new one for yourself. Rather, just read this guide carefully where we have detailed how to get spray paint off leather shoes.

Remember, depending on your shoe type, for instance, leather sailing bootsfabric, or synthetic materials-made shoes, you need to take action and get the job done.

How To Get Spray Paint Off Shoes – Easy 7-Step Guide

1. Remove the Surplus Of Paint

This is a very initial initiative that you need to take instantly. Yet, it might be not possible to get action against it due to you might notice it later. However, if earlier better to start work, otherwise it gets the stick.

Take an old knife, you can also use a teaspoon in this case, remove paint as much as you can. Don’t pressure the shoes, instead remove them gently. It is good to use a sponge and spot away the dye.

2. Scrub The Pretentious Area With A Wet Cloth

Now, gently scrub the area that you want to paint off your shoes. This might not enable you to get the job done fully, however, it will make the job easier. And, also it will prevent the pain stick tightly to the shoes.

In this step, you need to use plenty of water, but not directly to the shoes. Rather, for the wet cloth which you are scrubbing. Don’t hesitate to repeat and repeat the scrubbing of the affected area.

However, also depending on the shoe ingredients you might have to use warm water. For an instant, for canvas shoes or any other fabric-made shoes, you may need to use laundry detergent also.

3. Use A Paint Thinner

This works great, however, you should be more careful to use it. Better to see the instructions that might include shoes. Get a dry and clean cloth and drop some thinner onto the cloth.

Scrub the thinner-contained cloth on the paint-affected area. Dispense extra thinner to a different area of the cloth that you are using to remove paint. And, continue the scrubbing gently.

Be careful about the removed dye that lifts from the shoes to the cloth is not get in touch with another part of the shoes. Otherwise, it might get on the paint to a new area of the shoe.

Vallejo Airbrush Thinner is the ever best thinner that you can use to do the job greatly done. It never let you down, rather the best result.

4. Use A Laundry Detergent Mixture

Here you need a bowl, the usual amount of water, and sufficient laundry detergent. Take half-bowl water. Typically, cold water is preferable, however, slightly hot is not so bad, but cold is the best.

Blend with laundry detergent, and make a good mixture of water and detergent. Take a cloth, better to use a sponge. Now apply the water-detergent mixture with the sponge to the affected area.

Here you might need to apply some pressure to the shoes where paint gets on. It will help you to get rid of the paint before it sticks to the shoe permanently. Don’t use a sponge that is like your surface cleaning type.

5. Brass Rubbing Spirits

On the off chance that whenever it is about your leather shoes that get on spray paint, you can use here brass rubbing spirits. Drop some amount of it onto a cloth. Then scrub the affected area gently.

Be careful to keep remain the original color of the shoes. Also, you can use here nail polish remover, yet it is a bit harsher than the rubbing spirits. Never polish the paint onto the shoes from where you getting rid of the paint.

After finishing your initial work, wash it with warm water. Make sure to use water and spirits in the target area. You need a leather conditioner finally to make your shoes ready to use again.

6. Use Oil And Baking Soda

Dip clean and dry cotton into the oil, generally cooking oil works well but if it is olive oil that sounds best. Gently rub the paint from your shoes. Let the oil be stable in the affected area for a while.

Repeat this process twice or thrice as needed. However, if the paint becomes dry and sticks tightly, carefully use a knife to scrub the paint and get rid of the shoes.

When it is finished and you are satisfied that there is not any paint remaining on the shoes, now time to remove the oil. Apply vinegar and baking soda mixture to get rid of the oil from the shoes.

This is such an effective way that works very quickly and almost effortlessly. Therefore, it is applicable to leather-made operation room shoes as well as any other leather boots, for instance, Allen Edmonds first avenue boots.

If you are wondering to buy the great cooking oilolive oil, or baking soda that you need to remove paint from your shoes, just take a tour at Amazon and get the best deal.

7. Use Soap, Water, And Hydrogen Peroxide

This is also a very gentle and effective way to get rid of paint from shoes. Make a good combination of water and soap in a big bowl. Dip a dry cloth into the solution for a while.

Apply it to the affected area that you want to get off the paint. Let it be for 10-15 minutes. Then gently rub the target area again with another clean and dry cloth.

If the paint remains, use hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain. After finishing the job don’t forget to use leather conditioner on your shoes.

Here are some names of good leather conditioners that you can try.

So, after having this fecund guide on how to get spray paint off shoes I’m pretty sure that now it is a very task to do for you. However, if you think I’m missing something here, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Consequently, whatever I’ve described here that are not limited to, rather there are also many other ways to get rid of paint from shoes.

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