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Stephen Curry is most possibly the biggest name among all the current NBA players because of his performance and achievements so far. With their performance on the pitch, Curry has won many NBA titles and personal trophies in the past years. These helped him to be the highest-paid currently playing NBA player.

Because of this much fame, reputation, and earnings, it is evident that fans worldwide are highly keen to know more about him. His family members, height, weight, earning, what he wears, etc., are always hot topics to discuss with his fans. Even many people are also eager to know about Stephen Curry shoe size.

Personal and Career Information about Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry Shoe Size


The NBA star we know as Stephen Curry carries the full name of Wardell Stephen Curry II. He was born in Akron, Ohio, on March 14th, 1988, being the first son of Sonya and Dell Curry. His father, Dell Curry, was also a professional NBA player who was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers at that time.

As Steph’s father was a professional basketball player, it motivated him to become an NBA player later on. Steph spent his childhood in Charlotte, North Carolina, as his father played for the Charlotte Hornets for ten years after Steph’s birth.


Stephen Curry was enrolled in the Charlotte Christian High School, where he started taking basketball quite seriously. At that time, he was only a boy of 13 years old who had below-average height than an expected basketball player should have. Along with that, he had a skinny body, and nobody thought he would come this far.

Then he joined Davidson College for his further education, where he played College Basketball from 2006 to 2009. During that period, he gained a bit more height and weight and was close to being drafted into the NBA.

Basketball Career

As the son of a professional NBA player, Steph saw his father playing for various teams. It played a vital role in Steph becoming dedicated to basketball from such a young age. However, his height while in high school was not promising to become a professional basketball player of this level.

But he performed well at the high school level and proved his worth in the Charlotte Christian High School Team. Surprisingly, he gained quite a height in the next five years before joining Davidson College and became over 6 feet. Both in their freshman season and sophomore seasons, Curry played tremendously well in the College Basketball championship.

At the age of 21 in 2009, Stephen Curry was first drafted into the NBA to enter his professional career. The Golden State Warriors drafted this talented and skilled player in the 7th pick of the draft’s first round. And who knew this young player would lead them to win their first championship in 40 years?

Steph has been playing for the Warriors since his first NBA season and breaking new records and creating history.

Professional Career Achievements

Steph has won many titles and awards throughout his NBA career and is still winning. As a result, he has become the most-paid NBA player who is currently playing the game. He plays as the point guard on the pitch and is most probably one of the best in this position of all time.

In 2010, Steph became part of the NBA All-rookie first team, which was his first achievement in his professional career. In 2014, he first registered a place in the NBA All-Star team and from then on, he entered this All-Star eleven for six more times.

He is also a four-time member of the All-NBA first team, along with being part of the NBA’s second and third-team many times. At last, he won the NBA title in 2015, which was the first title for the Warriors in the last 40 years.

While winning the title for the Warriors, Steph became the Most Valuable Player of NBA-2015. He won the MVP award the next season as well. He also led the Warriors to the Championship in 2017 and 2018. He also became NBA Steals Leader along with being a two-time NBA scoring champion and two-time NBA three-points contest champion.

Stephen Curry Shoe Size with Height and Weight

Stephen Curry is one of the best Point guards, if not the best that the NBA has ever had so far. Though his height and skinny body during high school period never supported this cause of being a basketball player. His feet are also quite short compared to the average player ever from the beginning of his high school times.

Even his height and weight are also lower than the average NBA player. Despite all these negative things, his dedication, passion, and intelligence helped Curry rank third in NBA history in career three-point field goal percentage. 

Now let’s see in which part of his career how tall he was, how much weight he had, and which size of shoes he wore:

High School Basketball Career

In 2001, when Stephen Curry was a boy of 13, he joined Charlotte Christian High School. At that age, an average would-be NBA player has a height of above 6 feet. But Curry’s height was only 5’7” when he was a freshman in high school.

