How to Remove Security Tag From Shoes: 2 Awesome Hacks

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Knowing how to remove security tags from shoes might be a bit of an infrequent thing. However, it is very good going sometimes, especially when you brought a pair of shoes and reach home and find that salesperson forgets to remove the security tag from it.

It’s ok, gentle people never shoplift. And using a security tag remover doesn’t go to indicate negative things always. Rather, it might save you from further unwanted hazards while wearing these pairs of shoes and going outside the home.

Then what should you do? Take a back trip to the shop and ask them to do the job immediately. It may not be possible all the time due to time-consuming and others, yet it is the best way. Instead, you can do it by yourself at home following a few steps easily.

In What Manner To Eliminate Security Tag From Shoes

[Disclaimer: Burglary is purely illegal. It might verdict you for jail time including financial punishment. Whatever we wrote here all the informational items are only applicable for informational purposes in a legal way.

Moreover, any short of this information used with bad thinking or intention is completely your responsibility, we are not going to take charge of that. And, this is not any funny thing that you play with your friends.]

There is plenty of shoe variety available in the market made up of numerous materials. A security tag remover also called security tag detacher may not apply to remove all the shoe store security tags due to they are not with the same ingredients. Here we will discuss How to Remove Security Tag From Shoes.

Whatever we wrote here is mostly applicable to the shoes that cover up with textile, soft synthetic leather, or canvas shoes which are usually a bit cheaper than pure leather shoes. Using a security tag removal tool does matter here greatly.

Subsequently, some manufacturer also provides details guidelines on cleaning as well as other caring factors of their shoes. Leather shoes are typically expensive so it is not good thinking to make them security tag-free by yourself at home.

1. Use A Screw Driver

  • Place your shoe on a table at a precious height that is convenient for you.
  • It is good to use a wooden table with a soft cloth covering due to you might have to compress a bit on the shoe and good chance to discolor or getting damaged without clothing.
  • Take a comparatively thin and flathead screwdriver. Then place it between the edge of the pyramid shape raised tag.
  • Now press the screwdriver down a bit hard. So that it should penetrate the plastic and make it pull out.
  • You might have to do it repeatedly to complete the session.
  • Now get rid of the silver plate that sticks with your shoe body. Here you need to be a bit more careful as it directly hit the shoe structure.
  • Just underneath the silver coat, there often would be a metallic layer as before you removed the silver-like. Do the same job to remove it, however, carefully.
  • After getting rid of the metallic plate, there would be a pin that was linked to the metallic plate. Just slide it to get out of your shoes.
  • And, you are done!

2. Involve Your Freeze With It

You can, however, use also your freezer as a tag removal tool in this connection;

  • Put your shoes in a clean plastic bag and place it into your freezer overnight. For a quality security tag that comes with extraordinary durability, you might need more time to keep it there to unlock the locking mechanism.
  • Get it out on the next morning. It is better not to keep any food items along with this shoe bag for food security purposes.
  • After a long tour in the freezer, it shoe removes easily by your hand use only and saves you valuable time.
  • However, if not, meaning that requires more time to be there. Or, you might have to again use the screwdriver to get rid of it from your shoe.
  • Furthermore, for a powerful security tag, this method might not be sufficient.
  • Eventually, it seems very simple, however, could make damage your shoes if not properly applied. This is why, while you tend to apply this technique, please don’t forget to read carefully the sensitivity of the shoe materials.

The above dual method is the most fecund and commonly used to remove the powerful security tag from shoes due to both are handy and almost effortless to use. This is not limited to.

Instead, there are tons of tag removal tools, tag detacher magnets, tag remover guns, security tag removers, or security tag detacher, available in the markets. So tag removal performance depends on the extraordinary durability of a quality security tag also.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Cut Off A Safety Tag?

Yes, you can, however with proper caution. It is better to cut them off through cutters or a high-pitched blade. But then again do it externally. Thus, you can lob them as far away as probable in case they do comprise Semtex.

2. What Occurs While You Get Rid Of A Security Tag?

In the event, you get rid of the security tag of the shoe and consent to the collection with it, on first of the existence accused with the elimination of the device. Therefore, good chance you could be indicted for stealing.

Eventually, the custody for this wrongdoing kind from an unassuming offense to a class “C” law-breaking. Once more, the level is subject to the worth of the whipped detail.

3. What Do Retailers Usage To Take Away Security Tags?

This is a very common curiosity for the general people, yet their reason is almost simple instead of secretive whatever you might think. Also, they can be mutilated off with a couple of shears, stationary, and twosome pliers.

They can be uninvolved and much more informal with a high power-driven magnet. Often many people used a hard drive magnet and a well-lit touch.

Bottom Lines

A security tag is an inseparable part of any product which is maintained by the retailers. This is not only to prevent shoplifting, but also help to maintain the product list that they frequently need to show to the authority as well.

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