How To Make Shoes Slippery For Dancing- Best Guide

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A greasy dance shoe helps for better performance on the ballet floor. But how to make shoes slippery for dancing might be a bit unfamiliar to all dancers. Yet, it is very important to know, especially for professional dancers. 

Typically, people search on the web for tips on making shoes with a smaller amount of glides. For example, if you want to buy a pair of futsal shoes or harry potter shoes, undoubtedly consider the less-slippery pair.

That is the reason why there aren’t sufficient strategies on how to make pointe shoes or athletic shoes slippery for the dance floor. As a soul with vast experience in this field, I took the responsibility to write about this.

If you are wanting to make your dance shoes greasy for feet dancing, Latin dancing, or shuffle dancing, this article will help you to get precisely whatsoever you require.

How To Make Shoes Slippery For Dancing – Full Guideline

Usually, dancing required appeal with smooth movement on the stage. Somewhat, your bopping shoes are essential to be relaxed and seemly to practice which enables you for a rapid movement on the dancing ground.

Fashioning shoes are slippery is not such a tough task to confirm. It is balanced and requires fewer materials to use appropriately.

By doing so, you can make any type of shoes with leather soles, rubber soles, or, suede soles consistent shoes ready for dancing.

Here is how:

1. Practice Sandpaper

It is the humble most technique to make shoes smooth aimed at dancing, though necessary to follow a featured guide to obtain the best output. This is the topmost technic make slip rubber soles.

On the off chance that it lessens the friction between the dance floor and your feet. If you got a new pair of dancing shoes with hard rubber soles it is going to experience you great things.

Just follow the steps below:

1. Take a wet towel, also you can use a paper towel, remove all the dirt from the shoes- top to bottom. Not any smallest amount of ingredients is undesirable there.

2. Scrub-turning shoe soles slightly with sandpaper. Do continue it for a while for the best result.

3. Start walking in a sandy place wearing these shoes thoroughly as much as you can. If there is not any sandy place nearby to walk, scrub it on a rough surface. Then see the result.

There is a lot of sandpaper available in the market, but get the best one from Amazon. You will get super quality, flexible with the best price for sure.

2. Use Olive Oil

This is another technic that works great, especially for shoes with rubber soles. To apply this technic to make your dancing shoe sole slip sole, you need a paper towel, rough sandpaper, olive oil, and a damp cloth.

Are you ready? Ok, then go ahead:

1. Like step one above make your dance shoe dirt-free entirely.

2. Polish the shoe sole entirely in every corner with sandpaper. Be a bit more caring here in the event you intend to get a specific design for your shoe sole.
Remember, whatever you invest here will be worth you later. Therefore, don’t hurry, rather take a break if you think.

3. Put certain olive oil on the paper towel. At that time practice this paper towel on which you dropped olive oil to clean the rubber splinters from the shoes.

4. This is the final step when you have to use olive oil correctly. Again with a fresh paper towel clean olive oil into the shoe sole.
Do it smoothly and with a bit of time. it will make your dance shoe more slippery for sure!

Find the best Olive Oil at the world’s biggest retail shop amazon. Plenty of super brands collection gets you one that comes within the means and is good quality. I never think other than Amazon.

3. Sticking Suede Sole

This is on the off chance that a simple way to making slippery your dance shoe. You just need to buy a pair of suede soles from the superstore or Cobber and then fix it with your dance shoes.

It is also known as the little-roughness sole that you can buy from the online shop also if you are a busy person. Make sure that it comes in a similar size that well-match the dance shoe you are supposed to make slippery.

Eventually, as usual, get rid of the grime from your dance shoe sole and then stick this one on your dancing shoe sole.

Here is a suede sole that will be well-fit for your dancing shoes. It is made up of durable and quality materials, therefore, enabling you for long time use. Whenever I used to change my shoe gliding ability it helps me greatly.

4. Use Gaffer Tape

Thankfully being a duct tape type of material guffer tape has multifunctional capabilities. Making dancing shoes sole slippery is one of them. Thanks to gaffer tape over up with such sort of feature.

It is also very simple to use. Just cover the dance shoe sole with this tape entirely. Make sure there is not any gap that should be covered by the tape. And then see the result while you are on the dance floor.

If you are wondering which gaffer tape will be the best option for you, this Gaffer Power Premium Gaffer Tape is for you. Frankly speaking, I’m getting good results using it for a long time.

5. Use Mole-Coating

Another simple yet creative procedure to style your dance shoes soles more slippery for better performance. It is also widely used for various types of dancing shoes.

This is what you just need to go to the local medicine shop and buy Mole-coating then fix it onto the ready-made shoe sole. However, if you don’t want to stick to the suede sole, it might be the best option for you.

It will also work to reduce the abrasion between the surface and your bases. Thus, you develop an incredibly slippery and smooth performance on the dance floor whatever you desired for.


On the off chance that whatever I’ve described above was the utmost luxuriant reply to how to make dance shoes slippery. However, if you are simply not convinced yet, then follow the below final step:

6. Find A Professional Cobbler

Indeed, it is going to cost you a bit additional, however, this one is confidently worth the significance you will get.

A professional cobbler can handle it in such an effective way but any other does. Moreover, you will get a permanent mode out of the matter.

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How To Make Leather Soled Shoes Slide More Slipper For Dancing?

There are tons of techniques to do the work that you are aiming at doing, though, already I’ve described above the best ways to do it. Just follow the above guideline properly and get the job done!

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