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Lots of questions, like what does GS mean in shoes & DC shoes stand for, are there in your mind and you searching perpetually online, however, might not get a precise reply. But now you are in the right place.

Simply put, if you have purchased the most durable shoes by yourself going to the shop, you might have noticed the continuous vocabulary of the salesperson who was engaged to sell the shoes.

It might be a bit overwhelming, but, meaningful. It is assumable that you didn’t lessen to him or her by all the words told. But there were some mysterious words like GS, DC, PS, GG, all or a few of them you might have noticed, surely.

Truly speaking, all the mysterious words they told while selling Allen Edmonds walking shoes, for instance, or other brands, were meaningful and specific message conveyers.

Confused? Ok, let’s clear it up:

What Does GS Mean In Shoes & DC Shoes Stand For

In this article, we described all the mysterious words and their abbreviations related to shoes. Not only that but we also put some top-selling firm quality comfortable shoe names that might be logical for you.

Therefore, this writing not only going to reply to the puzzling terms, rather it could be a great source for you to pick the right pair for you, your loving kids, or another person who needs a shoe.

Let’s start that:

What Does DC & GS Refer to In Shoes?

So, let’s see first, what does GS stand for in shoes? Simply put, GS stands for G-grade & S-School meaning Grade School. On the off chance that it is a basic measurement that is used for distinguished kids’ sneakers.

It will help you if you have kids and you want to buy a new pair of sneakers for them. Therefore, knowing what GS means for shoes means that you are aware of the average child’s sneakers size.

In another way, it is to say that typically among the shoe retailers and manufacturers GS also indicates the small size that is related to shoes, yet it is a little cryptic for the general people.

But, not for you, at least after reading this useful content, we are pretty sure, however. Along with GS, you will also introduce two mysterious words; PS meaning Preschool size shoes and TD stands for Toddler size shoes.

On the of chance that these are combinedly known as the GS. However, when you exactly mention the shoe retailer GS, it means you are looking for the largest size of the child’s shoes.

Remember, sneakers have abundant additional scope to breed likened to others. It got a more specific stylishness and trend also. As a result, this particular sizing map will help you find and get the perfect shoes for your kids.

What Does TD Mean In Shoes?

As we have earlier described regarding GS, there are three sizes of Grand School shoes, TD means Toddler shoes one of them. It is the middle size among all the GS sizes shoes.

If you are looking to buy sneakers for your toddler, here is the best toddler shoe that comes with numerous logic to buy. Give it a try now!

What Does PS Mean In Shoes?

It is another portion of GS-size sneakers for the child. PS stands for Preschool size in shoes-related matters. And it is the last or smallest size of the GS size shoe for the child.

To find the best Preschool shoe for your loving kids, take a tour here and get the best deal, ever.

What Do DC Shoes Stand For?

Now time to find the reply to What does dc stand for shoes? Oh, this is not any size-related matter to the shoes, rather it is a brand name of the shoe industry based in the USA.

DC is a specialized action sports footwear including skateboarding and snowboarding manufacturer providing also good quality apparel items globally for a long time.

Surprisingly, DC stands for “Droors Clothing” which originated in June 1994 by Damon Way & Ken Clock in the USA. But then again, now “Droors Clothing” meaning is invalid, instead it is simply just a shoe brand named DC.

What Does GG Mean In Shoes?

On the off chance that this is not exactly directly related only to the shoes, rather it’s a closely meaningful signal for any type of sports. GG is the short form of “Good Game.”

Usually, when a player says GG meaning that he or she is not going to play further. It is one of the games finishing signals to the other players from one player. However, there is no relation with a win or lose the game, it is just a courtesy.

Yet, there is also a sneaker named GUCCI Ace GG Supreme available in the market.

What Does OG Mean In Shoes?

It simply stands for OG- only Original, or Original release. However, for a specific brand, like Air Jordan, for instance, it is OG.

Furthermore, it also has a dual meaning:

  • OG indicates the original shades sneakers that were manufactured initially.
  • On the other hand it also sometimes referred to the first produced shoes regardless of model and color. However, sometimes for any specific model but not color.


Is GS Only Applicable To The Kids?

Here is the twist! Yet, GS was generally referred to as the kid’s average shoe size, however, it has also another usage option. It is also often used to identify adult shoes for those with smaller feet.

That is why it says that GS always not goes only for the kid’s average shoe size but rather an adult also. If you are a diminutive adult with a small pair of feet, the superior GS size could be perfect for you.

Typically, GS shoes tend to be a bit more comfortable and convenient to use other than adult sneakers. Also, usually, GS ended up with a wide and spacious interior due to ensure the well-growth of the kids.

There are many good brands, for instance, Under ArmourAdidasNike, manufacturing GS sneakers for a long time which you can have a look at while you are looking to buy GS for your loving kids.

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