What is Paul George Shoe Size?

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Paul George is a renowned NBA star who is still pretty much at the top of his game and amazes the spectators in the fascinating NBA games. He has a huge fanbase because of the awards and trophies he has achieved for his performances. As a result, fans have a massive thirst for knowing more about his personal details and activities.

From knowing his family members to the Paul George Shoe Size, fans all over the world consistently show fascination. As he is still performing tremendously well on the pitch, we can hope his fanbase will grow big as time passes.

Personal and Career Information about Pail George


The full name of Paul George is Paul Clifton Anthony George, who is also known as the “PG13” to his fans and spectators all over the world. He was born in Palmdale, California, on May 2nd, 1990, and spent his childhood and teenage years there. 

As both his parents Paul George and Paulette George were comparatively tall, PG13 was also relatively tall from his childhood.


Paul George took his education first from the Knight High School in California, where he started playing basketball. Because of his tall body, he used to gain an advantage on the basketball court from the starting of his career. This NBA star completed his high school education in the Knights in the year 2007.

In the following year, he joined the California State University, Fresno, also known as the Fresno State, for further education. His professional basketball career got a boost while playing for them. Then he joined professional basketball in the year 2010 and since then never looked back.

Basketball Career

As mentioned before, both Paul George’s father and mother were taller than the average American male and female. That’s the reason why Paul was also taller than the average kid in his childhood. Even as a teenager, he was way taller than the other teenagers of his age. 

This height factor of his has played an enormous role in becoming an NBA professional. He started playing basketball back in the high school period when he was in the Knights. At the beginning of his first high school basketball season, he played for the school’s JV team. 

But he was quickly promoted to the Varsity team in that season, and he was the only non-senior player on that team. Then he joined Fresno State in California State University and played college-level basketball there. And then, at last in 2010, he was first drafted by the Indiana Pacers in the NBA draft.

Starting from there, he is still playing and undoubtedly standing on the top of his game. After playing for the Pacers for almost eight years, PG13 joined the Oklahoma City Thunders in 2017. He played three seasons there and after that, he joined the Los Angeles Clippers in 2019.

He is still playing for the Clippers and satisfying his fans with a fantastic performance.


Paul George is most probably one of the best current playing NBA players, if not the best. His decorated NBA professional career is full of various achievements and trophies. The first thing he achieved was being in the NBA all-rookie second team in 2011, and from there, he never had to look back.

2013 was one of his charming years as he won the NBA Most Improved Player that year. He is a seven-time NBA all-star in the years 2013, 2014, 2016-2019, and 2021. Along with that, he was a member of the All-NBA third team for five years in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2021. 

He was also part of the All-NBA first team in 2019 and twice was part of the NBA All-Defensive First Team and NBA All-Defensive Second Team. In respect of his career. Paul’s college team Fresno State Bulldogs, have retired his famous 24-number jersey forever.

Paul George Shoe Size with Height and Weight

Paul George

Paul George has always fascinated the spectators with his 3-pointers. His height and skinny body gave him an advantage on the pitch to play well. He has small feet, which is also another reason why he started playing basketball in the small forward and power forward. Because of his small feet, he can play both these versatile roles for his team.

Despite being over 2-meter tall, his feet are way small, and he requires small shoes for those. Now let’s see in which part of his career how tall he was, how much weight he had, and which size of shoes he wore:

High School Basketball Career

When Paul was in high school and started playing basketball seriously, he was about six feet tall and was skinny as a rail. While he was in high school, his weight was not way above the average high schoolboy. An average American boy of 14-15 years old weighs between 105-125 pounds. 

At that time, Paul’s weight was just a bit above 130 pounds which are expected as he was way skinny. But surprisingly, his feet were not as big as they should have been, considering Paul’s height. Though he was above six feet tall, his feet were just a bit bigger than the average boys of his age.

He wore shoes with the size of 8 when the average boys of 14-15 years wear shoes which size is 6 or 7. 

College Basketball Career

In 2008, PG13 joined Fresco State in California State University and started playing basketball at that level. When he joined the Fresco, his height was 6 feet 6 inches, and as a result, he had played with teenagers above his age. Still, he was way skinny, and his feet were small, considering his height.

When Paul was 18, his weight was between 150-160 pounds which is normal for boys of his age. His feet were smaller, too, as he wore the shoes with the size of 9 and 10 at that period which is also close to average. His weight and feet size were a bit above average for boys of his age. 

But if you compare those with a boy of his height, both his weight and feet size was way below. His feet were smaller even if you compare them with any other NBA players from that age. And these two things became blessings for him by providing much speed and agility as a small forward and power forward. 

Professional Basketball Career

Paul did not get the limelight or focus that he deserved in the first few years of his professional basketball career. But gradually, he proved everyone wrong with his performance on the pitch. When he started his professional NBA career in 2010, his height was 6 feet 7 inches with nearly 200 pounds of weight.

At that time, he used shoes which were size 12. He gained a bit of height and weight as he was crossing his 25th birthday. Now his height is between 6’8” and 6’9”, and his weight is 220 pounds or 100kg. He is a bit taller than the average NBA player as the average height is 6 feet 6.3 inches. 

His weight is also close to average, as the barrier is 217 pounds. As a result, later in his career after 2017, he started wearing shoes with the size of 13. But surprisingly, his shoe size is way below than the average NBA player. 

Because of his above-average height and average weight, his shoe size should be equal to average, if not above average. Among all the average NBA players ever played, the average shoe size is 14.81 or close to 15. But at the same time, PG13’s shoe size is way below that average number.

Because the largest size of shoes he ever wore was 13, which is not even closer to the average. That’s the reason people sometimes even doubt whether his shoe size is actually that small or not. But somehow, these small feet have been proven as a blessing for him by helping him to perform well on the basketball court.

He was in partnership with the famous Nike brand for producing his shoes. Nike has produced shoes for him and other shoes for selling in the market by naming the shoe series after Paul George. They have made shoes from the “PG1” series to the “PG5” series in an affordable price range with various color options. Let’s see one of the latest one from the newly launched series:

Nike Men’s Shoes PG5 Bred CW3143-002

Nike Men's Shoes PG5 Bred CW3143-002 (Numeric_11)

Nike has produced this shoe inspired by the NBA legend Paul George. It is a shoe from the PG5 series and there are four series before that starting from PG1. It is one of the best basketball shoes available in this budget because of its lightweight body and full-length Nike Air Strobel.

The high-quality cushioning will provide comfort to your feet for a long session. You will be able to move all-along the court quite freely because of its flexible body. In this newly launched shoe, the high-quality outsole comes with a multidirectional tread pattern. It will help you to get proper grip on the surface by providing enough traction.

You will get snug fitting because of the lace-up closure system. Your feet will remain sweat and odor free as the proper air circulation will be available in this pair of shoes.


  • Lightweight and flexible shoe body
  • Availability of the full-length Nike Air Strobel
  • High-quality cushioning
  • Presence of the multidirectional tread pattern
  • Proper air circulation with lace-up closure system


  • You may face durability issues.

Final Thoughts

Despite being an above-average tall player with average weight, Paul George’s feet are quite smaller. Because of that, he has to wear shoes with a size below average than the average NBA player’s shoe size. With the small feet, PG13 plays tremendously well by scoring those impossible 3-pointers by making them so easy.

That makes people more interested in Paul George shoe size as how he plays with those small feet of his. Maybe his shoe size is surprising for the others, but he indeed gets benefits with his small feet. Those feet help him to be speedier and provide agility on the pitch.

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