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Seeing the glue pennies to the kid’s shoes you might think that it is related to the kid’s security, but surely not. There is a different reason to do so. Let’s see the reason why glue pennies to kids’ shoes by the parents.

On the off chance that seeing at the outsole of wearing shoes, you might not assume anything else there but a rubber sole. But truly, some parents could make you confused as they stick their pennies with glue.

They might want to make their kids stay together and within reach- you might start thinking this way. Here is another surprise for you- no! They didn’t put glue pennies for that reason whatever you are assuming.

So? Let’s see that;

Why Glue Pennies To Child Tap Shoes

Introduction On Glue Pennies Shoes

This is such a trend that was started by a brilliant mother to lessen the cost to buy a tap-dancing shoe pair for her kid. Typically, good quality tap dancing shoes will cost you around $35+. The mother decided to make it by herself at home.

How To Make It?

Very simple to make it and start rocking your kids for tap dancing. Take shoe pairs for your kids that are not regularly used. Glue pennies on the outsole from top to bottom. It’s now ready to use and nothing costs but for the pennies only. Why Glue Pennies To Kids Shoes related solution is here.

Let’s See The Consequence Once Glue Pennies To The Shoes

These tricks are being used by numerous parents, especially by moms for a long period, however targeting many reasons. But, regardless of the reasons, it works tremendously and kids also enjoy wearing blue tennis shoes.

Moreover, it is a great worthwhile penny that becomes penniless. You just need a few pennies with glue, then get ready to enjoy the magical tap dancing. It saves you from paying for expensive tap dance shoes with a fabulous effect on the kids.

Typically, pennies are made up of copper which affects creating echoes of rings while they are being together. The same thing also happens while playing with it. And you glue it to the outsole bottom of your kids’ shoes.

Resulting, when your kids play or jump on the floor, coppers come with direct contact with the floor to make great sounds. It, at the same time, creates great traction that is important for tour kids’ safety.

In addition to that, surprisingly, the sounds the tap dancer shoe creates matched the sound it creating by spontaneously while your kids only playing on the floor. So it is easy for you to copycat the purpose of the tap shoes.

Yet, outcomes will be counted for the reasons of provoking positive circumstances that will create the noises. Eventually, that relies on the below matters;

  • Right amounts of pennies you glue to the outsole of your kid’s shoes.
  • The floor makes great sense in the event of this functionality. It is good to see that if the floor is made out of marble it can produce more jingles.
  • Relatively, a floor with timber materials also makes great sense for it. Whatever it is but has to be well-furnished.
  • The pennies stick by glue to the outsole of your kid’s shoe.

All the above things could be well enough to make tap dance shoes for your loving kids if that’s been done appropriately and with the right amount. Most of the kids love it as they are fond of harry potter toms shoes.

The Mandatory Items To Glue Pennies To Your Kids’ Shoes

This is very easy to find items that you need to glue pennies to your kid’s shoes and that are;

1. Glue

This is the first material that you need. It has to be good quality and well adhesive that can stick well the pennies to the outsole of your kid’s shoes.

However, you should carefully use the right amount of glue as excessive glue could inhibit the sound that you are expecting from the floor. Relatively, a lower amount of glue may loosen the pennies.

Therefore, it is crucial to know the exact amount that you need to use on the pennies while sticking it to the outsole of the shoes.

Here is a good quality glue Gorilla 7700104 Super Glue Gel that makes great logic to get for the reason you are looking for it. It is also very well-priced compared to the other glue available in the market.

However, if there is no glue within your range, it is a better idea to use tape instead of glue. Here, the same policy you should apply as you intended to apply with the glue.

For your assistance, you can go for the Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packing Tape which is very popular for its quality. However, don’t forget to see the user instructions written on the box of it.

2. Pennies

Now, turn to the pennies. It has to be also with a similar weight each. As a result, whatever pennies you are using, it will be easier for you to make a good balance between both sides of the shoes

This is good to think that you make weigh the pennies before starting work. Therefore, you can decide precisely what to do and how many of each shoe you can or have to glue with.

How To Stick Them On The Bottom Of Kid’s Shoes?

This is as easy as it might take only a few minutes. Just follow the below steps:

 1. Drop a little amount of glue in the middle of the pennies. The amount of glue should be decided according to the penny’s size. For the bigger pennies, more glue is applicable.

 2. Set three pennies one by one horizontally to the upper part of the outsole of the shoe. Then, set more two pennies just below the three-pennies lines.

 3. Now, go to the heel side of the shoe and put at the last part of the heel two pennies in a row. Then, do the same thing, just under the two’s set more two pennies accordingly.

So, all the above are the reasons why glue pennies to kids’ Tap Dance shoes by the parents, especially by the mom. It keeps your kids enjoying more with the sweet sounds as well as you can get them together.

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