His weight was like an average boy, though with 110 pounds of weight when Steph was 13. Because of his skinny body, Curry’s feet were small too, compared to how a would-be NBA player’s feet should be. As a result, he wore shoes the size of 8, which is smaller for a would-be NBA player but bigger than the average boy.

College Basketball Career

Stephen Curry’s height got a boost during his high school days. In 2006, Steph got admission to Davidson College when he was a teenager of 18 years. He was above 6 feet at that time, with a weight between 135 to 145 pounds. But still, he was way skinny, and his feet were small, considering his height of 6 feet.

It is pretty tough for a college teen to compete on the grandest basketball stage with a skinny body and feet. But Steph proved all the people wrong with his performance while playing in the College Basketball Championship. Though his feet were small, considering the NBA players, they were bigger than an average teen’s.

While performing in college-level basketball, Steph wore shoes that were size 12.

Professional Basketball Career

Stephen Curry was first drafted into the NBA in 2009 by the Golden State Warriors, and he is still playing for them. Steph helped the Warriors to win three titles so far with many more personal awards. Now he has become the highest-paid NBA player among the players who are still playing on the pitch.

When first drafted, his height was 6’2” without wearing shoes, and after wearing shoes, his height used to become 6’3.75”. It was quite shorter than the average player height of the NBA, which is 6’6”. His weight at that time was 165 pounds, whereas the average drafted player’s weight was more than 200 pounds. 

His shoe size was 13 at the beginning period, which is also smaller than the average NBA player’s shoe size of over 14. With shorter height, less weight, and smaller shoe size, nobody thought Curry would do well in the professional arena.

But he proved all the haters wrong by being one of the most decorated and paid NBA stars of all time. In 2021, his height grew a bit and became 6’2.75” without wearing shoes. After wearing shoes, his height becomes a touch higher than 6’4”.

He gained more weight, too, as time passed and became 181 pounds. Steph’s feet are also a bit bigger, and now he is using shoes in a size 13.5. Still, Stephen Curry’s height, weight, feet size, and shoe size are comparatively smaller than the average NBA player’s.

But against all the odds, Steph is performing tremendously well and achieving more awards and titles as the day progresses. For his shoes and gear, Stephen Curry is in partnership with the famous Under Armour brand.

They produce high-quality basketball shoes for boys, girls, teens, and men by naming them after Stephen Curry. Now, let’s take a look at one of the best shoes of Stephen Curry produced by Under Armour:

Under Armour Men’s Curry 7 Basketball Shoe

This Under Armour-produced shoe is from the Stephen Curry series, and it is the seventh model of the series. It comes with a multicolor option to choose from with a lightweight and precision-fitting body. The upper body of this Curry 7 shoe is made with synthetic mesh for proper breathability and comfort.

Proper air circulation will keep your feet sweat-free and fresh while playing on the court. You will find a full-knit and locked-down lacing system that will provide a snug and secure fit. The sock-like construction of this basketball shoe will keep your feet free from getting irritated and chafing.

There is an external TPU heel counter present in it to provide you stability while performing on the court. The HOVR Cushioning Midsole will provide you with top-notch comfort all along with your wearing session. With the help of this lightweight and comfortable shoe, you will achieve much pace, agility, and pace on the pitch.


  • A lightweight and precision-fitting body
  • The synthetic mesh upper body for proper breathability
  • The full knit and locked-down lacing system for a snug and secure fit
  • Presence of an external TPU heel counter for stability
  • The HOVR Cushioning Midsole for top-notch comfort


  • Lack of durability has been seen in some of these shoes

Final Thoughts

Being one of the most decorated and paid NBA players, Stephen Curry has massive popularity across the globe. His fans also show great interest in knowing all the personal details about their favorite NBA superstar. As the most-paid NBA player of the current time, people are also keen to know about Stephen Curry shoe size.

As his feet are smaller, they want to know whether Steph plays with the smaller shoes or not. From the discussion above, you will know which size of shoes he wore before and which size he wears now.

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