How To Ship Shoes In Original Box [3 Easy Ways]

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Sorry to say, but there is nothing poorest than receiving a gift without its unusual box. And, when it is about a shoe pair, like watching a romantic movie without music. Therefore, how to ship shoes in the original box could be a red-hot issue in this regard.

When you need to ship footwear to someone, it should be the top priority to keep it in its original box and then send it. But to do so, you need to know the way of shipping shoes in the original shoe box. Here we wrote on that, so keep reading to get some excellent tips on it;

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How To Ship Shoes In Original Box

Truly, the shipping shoes that you want to ship going to cover a long postal journey. Resulting, it needs to pack properly. And, if it is packed in its inventive box, good chances that will reach the exact condition that aimed to.

On the other hand, if unfortunately, it travels within any business box or any ordinary postal box that might be too large, or much tiny, there are also good chances of being damaged during the postal journey.

This is why it is very important to ship a pair of shoes within its original shoe box that was provided by the seller at the time of buying it. Now, let’s see how can you make a shipment of a pair of shoes by original shoebox;

1. Style A Dual Packet

This is the first and ever simple way to do the job. It just means that you place them initially into their original box that is given by the seller. After that, get another box that is as larger as the original one. And simply, place it – the original box into the larger one.

Most individuals want to have the trademark box whatever they find in the event of purchasing the shoes. Consequently,  several people save innovative shoe cases in their shoe-gathering closets.

By putting the original into another large box, you make sure of the safety of the original box as we as the shoe pair also. On the off chance that you never want to harm the inventive box transport it out unaided and tape-recorded up.

That is the reason behind it should be placed inside another box to guarantee an impairment-free, spotless, and ship-shape trip to the beneficiary. Besides that, a twofold-boxing also defends the unusual shoebox.

2. Bargain The Inexpensive Possibility To Do The Job

Expense makes great sense with this purpose as others. Therefore, you should look for the option that going to cost you at the least level. Thankfully, USPS– The United States Postal System has made life a lot more information for those who are questioning how to ship shoes in the original box.

USPS structures the Priority Mail Shoebox, and it is free and relaxed to use and has been precisely planned to put up shoes and further footwear.

As it is very convenient and within the means, has become very popular among the distribution centers. Therefore, merchants have frequently cast-off this system. Likewise, you can request a load of them virtually also.

Keep in mind, first you need to put your shoes into the original shoebox. Then, put the shoe containing the novel box inside the Priority Mail Shoebox. It will provide super safety for your shoes that will reach as brand-new to the receiver.

Just slide in your pressed couple of sneakers. On the off chance that this is a countless indication for someone who wants to transport shoes as a gift. Accordingly, it also can be used in the event you tend to send a gift item or even a sold item, for repairing purposes.

Now, let’s see what should be the size of the shoebox that you are tending to ship. Truly, here you have nothing to do as the USPS has their dedicated shoebox that over up with fixed dimensions and that are 7-1/2 x 5-1/8 x 14-3.8 inches.

The case can lodge sizes that sequence from a women’s size 5 shoe to a men’s size 13 shoe. Please also keep in mind, the Priority Mail Shoebox is not a regular rate box. Thus, the postage fee will be subject to the load of the shoes and the sending region they are directed for.

3. Style A Tailored Pack

In the event, you intend to use an alternative way of distributing your footwear by discovering your shoebox to put them in. You could, however, not be a bad idea. But then again, you need to handle it differently. 

As soon as your shoes are effortlessly accommodated in their imaginative box, select a superior container that can house them. Fill the superior box with a sufficient coating of wrapping trifles.

Also,  here you can use packing paper, old newspaper, for instance, to keep the shoebox from heart-rending around. Now, close up the box deftly with packing adhesive tape.

You probably want to take the interval and fashion a crunchy, spotless presence before transporting it off to the post office. Several parcel transport specialists also vouch for employing a defensive bubble covering your shoes in the inventive shoebox.

Consequently, if your shoes have paraphernalia comparable to clasps or extraordinary-pitched heels they shouldn’t be moving. If you keep an eye on these meek recommendations on what way to ship shoes in the unusual box, no chances to go wide of the mark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Transport In A Shoebox?

Or, can USPS transport any box as long as it is considered, for instance, a shoebox, breakfast cereal box, etc.?

Simply, yes you can. However, you just need to keep your box size within their dedicated size limit. Therefore, transport it as long as you intend to. Check the USPS website for details as well as their dedicated dimensions limit.

Just How Much Does It Charge To Send A Box Of Shoes?

Conditional on the heaviness of the shoes, it possibly will be nearby $8.00 to $12,00 cost for the first-class postage. Moreover, the distance from where is the shoebox being mailed is also a significant factor while pricing.

Before you go, please check the charges due to the counter clerk will query you if you want them assured. For instance, in the event, the delivery charge is below $8 you will have insurance even now on them.

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